Kita and Kami: The Basic Modes of Togetherness

Kita and Kami: The Basic Modes of TogethernessOne Canadian Autumn In 1961, Fuad Hassan Met Professor William Line At The Department Of Psychology, University Of Toronto, Canada Watching The Autumn Scenery, Professor Line Commented The Society Of Man Is Comparable To The Maple Tree It Starts From The Same Root And Eventually Turns Into A Golden Crown, Only To Indicate That The Time Has Come For The Leaves To Fall Such Is The Case With Contemporary Societies It Places Such High Value On Individualization That The Individual Eventually Is Separated From His Primary Matrix, Rootless And Alienated Too Much Importance Has Been Given To The I , Less To The You And Even Much Less To The We Yet, We Are Badly In Need Of The Experience Of Genuine We Ness Thus Began Fuad Hassan S Journey In Search Of The Experience Of Genuine We Ness Delving Deep Into The Two Modes Of Togetherness The Indonesian Kita And Kami Fuad Hassan Lucidly Expounds The Differences Between The Two. 122 2017 As an elementary schooler, I had to memorize the name Fuad Hassan for exams purposes since he was the Minister of Education That s pretty much all I knew about him.However, after reading this book I grow respect towards his intellect I learn quite much about philosophy existentialism and psychology neurosis which he presented with a special linguistic element of Indonesian language Kami dan Kita I am always happy when I have to teach my students that in In