Lou Pi The Reilly Coven #3

Lou Pi The Reilly Coven #3❮Reading❯ ➽ Lou Pi The Reilly Coven #3 ➶ Author Christine Shaw – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance MM vampires HEASince learning about vampires Louis Lou Farner has desired one of his own A true fated by blood mate is his deepest darkest w Siren Classic ManLove Erotic The Reilly PDF/EPUB ë Alternative Paranormal Romance MM vampires HEASince learning about vampires Louis Lou Pi ePUB ô Lou Farner has desired one of his own A true fated by blood mate is Pi The Reilly MOBI ï his deepest darkest wish Especially considering he lives with a coven of vampires who have mated pairings The only problem is that he is gay He doubts he will find even one gay vampire who could be his mate How very wrong he wasPierce Reilly came home from a business trip to discover strangers in his home Nobody had told him they were expecting company else he would have cut the dreaded trip short It would have been the lesser of two evils That is until he smells the most amazing scent on the way up his driveway mixed in with those strangers' He can't uite put a label on it but it makes his cock hard When he finally finds that scent his blood runs cold Fate has paired him with another male But Pierce was as straight as a rulerLou persists in his bid to win his mate's love Can Lou succeed though Especially when problems arise and Lou is kidnapped Will he even get the chance to love his mate It is Lou's job to make sure his mate has some fun in his life and nothing will stop him from accomplishing his goalsA Siren Erotic Romance. 225 maybe?I don't even know what happened here I am just really confused I kept going back pages to check if I'd missed something but it was as if whole pieces of story just occurred entirely out of context It was totally disjointed so than book one Fated by Blood The Reilly Coven 1 I thought it was improving but it's so much worse And if the whole fated mate thing is newly recurring then what's with Smiths mum? Also I assumed some of the sons were older Robb's a thousand but his sons are all a hundred or less so presumably he was mated to whats her name for a similar length so what was going on the other 900 years? And didn't Smith say he used vampires superior speed against them but now they don't have superior speed etc? But mainly the scatty writing it's driving me crazyI'm really not sure to bother with book 4 Ronan's Turning The Reilly Coven 4 except it's already bought and downloaded and I hate leaving stuff unfinished Dammit I'm going in UmmmI was so excited for this book bc I like this series But um it was very odd Pierce has been straight his whole life with no indication of gay tendencies Yet when his mate turns up a male he really doesn't have any issue with it He does try to resist the bond for like a dayBut then he gives in and he is totally fine with it Now what kind of ticks me off its that Pierce has this revelation that he had been gay this whole time umm wtf? He's been sleeping with women happily his whole life and now he feels like maybe he wasn't so satisfied? Even tho he had NEVER had those thoughts or feelings before? WHY? Why couldn't he just be like oh I have always been with women and ive never been attracted to a man but here is my mate who is a man and I'm extremely attracted to him so alright ill run with it I don't see why he had to turn around and uestion his whole life just bc he is attracted to a man this once? Who cares? Fate obviously gave him Lou for a reason who cares if he has a dick? Sometimes these identity crises are so unnecessary It sucks bc Pierces whole inner id crisis kind of lessened the books credibility for me And I wish that had been the only problem The entire final scene with Ronan and the dreaded ones randomly showing up was very confusing to me It was this HUGE attack on their house by the dreaded ones but it ended as abruptly as it started And pierce made this strange decision to leave lou asleep and write him a note before going to fight How did that note go? Dear LouI know ur asleep but if u happen to wake up due to the noise of us fighting for our lives come downstairs and find me Love AlwaysPIYeaweird Anyhoo on a positive note the sex scenes were BOMBCOM Super HoTTTT Original Blog Post like this series It is a very light read very fluffy and entertainingly hot in many scenes This series is about this father and his nine sons a vampire family who are left without wife and mother when the mother dies Things pick up when the father discovers his fated by blood mate and soon his two other sons find their own First son was Saxton discovering his mate in the human Greg in book 2 Then it was Russell and Ronan But Ronan had run away and Russell went of looking Lou Pi is about the third son Pierce the straight one When Lou first sees him his immediate reaction was to leave He is straight after all So Lou decides to make sure his mate mates himThis is the point where I found myself floundering Out of nowhere KABOOM Pierce is gay I give this a 2 Stars for the action packed scenes the erotica that was hot and the ridiculous pranks these guys cooked up which did make me laugh There are just so many things wrong WHY did I buy this whole series???? Again it was okay