Born to Run North Oak #1

Born to Run North Oak #1[PDF / Epub] ⚣ Born to Run North Oak #1 ✈ Ann Hunter – Experience the glamorous fast paced world of horse racing in the young adult series North OakRunning away from the scene of a murder is not how Alexandra pictured spending her thirteenth birthday Then Experience the glamorous fast Run North PDF/EPUB ç paced world of horse racing in the young adult series North OakRunning away from the scene of a murder is not how Alexandra pictured spending her thirteenth birthday Then again she wasn't expecting to be swept into a world of high stakes racing and multi million dollar horse flesh a few days later eitherAlexandra Anderson is on the run Born to Epub / from the law When the thirteen year old orphan can run no further she collapses at the gates of the prestigious racing and breeding farm North Oak Horse racing strikes a deep chord in her She hears a higher calling in the jingle jangle of bit and stirrup and in the thunder of hooves in the turn for home It tells her she has to Run North Epub ß a place in the world But when the racing headlines find her on the front of every sports page she realizes North Oak is no longer a safe haven or is it. She ran from the nightmare of her lie and the results of being pushed beyond her limits She ran from the law and all the things life had done to her in her thirteen years Alex ran until she collapsed and from that point on her world could be a better place if she would learn to trust and to open upAlex finds a deep love for horses racing and the excitement of being part of a world where the majestic beauty of horses feels almost as good as a hug Horses just know when a person is good no matter what they show the world and apparently so do horse people No matter what the family at North Oak shows Alex that family stands together just when she needs them most as she struggles with the guilt of her deeds and the weight of being accused of being a monsterIf you have ever spent time around horses you will understand the magic of their world as the majestic animals give trust and unconditional love Ann Hunter brings that world to life with a deeply troubled young girl whose life could be forever changed for the better all because she couldn’t run any farther Born to Run is a bittersweet tale of a lost girl and the world that found her Alex is damaged her past is her living nightmare while she dreams of a future filled with the smell of leather and horse sweat Beautifully written for young adults this is truly a delightful tale of hope Ms Hunter can spin a web that will have you laughing crying and gasping and cheering for the girl all alone in the worldI received this copy from Ann Hunter in exchange for my honest reviewSeries North Oak Book 1Publisher Rebel House InkPublication Date March 1 2015Genre YAPrint Length 126 pagesAvailable from For Reviews More I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest reviewI love horses and when I was younger horse racing was my obsession I'm always interested in finding new horse books because there just aren't that many out there So when Ann approached me about reading this I was excited I really enjoyed this story It's short but a whole lot happens Just the opening scene is insane Death gunshots murder A strong introduction There are a lot of characters and at times I think this hindered the flow of the story I still really enjoyed it I just think a little focus on just a couple of characters might make it a bit enjoyable You can read the full review on my blog This is an unusual and interesting YA book about a girl from a foster home Due to tragic circumstances she starts the book on the run and winds up at a stud farm which also produces racehorses most places would do one or the other but we accept that it's good to show young readers the dramas of both breeding and racing We see a lot of contrastI didn't like the repeated hearking back to a crime scene which must have been major for the character but does get to feel repetitive I thought it was confusing to have so many female first names starting with A; Ashley Alexandra Amber Angelina and shortened forms too Alex seems old beyond her thirteen years but I suppose she might well Other than these niggles the tale is fine for older teens who are okay to read about a troubled youngster I enjoyed the horse scenes and unlike many YA books we observe that there are adults in the world who can be trusted We also see something of the cycle of generations once someone has run away Getting a series started and setting up the characters is always the hard part An excerpt from the next book is at the end and I'll be interested to see how the series develops I took advantage of a free download offer This is an unbiased review Nice easy albeit jam packed read made me all nostalgic about my Thoroughbred days and this has all the promise of ensnaring a new generation of racing fans Enjoyed the characters and look forward to reading when the next books come out Beautiful and touchingIt start with a very shocking and life altering event in Alex's life She is 13 but hasn't known much love nor happiness in her short life When she flees and ends up on North Oak that slowly changes She gets friendship from two girls and horsesBut there is still the threat from her past And a secretI really enjoyed this story I was so excited to see another horse book As I started reading it became then just a horse book Welcome to the world or North Oak a breeding farm for thoroughbreds and let me introduce you to Alexandra Anderson An orphan that has gone through so much in her young life She is trying to be tough and stay unattached to all people an feelings When she is found and taken in she is scared and wondering if they will still want her after they find out the deep dark secrets that she is hiding When I started to read this book I knew that this way going to be way then just about a girl and her horse The author takes on a journey of self discovery and what love can do to a broken soulHer characters are complex and conflicted The story line could be taken out of the pages of a newspaper The horses are not put into the story line just for show They are a big part of the story Alexandra is a great character She is trying to be tough but deep down inside she is a scared little girl She has been through so much in her young life But she is also a survivor she doesn't want to get involved with anyone cause of her past in the group home She sees the love between the families but doesn't know how to react when they show her love But as you read you see that Alex is starting to blossom under the care She touches all the other characters in such profound ways Especially Mr North who knows then he is letting on You can see how she has affected him and the rest as you read along I read this book in an afternoon There are twists an turns that will keep you reading There is so much that goes on you won't be disappointed There is a little bit of religion that goes on in the book but it is in appropriate places and doesn't overpower the book This is a great book for the ages of 13 adult The characters are great and the story flows with such ease The ending kind of blew me away This is a great start to hopefully a great new series So if you want a great read with horses an complex characters This will be the series for you For full review and author interview please visit 5girlsbookreviewsblogspotcom andor our Facebook page 5 Girls Book ReviewsREVIEW BY Angel age 12 years 10 monthsMAY CONTAIN SPOILERThis book is astonishing It had me on the edge with every page I turned This book is about Alex Anderson a 13 year old girl with a horrible life at a foster home Alex always has had a big heart for her best friend Ashley but something goes wrong with her foster mom which ends up with her foster mom and Ashley dead When Alex starts running from the law she ends up at North Oak where there are horses secrets and love Alex was born to run I normally don't like horse novels but Ms Hunter really pulled off everything that should be in a horse novel and Alexandra Anderson finds herself in a situation that no person should find themselves in in Born to Run Never mind that she is only thirteen years old On the run for murder she goes as far as her body will take herWhen she ends up on the doorstep of a large thoroughbred establishment all she can think about is her plan The plan to run away and never be found And when it seems that the woman who is left in charge of her care doesn’t want her there Alex sees no reason why she shouldn’t keep running Read at Ann Hunter has composed a great start to the series I spent a few late nights wrapped up North Oak and all the twists and turns I will say I would recommend for older YA readers due to the language and thematic elements but they aren't overwhelming to the point of distracting from the storyline Read through it in a couple of days excited for the next book On one terrible night Alex murders her foster mother in self defense With her foster sister dead too Alex fears that she'll end up in prison and goes on the run She ends up in a horse barn where she's discovered by the owners and taken in But North Oak a racing farm has many secrets of its own including a secret Mr North knows about Alex Brooke the daughter of one of the trainers wants Alex to stay but when Alex is arrested for the murders how much will Alex cost the farm?From the description I was expecting a book version of Wildfire but this was uite a bit different Alex doesn't know how to ride although she bonds with a yearling named Promenade almost immediately Brooke's sassy attitude countered Alex's closed off persona nicely and I can see the two of them becoming fast friends and butting heads in future books Mr North seems both strangely caring but also mysterious and sinister I found him hard to get a read on but happily Alex stays with another family that lives on the farm Hillary and Cade and their daughter Lauren The story keeps a fast pace with lots of excitement Hopefully in future books there will be horses Note I read this via Wattpad so the published version might be slightly different