Base Building

Base Building✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Base Building By Paul Carter ⚣ – Every great structure has to have a foundation Base Building is about all the facets that go into building that foundation Building strength mass and the reinforcing of techniue through structured vol Every great structure has to have a foundation Base Building is about all the facets that go into building that foundation Building strength mass and the reinforcing of techniue through structured volume are all covered This is the book that can help you stack up productive training cycle one after the other while keeping plateaus at bay and progress oncoming. I made the decision to buy this book due to Carter's association with bloggerpowerlifter Jamie Lewis on the podcast they used to do together I always thought Carter to be out of his depth on some of the training related topics they used to discuss but gave him the benefit of the doubt on purchase of this workI have to say straight up it's another example of a disappointing cash grab from a blogger with of a proficiency in Copy Pasting than any originality regarding exercise programming The majority of the contents can be accessed from the archives of the LRB website which when at least viewed in their chronological publication give some semblance of order and coherency At the same time the book can an 80 page copy paste job be deemed such a thing? simply assumes too much reader prior knowledge As his most recent work I thought Base Building might cut through the redundancy; but the reader is forced to search the author’s archives with a fine toothed comb or cross reference the other books he sells in order to make meaning of it all I find this tactic to sell books disingenuous sneaky and fucking annoying to say the leastAs the progenitor of nothing resembling an original idea Carter is found wanting He’s known for hitching his wagon to bigger names within the industry Wendler Poliuin Klokov Coan Lewis etc cherry picking aka ripping off ideas and concepts and then attempting to meld it into a workable philosophy that he palms off as his own This might work with the easily exploited newbie market but anyone who’s been in the game for longer than 20 minutes or even perused the T nation archives for any length of time can see where most of “Paul’s ideas” were ahem “borrowed” Obviously rushed the seuence and editing is sloppy and slipshod A coherent unifying theme and its details are lost among the numerous anecdotes endless name dropping and unctuous self aggrandizement The end result pretty much resembles the author's own physiue a puffy water retentive bloated mess lacking uality and refinement What Carter also forgets to mention in his books is that he’s a long time advocate and user of Performance Enhancing Drugs rendering much of his recommendations as basically null and void for the majority of lifters and natural trainees Carter himself is also constantly plagued with injuries I’ve never seen someone as “Banged” up as this guy Not exactly a ringing endorsement for his method which preaches minimal volume and freuencyoh but maybe Paul thinks mentioning his injuries makes him “legit” in the eyes of the “hardcore” crowd His writing tone masuerades as “badass” but lacks the verisimilitude and authenticity of someone like Lewis who actually is hardcore and has the records to prove it Being a natural trainee I would recommend something like Jonnie Candito's Intermediate Lifting Program which is not only free but will enable the drug free lifter to maximise their strength levels in a shorter period of time Practical Programming for Strength 3rd Edition is also an invaluable guide for assisting the novice and intermediate to constructing their OWN programs For the advanced lifter Jamie Lewis’ “Issuance of Insanity” series or “Destroy the Opposition” are much coherent original and entertaining reads than this tripeIn summary Carter's work is a schizophrenic mess that will have the average trainee spinning their wheels chasing multiple goals and scratching their heads in confusion when they realise they've wasted a chunk of their valuable training lives “Lifting Running and Banging” their heads in frustration against the wall of zero gains The book might only cost a tenner but the time lost reading cross referencing and god forbid actually running the “program” is irretrievable I really liked this book I wouldn't say it's uite deserving of a 5 star rating but definitely 4 While I don't follow any of Paul's routines I prefer a Chaos and Pain type style à la Jamie Lewis I love his general philosophy and mindset which is why I read the stuff he puts out This book is a nice little read even if you don't want to use any of the base building routines in it His advice on the ups and downs of lifting is great there's nothing surprising if you've read any of his other stuff but there is some information in it worth giving a look and it's always worth looking at the routines to see if there's anything worth incorporating in your program