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Breaking News[PDF / Epub] ☆ Breaking News By Frank Schätzing – Tom Hagen gefeierter Star unter den Krisenberichterstattern ist nicht zimperlich wenn es um eine gute Story geht Die Länder des Nahen Ostens sind sein Spezialgebiet seine Reportagen Berichte aus der Tom Hagen gefeierter Star unter den Krisenberichterstattern ist nicht zimperlich wenn es um eine gute Story geht Die Länder des Nahen Ostens sind sein Spezialgebiet seine Reportagen Berichte aus der Hölle Doch in Afghanistan verlässt ihn sein Glück Eine nächtliche Geiselbefreiung endet im Desaster Hagens Ruf ist ruiniert verzweifelt kämpft er um sein Comeback Drei Jahre später bietet sich die Gelegenheit in Tel Aviv als ihm Daten des israelischen Inlandgeheimdienstes zugespielt werden Hagen ergreift die Chance und setzt ungewollt eine tödliche Kettenreaktion in Gang Breaking News ist ein mitreißender Thriller vor dem Hintergrund einer epischen Saga Zwei Familien wandern Ende der zwanziger Jahre nach Palästina ein – in eine von Legenden Kämpfen und Hoffnungen beherrschte neue Welt wo Juden Araber und britische Kolonialherren erbittert um die Vorherrschaft ringen Bis in die Gegenwart über Generationen hinweg spiegeln und prägen beide Familien Israels atemlose Entwicklung Als Hagen in der jungen Ärztin Yael Kahn eine unerwartete Verbündete findet erkennt er dass auch sein Schicksal eng mit der Geschichte des Landes verbunden ist Doch mit Yael an seiner Seite gehen die Probleme erst richtig los. Ideally I would write two reviews for this bookOne review would say that as a thriller it is competent but nothing special It joins the ranks of the other competent but nothing special Thrillers Schätzing has written apart from The Swarm I have not found a better than average book by him and many were worse than average The thriller would receive something like 35 to 4 stars and be uite forgettableThe second review would say that as a semi biographical about the history of the Israel Palestine conflict it is very good It follows the story of Israel from its founding to the present day focussing on an influential person from that timeframe saying could be considered a spoiler It tries to explain the reasoning behind the occupation of Gaza It shows how the current situation came to be I am by no means an expert on this matter but it seemed to me like the book did a good job of explaining all of thatSo my recommendation would be If you want to read this book read it not as a thriller but as a semi fictional biography with thriller elements And Read the book if you are interested in getting an idea about why the situation in Israel Palestine is as it is Such bad style so aggressively written and trying to convey a 'truth' that is probably nothing but bad fiction I gave up after 100 pages A truly bad read This books tells two fictional stories that are bound together at the end in a very unexpected way one starts nowadawys and is about a journalist who got addicted to war people's stories The other starts at the time of Isreal's foundation and tells the story of recently moved Jews from different nations who moved to Israel to found a new heritage and how the destiny of this family developed throughout time until the 2000sI started to read this book because Frank's book The Swarm is still one of my favourite's and I hoped this could keep up to it But at the end I realized that the stories are not comparable already due to the fact that Breaking News is a historical and The Swarm a science fiction novelStill what was similar that in both books Frank described specific situations in such a good way that I had the feeling I could directly feel what was felt by the protagonist which I did not experience with any other books so farWhat has not been done very well but I guess it was also not his intention was that if you do not have any pre knowledge about Israel's history that you will not learn a lot about the very historical details of what happened when why and what was everyone's intention in the conflictYou get rather aware of the personal stories of all families that have been affected no matter if Palestine or Israeli Additionally I did not know before that there are radical Jews who turn moderate Israelis life into hell for their opinionsAll in all an interesting exciting and very detailed book I could not let out off my hands especially in the second half A great story with a lot of details about one of the biggest ongoing crisis on our planetHowever I think that sometimes Schätzing got lost in details a bit too much Also especially in the age of news being claimed fake news almost on a daily basis it would have been great to work out the repercussions of the action of the main characterHowever still a great book that I highly recommend especially to people who are interested in the history of Israel from the 1920s until today It's a great thriller but what ist it's a great introduction into the near east conflict After reading it I begin to understand what drives different people and different groups in Israel and Palestine Just great Too much history too little action The beginning wasn´t easy but then it was totally worth it Didn´t expect to love it that much The worst book of Schätzing 450 pages introduction of characters and lots of history about IsraelThe end was boring Incredibly well researched neutral and entertainingly sarcasticThis book simply needed to be written I never doubted Schätzing's research and observation skills but he really impressed me with this book probably because I have been interested in this topic for decades myself While remaining historically and factually accurate throughout he observes past and recent events within Israel and the middle East in general as a neutral outsider with a very entertaining sense of detached sarcasmThis book is PACKED with historical facts and interesting but accurate sidenotes neatly wrapped into his protagonists personal stories Not once did I find it tedious or boringAnd oh my god did the pace pick up at about 60%At this point it seems Schätzing considers us prepared enough to enter modern day action chaos and throws his readers right into a main story of modern day conspiracy and Israeli policy And although I already knew my fair share of middle Eastern hirstory I was glad for the advance catch up session It helped to highlight all the complex connections and multifacated issuesThe only negative point I would mention is that I found it rather predictable However this was not enough to detract from my 5 rating I seriously recommend this to all readers interested in the history of the middle East and willing to stick with a rather long bookI do hope that the English translation will be able to come close to the German original It is so very well written I agree with other reviews here this book can be reviewed in two different ways As a noveldetectivethriller it is a classic three star book with nothing special But as a history book about the Israel vs Arab countries conflict it is truly a masterpiece I can't really described how overwhelmed I was while reading about it Frank Schätzing had to study tons of history materials WowAlthoug it was a little bit boring sometimes too many details about Sharon's childhood Also Tom Hagen is not very likeable person and a book a tome in this case without a main character that you really love and understand may be uite difficult to read What I liked the most is that it was all too real While reading there were several moments I had to say what if this is all true? in my mindI recommend this book to anyone who is ok with a slowly developing plot and who wants to learn a LOT of new stuff Limit or The Swarm were just the same

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