Logan And The Magic Fish

Logan And The Magic FishJoin Logan On An Exciting Fishing Expedition In The Pacific Northwest On The Cool Waters Of Blue Lake Logan S Trip Becomes Strange And Wondrous When He Catches A Large Orange Fish Who Claims To Be Magic The Creature Grants Logan Three Wishes If The Boy Will Let Him Go Logan Gladly Agrees, But All Is Not What It Seems Is The Fish Truly A Magic Fish Logan Begins To Have His Doubts You Can Help Him Decide Logan And The Magic FishColorful children s book about Logan and he lives in Pacific NW and is heading out to take the canoe on his fishing trip.He does catch a magic fish and gives him 3 wishes and then releases him he heads home Some things do happenHe misunderstands the fish and heads back to have a talk with him as he explains what he said and what happened. Fun children s book Sweet illustrations and a good story It even kept my 3yr old engaged.