Hidden From Men

Hidden From MenA Powerful Adversary Is Surfacing And Null S Covert Battle Is On The Threshold Of Open War Reunited With His Father After Twenty Two Years, Kael Must Find The Balance Between Protecting Him And Confronting The Enemy Who Stands Between Them And Their Home World The Timelessness Of The In Between Has Stolen The Years That Separated Kael And Adair By Age, Leaving Them As Distant Equals Having Glimpsed Kael S Destiny From The Eternal Realm, Adair Struggles To Find His Role In The Life Of A Son Who No Longer Needs Him Through A Global Maze Of Counterintelligence And Espionage, A Multinational Team Of Operatives Has To Survive Long Enough To Turn The Tide Of War And A Father And Son Will Discover How To Rebuild What Was Taken From Their Lives In Book Five Of The Bestselling Awakened Series, Jason Tesar S Epic Saga Escapes The Islands Of Scandinavia For The Dark Forests And Rugged Mountains Of Russia In A Tense Conflict Of Subterfuge That Blurs The Boundaries Between Sci Fantasy And Military Fiction Loved this entire series Another mind bender from Jason Tesar The Awakened Book Five had me on the edge of my seat I love these books Just when I think it can t get anycomplex, another twist that I did not see coming, puts me back on the edge Keep them coming Jason I didn t like this one as much as the previous 4 At first I thought the author was going to make Adair weak, thankfully he started to be the badass he is later in the story I m looking forward to Book 6 Looking forward to book 6 Great continuation of the series. Author has done a very good job of linking the different realms and maintaining the story lines in each great series tesar dies a good job of painting the setting and grabbing your attention. What a great read this series just gets better and betterhave had to force myself to put it down when time to get some sleep I love this series However, I don t love the open ending. I thought it was the last one, so was a bit disappointed with another open ended ending Enjoyed it, though.