My Wife My Baby... and Him

My Wife My Baby... and Him Book V Of The My Sons Wife Series Senior Pastor Stiles Graham And First Lady Detria Graham S Marriage Is Rapidly Falling Apart, Thanks To Detria S Adulterous Ways As Much As She Wants To Steer Clear Of Her Lover And Give Her Marriage A Fighting Chance, Her Heart Says Something Different When She Gets Pregnant, She Finds Herself Worried About Who Is The Father Of Her Unborn Child Turmoil, Trouble, Deception And Disaster Infiltrate This Marriage, And Much Is At Stake, Including Stiles Pastoral Position At Holy Rock When Tragedy Strikes This Already Dysfunctional Marriage, It Sends Life As They Know It Spiraling Down A Never Ending Tunnel Of Hurt, Anger And Grief, Leaving Both Stiles And Detria Questioning Their Faith And Belief In God To Restore Their Lives And Relationshi I have become very accustomed to Shelia Lipsey s writing through her books I m always impressed with the writing style and her story lines My Wife, My Baby, and Him has far exceeded everything I have read in the past This story pulled me in from the first page I felt every emotion as I read this book There was no way to anticipate the twists and turns and the emotional roller coaster this book took me on The characters Ms Lipsey has created have come alive to me As their lives unfold I feel I am in the moment with them and experienceing life along with them I can t wait to see what the future holds for the Grahams, the McCoys, and Holy Rock Each book in the My Son s series makes me eager for the next installment Bravo Ms Lipsey, you have done an excellent j
I don t know where to begin with this book Shelia Lipsey has a way of drawing you into her books You feel every emotion that the characters feel If you have followed the Graham family you will not be disappointed This book is about adultery, infidelity, forgiveness, deceit and l
This series just gets better and better.It s rare that a series can continue to get better than the last book.This was probably the best book in the series.I am not going to want this series to end.I just love the book covers to this series Good read Enjoyed this installment of the My Son s Wife series Will the Graham family ever have a happy ending Theme of this book is definitely you reap what you sow Lies betrayal do not result in happy endings Waiting to see what happens next with Stiles, Detria the McCoys. What a Story The action happens quickly in this book Detria is a cheater and Stiles is unaware for a while hoping that his marriage is back on the mends Detria can t stand that Stiles is always at the church Meanwhile, Audrey, the daughter of Stiles and Detria spends time with one of the church members than her own mother Life starts to fall apart once Stiles confronts Detria about Skip Their whole world unravels quickly and t
Great BookThis latest book was very good It seems like poor Stiles can t catch a break It was drama at every turn I look forward to the next book I would have never expected the turn of events in this book I shed many tears while reading this book I would have never imagined Stiles going through a second failed marriage And for Detria to be the person she was was a blow It reminded me of being blinded in the mist of
Book 5 of the My Son s Wife series catches up with the Graham family Stiles and Detria are trying to work on their marital problems, but both are still hiding a few skeletons in their closets a few of which may be deadly.Pastor has made a somewhat full recovery and is enjoying married life and spoiling his granddaughter Audrey Francesca is living a stress free life with her husband Tim, but longs to add to their family Not onl
Stiles or Skip Will the best man win Does anybody really win in a love triangle no matter how it turns out I enjoyed seeing karma work as some characters got their just due However, I was sorry that not everyone who deserved punishment received it, while some characters who were innocent bystanders suffered I guess you can say the good thing is about this book is that readers will evaluate own lives and learn life lessons along with the characters Some characters lived very pleasurable and fulfilling lives, but at the expense of others, and with no regard to the will of God, or friendships, family, or church members and the out
Title My Wife My Baby And HimAuthor Shelia E Lipsey Bell Publisher Bonita Hodge Publishing Group North Star Series My Son s Wife 5Reviewed By Arlena DeanRating FiveReview My Wife My BabyAnd Him by Shelia E LipseyMy ThoughtsThis was quite a seriesthis Graham family was wellsome intriguing family It seems like when you think you have heard it all something else comes out I m not sure at this just who to feel sorry forStiles What a series that has a little bit of it all adultery, deception, secrets, lies, scandals, forgiveness and a lots of heartaches To get the whole stor

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