No Easy Catch

No Easy Catch Shae Carmen Hasn T Lost Her Faith In God, Only The Men She S Come Across Who Profess To Follow Him Heartbroken And Humiliated After Discovering That Her Boyfriend Was Not Only Married But Also On The Verge Of Reconciling With His Estranged Wife, She Flees Her Job In Nebraska For St Louis, Missouri, And Starts Over With A Fresh Slate As A Weekend TV News Anchor Reporter St Louis Cardinals Outfielder Rahn Maxwell Had Been Coasting Along In Life Until An Attempted Carjacking Awakened Him To The Reality Of His Feeble Faith When A Local Television Station Lands An Exclusive Interview, Rahn Shares His Testimony And Commits To Getting Right With God Meeting A Lovely News Anchor Named Shae, A Committed Christian, Further Compels His Quest To Follow Christ And To Win Shae S Heart Just When Shae Lets Her Guards Down, Another Scandal Rocks Her World This Time, The Stakes Are Higher, And She And Rahn Aren T Immune To The Aftershocks For A Second Time, Shae S Heart Is On The Line, Along With Her Professional Credibility Will She Strike Out At Love Again Or Will She Hit A Home Run And Give God The Glory Great wholesome storyThis tale was enjoyable from page one I love a good feel good story, and Pat Simmons delivered again Please keep them coming A Home Run..Fleeing betrayal, Shae Carmen quits her job in Nebraska and heads to St Louis after accepting a job offer at KMMD TV, as a Reporter and news anchor Finding out she has been lied to in the worse possible way Shae finds she herself single and struggling to pick up the pieces of life after Alex But thankfully Carmen and her sisters are a tight knit family and it is that family glue and her faith in the Lord that fills the broken pieces of her life.Rahn Maxwell thought for sure his life would end that night near the detour on Highway 40 His brush with death leaves him shaken and promising never to forget God s act of mercy Rahn played the field while he held his ground for the right one Now after a interview at KMMD TV he meets the beautiful doll face Shae Carmen, and for a fleeting moment wonders if she is THE ONE Seeking someone to share your life with, someone who will love only you and be content Pat Simmons invites readers to share these moments in time with Rahn Maxwell and Shae Carmen as they take a hard and honest look at themselves and each other before they find their happily ever after Sometimes the tragedy that we escape is Gods invitation for us to join Him in His work, while other tragedies we use as a crutch Maxwell and Shae both learn how through Christ all things are possible no matter what it looks like in the flesh.Througho
WOW This was my first read by Pat Simmons and let me tell you it will not be my last I loved the way that the storyline flowed so smoothly Her scriptures were well timed and very appropriate, without being preachy or over the top I loved how Shae and Rahn seemed like normal, everyday people that lived normal everyday lives They were not so overly wealthy, or so over the top sexy that they were unbelievable.Newscaster Shae Carmen was not looking for love Her last relationship caused her huge public humiliation and embarrassment She packs her things and moves to St Louis, Missouri, in an effort to start fresh from her shame Super popular baseball player Rahn Maxwell experienced a life changing trauma that has caused him to re evaluate the meaning of his life.All the while Shae becomes the darling of a local news station
It does my heart good to be able to write this review Pat Simmons has done an incredible job of creating beautiful characters, acknowledging the Lord and composing a well written story In this book, you meet Shae She is one of four God fearing Carmen sisters After discovering that her boyfriend has a major secret that he s been keeping, a broken hearted Shae evacuates her current residence in Nebraska and heads to St Louis At this point, she decides that being in a relationship may not be God s will for her life Enter Rahn Maxwell He is the star outfielder for the St Louis Cardinals who has been living fancy free until a life threatening encounter changes everything Once Rahn sees Shae, he ll stop at nothing to make her his lady Fresh off one church house scandal, Shae is in no way prepared for the fallout of another Is she safe with Rahn in her life or will Shae strike out again Grab your copy and find out Pat Simmons has done a wonderful job writing this love story What impressed me the most was her ability to put God in the middle of a very heartfelt situation Throughout this novel, the characters would encounter various trials and tribulations but God was always there to remind them what He said about their situation The Word of God was ever present in this story as each person quoted it in the appropriate times Said scriptures were inserted in such a way that made you feel encouraged and not condemned I look f
This book was an easy and enjoyable read The storyline flowed so freely Shae, one of the Carmen sisters, has always prided herself on being a vessel that God could use She thought she had also found the same thing in her boyfriend However, that would prove to be the furthest thing from the truth Upon being hurt by her boyfriend s secret, she decides to relocate Leaving Nebraska for St Louis, in her mind, has to be better than where she is and the situation She also believed that just maybe God didn t want her to be in a relationship.Upon arriving in St Louis she meets Rahn of the St Louis Cardinals He had been use to living fancy free but a tragic situation caused him to change and look at life differently He found solace in the church and also found Shae He would stop at nothing to have her Is she able to tr
A Great ReadThis is my first time reading Pat Simmons work, but it won t be my last time I truly enjoyed the storyline Two professional saved people dating in the public eye A news reporter and a professional baseball player The chemistry between Shae and Rahn was hot and yet they was able to keep their commitment to God I liked that the author showed that the couple struggled to remain celibate during courtship and through praying, fasting, family, and friends they were successful I als
Oh, I just love Pat Simmons I can always count on her to give me a solid read This story, like her others, was a sweet, Christian romance with the Picket Fence ending that I read for I enjoyed reading the first installment of the Carmen Sisters series in a way, they reminded me of my three sisters and I I loved the pace of Rahn and Shae s romance, and the innocence of it Pat always writes sensual love stories while keeping it PG I can t wait to read the next installment of this series I wo
I bought the book because I ve liked Mrs Simmons books before Wasn t sure I was going to like it because I hate sports But the book was not filled with a lot of sports jargon and I enjoyed the story I can t wait until the next book comes out. Enjoyed Shae and Rahn s story Great lesson about taking responsibility for your mistakes Sharing them can often help others not make the same ones. Really enjoyed it

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