Slash❧ [KINDLE] ❀ Slash By Slash ➠ – From one of the greatest rock guitarists of our era comes a memoir that redefines sex drugs and rock 'n' rollHe was born in England but reared in LA surrounded by the leading artists of the day amidst From one of the greatest rock guitarists of our era comes a memoir that redefines sex drugs and rock 'n' rollHe was born in England but reared in LA surrounded by the leading artists of the day amidst the vibrant hotbed of music and culture that was the early seventies Slash spent his adolescence on the streets of Hollywood discovering drugs drinking rock music and girls all while achieving notable status as a BMX rider But everything changed in his world the day he first held the beat up one string guitar his grandmother had discarded in a closetThe instrument became his voice and it triggered a lifelong passion that made everything else irrelevant As soon as he could string chords and a solo together Slash wanted to be in a band and sought out friends with similar interests His closest friend Steven Adler proved to be a conspirator for the long haul As hairmetal bands exploded onto the LA scene and topped the charts Slash sought his niche and a band that suited his raw and gritty sensibilityHe found salvation in the form of four young men of eual mind Axl Rose Izzy Stradlin Steven Adler and Duff McKagan Together they became Guns N' Roses one of the greatest rock 'n' roll bands of all time Dirty volatile and as authentic as the streets that weaned them they fought their way to the top with groundbreaking albums such as the iconic Appetite for Destruction and Use Your Illusion I and IIHere for the first time ever Slash tells the tale that has yet to be told from the inside how the band came together how they wrote the music that defined an era how they survived insane never ending tours how they survived themselves and ultimately how it all fell apart This is a window onto the world of the notoriously private guitarist and a seat on the roller coaster ride that was one of history's greatest rock 'n' roll machines always on the edge of self destruction even at the pinnacle of its success This is a candid recollection and reflection of Slash's friendships past and present from easygoing Izzy to ever steady Duff to wild child Steven and complicated AxlIt is also an intensely personal account of struggle and triumph as Guns N' Roses journeyed to the top Slash battled his demons escaping the overwhelming reality with women heroin coke crack vodka and whatever else came alongHe survived it all lawsuits rehab riots notoriety debauchery and destruction and ultimately found his creative evolution From Slash's Snakepit to his current band the massively successful Velvet RevolverSlash found an even keel by sticking to his gunsSlash is everything the man the myth the legend inspires it's funny honest inspiring jaw dropping and in a word excessive. Well Slash holy fuck man I sort of want to take you under my wing and give you a hug dude But first I want you to have a shower because you are dirty And I don't mean that in a dirty sexy way I mean it in a remember Pig Pen from Charlie Brown how filthy he was? way I would like to introduce you to soap and laundry detergent and what the hell underwear I get that living on the road touring has its challenges And I get that junkies are well junkies But seriously You grossed me out a little bit and that is really really hard to do I am fairly certain we did not need to know about your treatment resistant penis warts But gosh I am sure glad you had them cleared up before reuniting with Sally Phew That was a close one eh? You definitely seem to be a wise old soul so for the love of humanity man stop sticking needles in your veins That is not cool and you are way smarter than that dumb ass I am glad things are calmer in your life and that by the end of the story you are clean and sober this book is from 2007 It seems you and your wife Perla have had ups and downs in the past year but your two little boys are super cute so I hope you are making life easy for them and not stressing them out with your bad boy antics and Perla's party mama ways; though reading about it all was very cool I have to ask you a favour though Slash Stop using the word literally Please? Now One niggling annoyance your co author sort of sucks A lot And your editor sucks too If you ever do another memoir a part two to this book choose someone else to co write with Apply the same logic and gut instinct you use in feeling the groove with other musicians to seeking out writers and editors It wouldn't take much to turn your okay story into a totally kick ass bookSo from your book I came away still thinking you are underrated as an axe man Your vibe as a human being is totally excellent and I am sure a lot of people could learn from your ways And I don't mean your not so smart junkie ways I mean your sit back take it all in accept people as they are for who they are ways I am pulling for you to have a happy and calm life filled with a lot of music making I felt the need for a visual here Winner winner chicken dinner There's this line in Bull Durham where Kevin Costner's character tells Tim Robbins's character You got a gift When you were a baby the Gods reached down and turned your right arm into a thunderbolt A lot of the point of this movie is that while the young pitcher has been blessed with incredible talent and is also being played by baby Tim Robbins very sexy it's the seasoned but mediocre career minor league journeyman Crash Davis who's the leading man with the depth and sexiness despite being played by Kevin Costner who is outside of this role completely gross and unsexy to fascinate Susan Sarandon's incomparable Annie Savoy In the movie Ebby Calvin LaLoosh is this kind of silly dude whose right arm is a thunderbolt and that talent is fascinating but it doesn't mean he isI thought about that a lot while reading this book You don't pick up Slash because Slash is a compelling interesting guy who gives amazing speeches about what he believes; you pick it up to find out what it was like to be lead guitarist in the greatest American rock 'n' roll band of all timeThe short answer is it was pretty much exactly how you would guess Really nothing unexpected here Slash loves pet snakes dope and pussy not necessarily in that order and being a rock star never faces any shortage of the three nor of guitars or booze his other two totally unsurprising great lovesThis is a book you can definitely judge by its cover It's exactly as stupid as its tagline It seems Excessive but That Doesn't Mean It Didn't Happen ?? but also kind of as awesome as its photo of the iconic Slash I mean I did read all 458 pages even though a lot of them were like this One night when my girlfriend Renee and I were at manager Alan Niven's house with him and his wife Camilla Alan said something really inappropriate to Renee I don't remember what it was exactly but it was creepy enough that we left immediately I never forgot it and I won't repeat it here p 321 Uh what?There are also a lot of pages mostly taken up by large bold uotations that seem to be selected from the text to pump up or titillate thirteen year old boys but were there thirteen year old boys in 2007 who had even heard of Slash? I feel like I'm way the demographic A sampling of the giant bold excerpts The act of shooting up always turned me on; I was pissed off at myself for having died; The sight of a guitar still turns me on; There was no way in hell that I was going to county with fingernail polish on; I could feel it in my loins that she was having a hard look okay that last one is pretty awesome not just because of the use of the word loins but because the she is Elizabeth TaylorThe main problem with this book is that it doesn't seem to have been written by a professional writer or looked at by a professional editor This would be way less of an issue if he'd gone with an actual ghost rather than a music journalist who shared the writing credit because then I could've indulged the conceit that Slash actually somehow wrote the thing by himself As it is I guess I had unrealistic expectations and was distracted by being sad because this book could've been so much better than it wasThe biggest issue is that like most of us Slash and evidently Anthony Bozza in an apparent folie à deux has no concept of what is interesting or boring about his own life so he spends page after page describing tedious relationships with girlfriends and telling generic junkie war stories and then he'll have one awesome throwaway sentence about how smoking crack with Dave Mustaine nearly led to him joining Megadeth or he'll casually bring up how he used to date tragic eighties porn superstar Savannah and give a uick debauchery anecdote before rushing along to other way boring things I'm in no position to complain that there's only one dismissive paragraph about what Slash sees as the non issue of being a half black rock guitarist though I would've loved to have had him give his take on the infamously racist One in a Million lyrics and at least a couple details on what's summarized just as a fight with the guy from WASP after the guy announced that n s shouldn't play guitar Basically whenever you want details about something it's just glossed over and whenever you could really give less of a shit you're going to learn a lot than anyone ever wanted to know Where was Slash during the 1994 Northridge Earthuake? Home in bed Want to hear all the details? Too bad you're going to And then most of the anecdotes that seem like they should be good aren't told very well and come off weirdly flat like the one in which teenage Slash sneaks into an LA club dressed up by his mom? like a hot chick or when Slash and his wife flee New York after the 2001 Trade Center attacks and wind up at a depressing love themed hotel in the Poconos Isn't this the whole point of hiring a writer to write the book for you to make all these random stories good?HOWEVER I guess in spite of all my complaining this Anthony Bozza person must've done a good job after all because I read the entire book even though I hadn't meant to when I decided to open the mildewing copy I'd found in a box on the street I skipped his childhood to get to the important part and planned to stop reading after Guns 'n' Roses broke up but I got kinda attached to the guy so I kept going until the end and then went back and then went back read the part that I skipped Actually the beginning was pretty interesting growing up as delinuent feral kids of these successful anything goes bohemian creative types in Hollywood in the seventies so I do recommend starting from the beginning if you are going to read this bookPersonally the most interesting part of all this for me is about the sex and sexual politics and I'm really fascinated by the female perspective on this era and milieu There is so much profoundly fucked up shit in here Steven Adler having sex with a woman in her thirties when he's thirteen and then being threatened by her husband THAT IS CHILD MOLESTATION YOU INSANE PEOPLE all the groupies and porn stars and stepfordly anodyne pretty girlfriends and then all this scary rapey stuff including a sexual assault charge against Slash and Axl that's not surprisingly breezed through If anyone knows of an updated I'm With the Band kind of thing for this era that's good please recommendIt took me forever to read and a lot of it annoyed or disappointed me but in the end this book wasn't ever billed to be a Robert Caro biography and it got the job done I did feel by the end that I'd gotten a pretty good sense of Slash and a better sense of what it was like to have lived his life The post GnR stuff was interesting to me in a way it really wouldn't have been when I was younger now that I'm an aging domesticated boring person who hasn't done much with her life and certainly hasn't ever played stadiums filled with rioting fans It was fun to compare my own life or lack thereof to Slash's and to weigh what I've missed out on and what I am sincerely content to make do withoutProbably my least favorite catch phrase of the past fifteen or so years is the one where people exclaim Rock star all the time about the dumbest shit You're a rock star She's a rock star Party like a rock star or simply Rock star Ugh I hate it I hate it for a bunch of reasons but one of them is that the application of these phrases convey such a major misapprehension of what being a rock star is about One thing this book did well was convey what being a rock star is about and for me it was fun to read about but ultimately unappealing At this point in my life thirty six there's okay almost no part of me that wishes I could've lived the rock 'n' roll lifestyle Yeah it would've been awesome to have had a part in something so amazing and epic as being in the greatest American rock band that ever existed but it doesn't sound like a lot of it was even that much fun at the time and it's kind of depressing to spend the rest of your life chasing the dragon of a perfect record you made when you were twenty five The perils of rock 'n' roll decadence are well documented here as elsewhere the ravages of addiction are awful though honestly in this book at least Slash seems not to mind much and definitely doesn't sound like a guy who's permanently invested in staying on the wagon despite having almost died from cardiomyopathy at thirty five after two decades of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle Drug and alcohol addiction aside though pretty much every aspect of his life sounds like a slog to me relentless touring egotistic meltdowns speedballing crabs being embarrassed in front of Metallica dealing with Axl yeah the payoffs are immense but this rock star shit just isn't for everyone While I understand it's the wet dream of leetle boys across the land or was now they probably all want to be DJs or hedge fund managers or something and also that earlier in my life I'd have felt very differently now I know I'd be miserable if I had to live through than maybe a few months of this shit okay let's be honest I wouldn't turn down a uick little stint The payoffs getting to feel cool as hell all the time everyone including a limitless supply of beautiful women loving you and being able to make a good living playing music the last of which Slash does clearly love in a very real and pure sense just don't seem worth all the stuff that comes along with it to meBut they definitely do to Slash who as much as you can tell from this book seems very happy And that's what ultimately is endearing about him I think based on this book he truly does seem to be what he's supposed to be a huge haired top hat wearing guitar playing icon who loves his rock 'n' roll life a life normal non rock gods like me and probably you like to read about but could never actually live I like the kind of music Saul Hudson Slash is famed for making In fact Guns ‘n' Roses was one of the first “heavy” bands I got hooked on in my teens because even with all the boycotts and sanctions not to mention that the country was firmly in the grip of the Satanic Panic – in fact there is a Wikipedia page just for this phenomenon in South Africa which was the only country with an Occult Related Crimes Unit “Appetite for Destruction” found its way here I jumped at the opportunity to see Slash performing live with Kings of Chaos in Cape Town last year and it stands as one of the greatest concerts I’ve been to my wife and I were right there in the front The tone of the book is neither boastful nor repentant Slash tells it like it is without false modesty I appreciated the shooting from the hip approach except possibly for one thing namely the peer bashing It comes across as slightly narcissistic when “every other band is rubbish and hateful except us” Taking into account however the nature of the LA scene at the time and the larger than life personalities involved it probably shouldn’t be surprising that there would be some bad blood I noodle with the guitar a bit and I would have liked some insight into Slash’s techniue and approach but he steers well clear of this kind of thing for the most part opting to focus on the lifestyle and the people involved instead The book is sordid and tragic and funny and a whole lot of other things but it provides a great snapshot of the musical scene at the time of what Slash refers to as the Guns ‘n Roses Reign of Terror ie the 80s and very early 90s Something else that fans will want to read is the depiction of events leading up to the end of Slash’s tenure with the band and the issues with Axl RoseIf you enjoy old school hard rock music or if you are a fan of Guns ‘n Roses Slash you should really check this book out I’ll also never listen to Rocket ueen with uite the same ears again If however you have some prudish tendencies just be warned this book doesn’t pull any punches I am a huge gnr fan and I have to say that I am terribly disappointed with this book I could not wait to be done with it I always found Slash to be besides Axl the most articulate of the band This is the reason I wanted to read this book But his articulation didn't lend itself well to the written word This book is so badly written that is reads like a blog or email message badly written blog or email message that is The storytelling is horribly tedious and focuses on so much minutia that it renders each story boring This book doesn't do a good job of painting the picture esp of 80s LA rock scene and it lacks any connective tissue to tie everything in; rather it just chronicles events in a list like fashion Instead of building up to detailed accounts of interesting events which there should be many Slash just retells the same story of getting high and getting straight Slash also has a strange way of pinpointing the exact locale of every event He even sometimes remarks about what is currently at the particular location which is completely uninteresting to someone who has never been to LA The book is mostly chronological but it does jump around a bit too a lot of annoying i'll get to that later phrases which is disconcerting but the least of the book's problems Many reviewers have mentioned Slash's lack of fact checking and Slash's claims of his memory of certain situations being hazy bring into uestion the validity of this memoir I was surprised that Slash doesn't consider his drug problems to be that serious especially since he now has children and that leads me to believe his sobriety won't last The cliche rock star hotel trashing recounts were annoying and dull Its strange that Slash doesn't seem remorseful for much of anything even though he's acted like a juvenile delinuent most of his life This book lacks perspective and probably should have been written by Slash much later in life I'd recommend this to a gnr fan because it sheds some light on their dysfunction their early years and the strange but interesting way they wrote music together but anyone else don't bother I give this an extra star for the full page color photos Slash is a sexy sexy man What's behind the untamed hair and top hat? We’ve all wondered The erratic curls part just enough to reveal sexy full lips Is he purposely teasing us? Is he hiding something? Slash lead guitarist of Velvet Revolver and the former Guns n Roses is one of the most enigmatic musicians of our time and if you've ever been enthralled by the opening notes of Sweet Child O' Mine or wanted to know about the creator of the classic guitar solos from legendary albums Appetite for Destruction and Lose your Illusion I and II you will enjoy this new memoir by Slash with Anthony Bozza Rolling Stones magazine writerIn a laid back conversational style Slash recounts his fascinating life from his LA childhood he used to shoplift snakes to the present including a lot about Guns N’ Roses in their formative years—like at one point he and Axl lived in a storage unit which was their rehearsal space with one hibachi grill that they never cooked on Izzy and Stephen did It was interesting to learn about the geneses of some of their songs and the behind the scenes situations and Slash’s perspective on the band’s demise Various girlfriends are mentioned briefly without much detail until he talks about his wife We see the way his lifestyle overshadows his relationships and just how driven and obsessive Slash is about playing rock n’ roll There is a generous amount of glamorous photos; the book is worth buying even if just for the pictures of Slash shirtless in a guitarist’s sexy back lean stance playing on his instrument But this book is as much an addiction memoir as it is a rock n’ roll memoir He takes us through the darkest times of his love affair with heroin and Vodka; and although a good chunk of the book seems disappointingly vague because he was too wasted to remember much detail “My memory of the events is hazy” there is one crazy hallucination story that just tops it all It’s astounding how much abuse his body took But that aside his integrity as a musician comes through on every page Even if he had an appetite for destruction he tells of purposely destroying hotel rooms apartments and rental vans he was creating at the same time what would become classic rockmetal music So destructive in one setting yet so creative in another That’s just one of the things to think about after you read this book Wild irresponsible dangerous—that is Slash and yet on the first page he gives a disclaimer of sorts when he reveals that he has a pacemaker in his heart due to years of abusing his body In other words emulate at your own risk No one expects the rug to be yanked out from underneath them; life changing events usually don’t announce themselves While instinct and intuition can help provide some warning signs they can do little to prepare you for the feeling of rootlessness that follows when fate flips your world upside downSlash by SlashSorryI see many of my GR friends liked this and rated it highly I did not so mu chI used to be a HUGE Guns N Roses fan I even spent a couple hundred once to see them live and then Axel cancelled the concert But I have always been a fan and always loved their music Estranged is one of my all time favorite songs by anyoneI'd also read Duff's It's so easy before this and found that to be outstanding maybe the best book written by musician that I ever read So I was looking forward to reading this book But I wasn't crazy about itI cannot really say WHY I wasn't Suffice to say I did not click with it as strongly as I'd have liked There was some humility and soul but I never really felt I knew Slash reading this book I also felt it to be of a typical rock N roll book then I would have likedOr maybe I was comparing it to much to Duff's which just wowed me I would not call this bad by any stretch And I have read many a bad rock bio But it just did not make a strong impression on me either way Sex As we mixed down the song Rocket ueen Axl felt that the bridge needed something; some other element to elevate the drama He suggested that his girlfriend Adrianna Smith who was with us in the studio that day fuck him in the live room so that we could record her vocals and layer them over the breakdown So we lit some candles for atmosphere then she and Axl went out into the live room got down on the floor by the drum riser and we recorded Smith's performance in all of its honest moaning and groaning Enjoy it it's right there in the final mix p 180 Drugs A doctor installed a defibrillator in my heart when I was 35 Fifteen years of over drinking and drug abuse had swollen that organ to one stop short of exploding When I was finally hospitalized they told me I had six days to six weeks to live p VIII Rock'n Roll Axl remembered a riff that I'd played him when he was living over at my mom's house We were sitting around rehearsal looking to write something new when that riff came to Axl's mind I started playing it and instantly Steve came up with a beat Duff joined in with a bass line and away we went I kept throwing parts out to build on it the chorus part the solo as Axl came up with the lyrics Duff was the glue on that song he came up with the breakdown that wild rumbling bass line and Izzy provided the texture In about three hours the song Welcome to the Jungle was complete The arrangement is virtually the same as it appears on the album pp 108 9 But there's It would actually be unfair to leave it at that Yes there is the debauchery the indifference to your own health and the natural musical gift But this is not all that we can learn about Slash from his biography There is an important thing missing And it is thisThroughout the biography we sense that Slash is true to himself and that he knows who he is He was never tempted to jump on the bandwagon of popular fashions in music to fulfill his dream and become a rock musician Indeed this was not even his dream being a rock guitarist is just who he is As far as we can tell from his account he remained true to himself at all times he knew who he was and he knew what he needed If I knew nothing else about the man that would be enough to inspire me And what I do know about him is not enough to diminish thatSo I leave you with three uotes Know who you are My wife Perla had the record company remake me platinum copies of all of my records She hung them on the wall leading up the stairs in our house I think they lasted a week; they drove me so nuts I took them down one night and put them in storage I don't need accolades on the wall to remind me who I am p 215 Know what you need You can't wait around for destiny to give you what you think you deserve you have to earn it even if you think you've paid your dues p 417 Get it By the time that Perla and London their first son and I were photographed for the cover of some baby magazine whose name I can't remember I was totally into it That photo shoot wasn't the cover of Creem or Rolling Stone but I was pretty excited we'd hit the big time on the baby circuit And I was just as proud p458 slash was on loveline back when it used to be on mtv in the mid 90's and he smoked the whole time he was on the show dishing advice to uick boys and oversexed girls and his face was covered in hair as usual and midway through a sentence he leaned over and his cigarette fell into his boot and the crowd gasped and then got real uiet for about 20 seconds and then he leaned over pulled the still smoking cigarette out of his boot put it back into his mouth leaned back and said happens all the time man happens all the time I actually enjoyed this book than the three stars would indicate because I'm a big GNR fan and enjoy reading about people drinking fucking and doing drugs until their livers blood vessels and wangs fall off But asking Slash to 'author' an auto biography is predictably going to end up like thisI picked up a guitar when I was young and was good at it Then I had sex with a bunch of girls and did a lot of drugs Then I drank a gallon of vodka every day All the while I was still really good at playing the guitar Axl Rose is an anti social douche but a very talented musician I met some other people who are like famous and shit I did drugs and drank with them too And one time I ended up naked from the drugs But now I'm clean and still good at guitar so you know don't do drugs And shitIn other words it was a fun book to read if you're a GNR fan but not exactly well written and certainly not substantial enough to justify the 450 pagesThere is definitely a picture of his wife giving him analingus in public included in its pages though so it's got that working for it You know who was a great guitar player? Slash Would that I could say he is as good a storyteller Instead he seems content to write what amounts to a 482 page 'Creem' article The poor guy is so pickled he can't even remember the name of his music school and by remember I mean hire someone to research it for him so that he could at least avoid embarrassment in his own autobiography We should also wish this book's crappiness ends at poor storytelling but it doesn't There is a fundamental failure of human depth here I look for two things in the autobiographies of mega stars Good anecdotes and a little bit of humility Even Keith effin' Richards opened every section of the book by saying how lucky he was how many talented musicians he played with and who were certainly just as if not deserving of fame Instead Slash presents his story as proof that he is the chosen one who succeeds in spite of his relentless consumption of booze drugs and stupidity

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