When Silence is Betrayal

When Silence is Betrayal The Author Has Wrestled Long And Hard About Going Public With This Work And Has Decided Benefits Outweigh Any Disadvantages No Ill Intent Is Involved Or Intended This Short Work Details A Small Section Of Life On The Streets Of London, A Visit To Government House, British Columbia, Canada, Being On Board The World S Largest Warship, And Details Left On The Desk Of Thomas B Fargo Admiral At PACOM, Pearl Harbor, USA. Amazing and BraveEastman writes with grace and truthfulness as she tells her story The depth of thought behind this short but to the point work shows that not everything that is great needs to be long The work is perfectly written and the emotions behind the pain of betrayal as well as truthfulne
This is an intriguing, deep little read I had to read it several times to make sense of what was going on Centered around freemasonry, the storyline explores the darker past of the freemasons as told by a few central c
A descriptive read that doesn t quite tell a whole story Eliza takes readers to the horrors of war and hints at secrets kept by those behind the scenes including masonic ties, I liked the author s writing and her in depth description, I wish the story was longer and less disjointed But
Wanted to read .When pictures, characters and descriptions make me want to read , I know the author is raising questions and awareness about interesting topics.