Cadmon Druce

Cadmon DruceBy The Year , King John Had Lost Most Of England S Continental Holdings He Overtaxed And Alienated His Barons So Enraged Were The Barons By John S Excesses That By The Winter Of , They Had Offered England To Louis, King Of France, Their Suzerain Lord, If Only He Would Land An Army And Take ItThis, Louis Was About To Do But, King John, The Wrong Man For The Times, Stubbornly Would Not Yield Despite His Many Faults, John Was A Tireless Organizer, And With A Third Of England S Nobility Behind Him, And In Resolute Command Of His Mercenary Army, He Began To Turn The Situation Around The Barons Recognized It Was Time To Change Tactics If Battle Could Not Win The Day, Perhaps Assassination CouldTo Little Villages Hidden Away In The Cotswold Mountains All This Grand Activity Seemed Little Than The Words Of A Troubadour Song Until Cadmon Druce, A Knight Not Seen Since The Third Crusade, Returned Home