Real Men Are Pogi

Real Men Are Pogi❮Reading❯ ➷ Real Men Are Pogi Author Ardy Roberto – Popular ePub Real Men Are Pogi author Ardy Roberto The way the author shows is genius and it really helps me connect with the story Popular ePub, Real Men Are Pogi author Ardy Roberto The way the author shows is genius and it really helps me connect with the story. I bought this book after our Sunday service today I've been looking for it since last week but with no luck Today I tried three bookstore again but all said they were out of stock My sister and her baby boy were doing the grocery while my best friend younger brother and me were eating fries in front of National Bookstore I couldn't stop telling them how much I wanted to own the copy of Real Men are POGI so I told them that I would try again and ask for assistance Which I didI was lucky enough because the book lady I refused to call them sales lady on librarian if ever who helped me was patient The elder book lady kept on telling her it was out of stock However the lady who helped me didn't listen to her and she continued to look for it She was smiling when she found one copy and it was the last one I felt that God used her to help me find the book The book was thin and small and since I had no idea what it looked like it made things a bit complicatedAnyway after I paid for it I also got a little freebie from National I thank the lady who helped me because without her I wouldn't be able to own a copy today I also had a problem looking for it because the old lady showed me where they put the book but later found the book from different book shelfGoing back Ardy was the man He was so sweet I loved the way he wrote his thoughts The messages were so intense This book was actually for boys but I read it because I wanted to know myself what Real POGI was all about And it was the best thing I bought today With honesty Ardy was able to convey his thoughts I couldn't agree I pray that men would apply things upon Real Men are POGI May they seek God's Kingdom and prepare themselves for their God's bestWay to go Ardy Straight forward and honest Contain some if not all basic inner strugglesof a manAs you draw closer to Him you'll find yourself embracing His will and design for you as a MAN which this book highlightsGod is POGI Since you guys are created in His own image and likeness you ought to be POGI alsoGuys be POGI for God for yourself and for your God's best ΓΌ A must read for guys and a nice read for gals I never realized that POGi guys still do exist Ardy uses humor so the book was never boring The title itself was already very interesting which made me curious what was it all about cool Real Men have POGI Presence of God InsideFull of AwesomenessWittyHumorous yet Life learningStupendously GreatReal Men should PURSUE OBEY be GENTLE and be INTENSE Two thumbs up I'm calling all guys who wants to be handsome in a good and right way The book was really intended for men but I did read it Well a lot of statement are also applicable for women As I read the book I had a lot of Wow Yes True in my mind This book is really inspiring and encouraging You will be surely moved by this one And I guess a lot of guys would be striving to be POGI kinilig ako sobra hahahahaha 3 nakakainlove tong bookwe're really praying for a guy like this so boys better take down notes A book filled with Humor but you will be filled with wisdom at the same time Be POGI Pure Obedient a Gentleman and Intense in God's eyesBe the BEST in God's eyes not in front of other people's eyes This is a book that feels too much as a youth sermon and it is also its origin but expanded upon It's one of those that create an anagram with the characters have own meanings at the same time as the word have meaning in itself and that makes it a bit forced Pogi means handsome in Taglish and its a play on how to be handsome in God's eyes The points the author makes is about Purity Obedience Gentleness and Intense I would have used words like Prudence and Integrity in there instead and still it would lack the most important ualities in a Godly man So its at best a sermon on some ualities in a Godly man not their roots but the resulting ualities making feel a bit like lawfulness even if some of the content is ok