Inky (The Leaves, #1)

Inky (The Leaves, #1) Anika Inky Redding Is Passionate About Two Things Her Love Of Painting And Her Fianc Evan While Working As A Bartender To Pay Her Bills, She Meets Cole, A Sexy Divorcee She Denies Their Mutual Attraction And Tries To Put Him Out Of Her Mind.When An Abusive Person From Her Childhood Makes An Unexpected Visit, Inky S World Is Turned Upside Down Secrets Are Revealed And Truths Are Exposed Leaving Inky Devastated And Questioning What She Thought Was Love As She Picks Up The Pieces And Tries To Move On, She Finds Her Path Crosses With Cole Once Again And This Time, She Cannot Deny The Passion Between Them.Once She Opens Her Heart Again, Will She Be Able To Move Forward Or Will Her Past Find A Way To Stop Her Luckily, I wasn t expecting light and fluffyThis is the second book I have read by this author, so I knew she had the power to rip my guts out and slowly put me back together When I bought this book I was still on my fan girling high from reading Genevieve Clare and didn t read the blurb or reviews I probably should have I spent half of this book not particularly liking the hero or to some extent the heroine Then thing started to become clearer and I settled in for the ride.There was a very dark undertone to this story with subjects that may be a trigger for some The heroine grew up in an abusive home where she was frequently attacked by her Mother and her Mother s boyfriend Some thing are discussed which made me uncomfortable, but not enough to stop me from going on Our hero the real one didn t come out of his childhood unscathed either Lots of
J.B HARNETT IS OUR FEBRUARY PRINCESS OVER AT THE CASTLE Come and check out her VIP room, with rafflecopter giveaway, right here REVIEW Inky The Leaves, 1 J.B HartnettInky is an inspiring story of one girl s plight to leave her broken childhood behind, and one man s dream of walking out of the shadow of his unrelenting Father to prove he has what it takes to make it on his own It s seductive and powerful with a dark vibe running throughout However, I wouldn t necessarily say this is a sordid story of depravity and abuse, although it certainly incorporates some of those elements, it also focuses strongly on friendship, companionship, and proves in time that with a great support network, exercising those demons can leave a world of hope and new beginnings in it s wake.J.B Hartnett has successfully mastered the art of seat gripping angst, and you all know how I love my angst If you are looking for a lighthearted romance, you won t find that here, so don t go in thinking hearts and roses , and YES it ends on a cliff hanger, but hey please don t let that deter you It just makes the anticipation for book 2 all the sweeter.From the opening pages it s obvious that Anika Inky Redding has a story to tell She expels her hurt and her emotions through art Her paintings speak of the inner turmoil and victimisation that she felt as a young child and only those who t
It surprised me how much I liked this book Usually these kind of books about self descovery and stuff aren t really my thing But I devoured this I tend to love books that focuses on the romance part But the mix was absolutely perfect And the hero, Cole Oh my god Can he be perfect The sex was really hot, but this book was then anything, beautiful It wasn t like this story was told to us It was like you were there, experiencing it all with them When you get that caught up in a story, then you know it is good This story also had the two most decieiful persons I ve ever seen I have never wanted to break someones neck that much Then let s be scared together, Anika Let me love you the way you should be loved We ll take each day as it comes but we have to talk You have to promise me that if you start to feel panicky at all, you tell me Don t walk away I want to help I mean it Cole I won t tell him That s your story to tell But Ink You should let him in He loves you This is part of who you areAimes This is the beautiful and highly touching story about Anika, aka Inky She has the most horrible past and
Jointly reviewed for Facebook page Once again we go into a book completely blind and once again I really enjoyed it The title and synopsis of this book intrigued us and so we took a plunge into Inky s world and what an intense, passionate, heartbreaking, sad and yet witty world it was.We meet Inky Anika as she in the throes of love with her fianc e Evan He s everything she s always wanted and Inky has been there, waiting in the wings, until Evan was ready to finish sewing his wild oats and settle down She is in seventh heaven until the day the gorgeous Cole walks into her life and that s where the story starts to take off Her past comes back to haunt her at this time and I couldn t wait to delve deeper and find out all the nitty gritty about Inky s secrets, to uncover what lay beneath the surface I won t tell him That s your story to tell But Ink You should let him in He loves you This is part of who you are AimesHow about you Gitte, did you enjoy this story Gitte I absolutely loved this story Jenny Classic example of finding a gem and knowing nothin
Hmm.3.5 StarsI think I think I liked this one I definitely liked the first half of the bookbut something changed for me towards the end It felt like a different book.the vibe was different, the characters felt different their personalities, etc I am not sure how I feel about that part of the book The story begins with the introduction of Inky Inky is an artist by day and works evenings at a bar She lives with her BFFs, Lisa and Aimes She s engaged to Evan though no rings have been exchanged That haven t been together long, only recently committing themselves to each other We learn that for several years Evan and Inky were or less flings for each other When it was convenient they would hook up regardless of their respective relationship status at the time Needless to say, Inky has been through some serious shit in her past She never opened up to Evan and keeps it mostly hidden As a result of her past she experiences panic attacks Certain things trigger her panic attacks, singing in public being one of them One night while she s working at the bar, Inky has a panic attack She s comforted by bar patron Cole Cole is a recently divorced hotelier He and Inky share this weird connection But Inky loves Evan and yada, yada, yada From the beginning I could tell that something just wasn t right with Evan And low and behold he turns out to be a real asshat Inky and Cole continue to run in to ea
This started out good and I was super excited, because it seemed really promising, I was liking the story, the pace, the angst, the characters but then the second half Ugh the insta love Why Why Not even insta lust, but insta love in a very sappy way The story is centered around Anika Inky a struggling artist who works as a bantender She s had an abusive childhood It was really terrible what she went through and is coping with ocassional anxiety as a result She shares an apartment with her two bff, Aimes, and Lisa, and is engaged to Evan a musician One day at the bar, she meets Cole, a recent divorcee and shares a connection with him while he helps her during one of her anxiety attacks After Inky gets a visit from her past and suffers some betrayal she reconnets with Cole This book for a good chunk was a solid 4 stars for me, but the last 30 20% brought down my rating Inky and Cole got too serious too fast I would have preferred if they would have professed they re in love in book 2 perhaphs But it really got too sappy and kind of cheesy at times I sort of got their special connection they
FREEBIE For Mature Audiences 18 Readers Aaaaaargh I can not tell you how loud I screamed at the end of this book I won t tell you whythat you will have to read for yourself to find out What I can tell you is I could NOT put this book down I must also tell you that I do not care much for violence abuse in my reading choicesBUT when done tastefully this was definitely done tastefully I can overlook it Especially when it adds so much to the story rather than hindering it This story is seriously Addicting A must read full of emotion, mystery, action, fear, terror, comedy, romance, plenty of Smexy as well Truly a nonstop roller coaster you don t want to miss I absolutely adore Inky She is a true diamond in the rough, an extremely strong heart who chooses to surpass her past offenders in the amazing way she does Her BFF Aimes is fabulous, I am glad to have a few Aimes in my life Abe has to be a favorite
Inky Will TATTOO Your Heart I heard the door but played the I m sexy and sleeping and waiting for you to gaze at my beauty game You always see that in romantic comedies and I always imagined how lovely it would be to wake up and have your lover staring at you with nothing but adoration in his eyes Inky You think I m like every other guy you ve encountered I m not I m falling in love with Anika Redding You think I d let you go that easily ColeFirst of all can we talk about the cover for a minute NOW I understand that it is a perfect illustration of the author s vision However, when I first saw it, I though WOW what a beautiful and amazingly unique cover I immediately sent J.B Hartnett a message telling her I obsessed with it must read her book Thank goodness she didn t think I was some crazy stalker well maybe she did but she didn t say so You have this beautiful girl with a very unique tattoo on her back of a tree, standing in a gilded frame looking upon gorgeous sunset with water lapping at her feet Yet there is a dark gray stormy sky and angry waters overshadowing the picture in that gilded frame I thought hmmmm what s that about So I m smiling as I m reading this book thinking awww how cute is her name Awww how sweet is her BFF Awww how cute they love working together at the local hang out with their way cool boss Awww she s engaged to Evan who she has loved, played booty
4 Stars Ok So I m writing this review after only getting an hour sleep last night I was up until 1 reading Inky and it had me so worked up, I read a whole OTHER book after it just to try and calm down Yes, my reaction at the end was SERIOUSLY WTF Inky starts out following Inky, who s real name is Anika, as she thinks she is finally forward from a very rough upbringing She has the fiance that she s pined over for years, 2 amazing friends, and is living her dream as a struggling artist while bartending.While bartending one evening a man, that learns later is named Cole, comes in and there s an instant attraction After a brief encounter, she shrugs it off trying not to think of him again When Cole comes to the bar again, only to witness Inky having an anxiety attack, he finds a way to calm her that sticks with her.Inky s past suddenly comes roaring to a head with a visit from an unwelcomed visitor and all of her insecurities and fears resurface As she struggles to get past all of her demons things with her fiance change and Cole enters her life in an unexpected way.Does Inky finally give into her insta attraction with Cole Does she get over her past Do past demons make it impossible for her to love and be lov