The Bitter Man's Guide to Women

The Bitter Man's Guide to WomenA Brilliantly Insightful Guide For Men, This Book Will Tell You Everything You Need To Know About Women And Relationships In Less Than Minutes What This Book Lacks In Length, Itthan Makes Up For With Ersatz Knowledgeability And Diagrams Particularly Helpful For Guys Who Have Just Come Out Of A Long Term Relationship But Also Universally Applicable Laughed out loud Had no idea what I was reading but finished the book in about 20 minutes, laughing out loud frequently Douglas Adams knew how to crack a person up on paper R.I.P. Utterly hysterical. I was on , considering to buy Douglas Adams book Hilarious Best relationship guide ever I absolutely adore Douglas Adams and this short but sweet prose is just another reason why Haha I am a heterosexual woman that found this male perspective of women not only ridiculously hilarious but incredibly spot on I love the way Adams writes as if he was talking directly to the reader as a friend The book is very short but I think its perfect. Douglas Adams is always a good time This is short, to the point, and exactly what the title promised. Short but funnyShort but funny book for only paying a dollar Personally I think it s spot on in some parts Definitely worth the short read HilariousHilarious Amusingly written, with the perfect conclusion in all possible ways I would strongly suggest everyone reads just to see how well it compares to your life.