Bluebonnet Belle

Bluebonnet Belle❮Reading❯ ➶ Bluebonnet Belle Author Lori Copeland – April Truitt didn't trust doctors battle of wills was raging in the Lone Star State in 1876 least of all handsome newcomer Gray Fuller who opposed her efforts to offer the women of Dignity Texas an he April Truitt didn't trust doctors battle of wills was raging in the Lone Star State in least of all handsome newcomer Gray Fuller who opposed her efforts to offer the women of Dignity Texas an herbal alternative to surgery He treated her like some uack but April was determined to save other women from dying on the operating table like her mother didGray couldn't help admiring April's spirit and good intentions Yet he couldn't let this Bluebonnet Belle steal all his patients even if she was on her way to stealing his heart. I have enjoyed all the characters in the story hero heroine a wealthy lady who can't leave the hero along she is spoiled and the others that I want to leave out to not spoil the story There was humor that kept me goingenjoyed the laugh Some things that turned out ridiculous but solved The heroine is hard headed and she listens to her silly friend doing things witty Finally things comes together at the end as happily ever after I give 5 stars for a great read thanks for the laughs Lydia PinkhamI enjoy Lori Copeland's books I had no idea that Bluebonnet Belle was a rewrite of an earlier book until I got to the end even though I knew she'd done thatI enjoyed learning about Lydia Pinkham's vegetable compound even though it wasn't really conclusive whether or not it's good stuff or snake oil The book wasn't really about Lydia Pinkham's; that was just a starting place for Gray and April's clashes not to mention her grandfatherI guess it would be boring if they agreed on everything She never tried to run his life like his fiance either I liked the refreshing setting of this story1876 in small town Texas Women were just taking a stand toward doctors in trying natural remedies for womanly ailments I liked how in the end their was compromise on both April's way of thinking that all doctors are cutthroats and do unnecessary surgeries and on Dr Gray Fuller's part in thinking that elixors are just hoaxes that don't heal and even harm It is amazing what can happen when there is open minded thinking in the healing practice The issues of noticing the beauty on the inside in regards to BeulahApril was against the handsome Dr Fuller from the start because of her mother's premature death due to bleeding after a hysterectomy surgery She thinks that all doctors use surgery as the only remedy for womanly ailments and so she supports Mrs Pinkham's elixor even though her grandfather would not approve of her involvement Eventually the doctor decides that he'll try the elixor on his patients and discovers that it does have it's benefits He also becomes friends and a protector of April when Henry her boyfriend is caught being a two timer and the other woman wants a duel April and Gray find an attraction for each other but find that their is a dilemaGray has a debt to pay to Fanscesca's father and until the debt is paid for his schooling he feels he must be nice to her even if she refuses to believe he has called off their engagement and April refuses to be caught between two woman and one man again April really realizes that she loves gray when Beulah finds a man that appreciates her true beauty and is married leaving April without her childhood confidant All ends well when the debt is paid and Gray is free to express his own love for April April Truitt doesn't think of herself as flighty or impulsive but she is She acts without thinking for the better part of the book which made me wonder why Ms Copeland can't write intelligent female characters April is enad of rake Henry who is cheating on her with another woman Grace April also distrusts doctors after her mother's slow death which puts her at odds with handsome Gray Fuller the town's doctor a transplant from Dallas societyCopeland always injects humor into her books and there are a lot of funny situations Gray's fiancee Francesca DuBois comes to the little hamlet and redecorates his office April gets into trouble selling a tonic water that promises to cure everything that ails a woman But the romance between Gray and April falls flat There's a subplot involving servants Jacel who aspires to be a Harvard grad and Datha who fall into illicit activity Their love story is better than Gray's and April's There's another subplot involving a woman called Porky Beulah and a man who fancies her Raymond a salesman Again their love story shows promise than that of the protagonists It's a witty read but it's not Copeland's best I loved the story of April Truitt She has a serious mistrust of doctors and Dr Gray Fuller's move to Dignity Texas and befriending her grandfather upsets her greatly I enjoyed how the two characters bantered with each other over their personal convictions to how a patient should be treated by modern medicine or the elixir that April helps promote The author created a good set of characters to weave into the story each bringing depth to the story and helping the reader feel like a resident in the town of Dignity There was romance in the book but it wasn't overly gushy or silly The romance didn't seem rushed as is often the case in many books I would recommend this book to anyone who likes historical fiction or Christian fiction Although the book does mention the Christian faith of the characters it is not preachy or judgmental uite the fun witty romantic story that made me chuckle smile and even tear up on occasion Just as in her Brides of the West series Lori Copeland has a knack for allowing the reader to picture the setting as if heshe were in it himherself The only downfall is that she writes in such a way that after reading the Brides series I have grown to predict certain events to where the suspense has waned; however still a very enjoyable story I have some thoughts about the ending; however due to a potential spoiler I shall keep them to myself I wasn't sure I would like this main character much after the first chapter She seemed young closed minded and youthfully silly As the story developed I began to like her and I enjoyed her personal growth spurts and changing personal and business relationships I love the way Lori Copeland uses the plot to showcase this historical periods medical and social science issues In all a fun and uplifting read This book changed a lot about halfway through The beginning was pretty slow and April sort of got on my nerves about her involvement with the Pinkham's tonic and her dislike of doctors About halfway through the book when she stops thinking she's better than people with medical degrees was when I could truly get behind this book and enjoy it This book was just ok in my opinion I don't care for stories where there are jump forwards in time Half the book was fine but then it just started skipping 6 months at a time towards the end I feel like all that time skipped led to the romance between April and Gray not really developing in my mind And the whole duel story line? I didn't care for that at all Another good love story by Lori Copeland This was unlike the brides of the west in the fact that she doesn't preach about her beliefs I do in enjoy the humor she always brings to the books It is always a pleasure to read a clean romance

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