The Troublemaker Next Door

The Troublemaker Next Door❄ [EPUB] ✼ The Troublemaker Next Door By Marie Harte ➝ – A Publishers Weekly TOP 10 ROMANCE for Spring 2014 Harte includes an amazing storyline filled with strong willed characters and a reluctant love affair The love scenes will make readers sweat and Hart A Publishers Weekly TOP ROMANCE for Spring Harte includes an amazing storyline filled with strong willed characters and a reluctant love affair The love scenes will make readers sweat and Harte does an awesome job of visually painting the picture of the two lead characters RT The Troublemaker eBook Æ Book Reviews Stars TOP PICK He's not into relationships She's done with idiots But where there are friendssometimes there are benefits And sometimes the boy next door might be just what you need at the end of every dayIt's been the day from hell for Maddie Gardner Instead of offering a promotion her boss made a pass She uit and then got dumped by her lukewarm boyfriend She's in the middle of a foul mouthed meltdown when she notices her gorgeous green eyed neighbor standing her in her kitchenFlynn McCauley never thought he'd be so clich as to fall for the girl next door But when he shows up to fix the sink in Maddie's apartment he finds himself completely captivatedWhen a ride home turns into Maddie and Flynn decide to keep things strictly casual until Flynn wants But to get it he'll have to convince Maddie to give him a real shotAn exuisite blend of humor and heat The Troublemaker Next Door is a refreshing sexy contemporary romance Fans of Marie Force Samantha Young Robin Kaye and Julie James are sure to be enchanted by this no strings attached relationship that becomes far precious than expectedThe McCauley Brothers Contemporary Romance Series The Troublemaker Next Door Book How to Handle a Heartbreaker Book Ruining Mr Perfect Book What to Do with a Bad Boy Book . 4 Troublemaker Stars Flynn never expected to fall for the girl next door when we went to help his neighbors with a plumbing issue But he did The problem? Maddie just ended a relationship and uit her job because her boss harassed her so she’s in a “swore of man” phase She wants Flynn but she had enough problems with man So if Flynn wants her he has a fight on his hands to get her Fortunately he’s a man who loves a challenge Rating 4 Stars Storyline I started this book without any expectations and I can gladly say that this was really good Way better than I was expecting it to be It was sweet romantic funny and steamy I didn’t know Marie Harte but after reading this I intend to become fully acuainted with her books So if you just ended an emotional and full on angst book this is the perfect reading to cure that Writing Style Third person Dual POV Heartwarming and engaging Character Development Loved Flynn He was hot sweet bordering on alpha male and didn’t have any problem telling like it was He was pretty great Maddie oh Maddie She was the single reason I didn’t gave this book 5 stars She was annoying and completely annoying If she had taken her head out of her ass sooner it would have been amazing I’m still undecided on how I feel about the girls but loved the brothers and the nephew They were awesome Steam Hot HEA view spoilerYes hide spoiler 35 Easy Stars When Maddie Gardner's toad of a boss makes a pass at her she decides to uit her job arriving home to have a cathartic rant what she doesn’t realise is that her friendroommate Abbey is not the only one there sexy green eyed Flynn McCauley is also there and he finds himself entranced by her firetemper Flynn McCauley never thought he'd fall for the girl next door but when he goes over to fix a leaky sink and is witness to Maddie’s fiery temper well he’s a goner initially he thinks all he wants is her in his bed that soon changes now if he could only persuade Maddie that they are than just friends with benefitsI do wish Maddie was a little confident and less insecure but overall she was a nice main character Flynn’s cute little nephew was a nice addition to many scenes – he is one precocious and entertaining kidThis book doesn’t have a lot of depth but it made for an enjoyable read in the second leg of my long train ride and ensured that time zoomed by I can see myself re reading this at some point when I need something light and easy49p on 18th August 2019 The book was a fun read I liked Flynn much than I liked Maddie She was too harsh and I found that a little offputting I understand hesitancy but that girl made him work way too hard and she was lucky he stood for it I liked that he was really into her and she refused to see that he was serious and stable about her I liked the side characters Abby was cute She too has her own issues about things neurotic came to mind even before she admitted it It was a cute book with a lot of heat The wording was graphic and a surprised me a little bit I guess that is how the twenty somethings and the thirty somethings talk now I just didn't know it This was a Casablanca read so it stretched out over a month Friend Abby“Sorry You look a lot like someone I used to know”She nodded no longer smiling “Your brother’s wife Your mother mentioned the resemblance When Mike first saw me he looked like he’d seen a ghost I might have kept my distance because of that too”Abby had cute down to a science and that resemblance to Lea which kind of freaked him out But Maddie? She of the long legs killer rack and sultry face? Sultry a word he’d never used to describe a woman But damn it fit She wasn’t pretty or cute but with full lips that flush on her cheeks and those direct man hating eyes so dark they looked like never ending night the woman had a knockout punch he still hadn’t recovered from“Maddie can be a little dramatic but she had cause”Flynn had a sudden image of the three roommates scrapping around in a ring throwing Jell O at one another Maddie leading the match and hustled back to his brother to yell at him ex boyfriendIt was all fine and dandy for him to ask her to cancel her plans for one of his benefit dinners or a call he had to make to a hospital or to rearrange her life to suit his profession But God forbid she cancel a date because she needed to confer with a client She wouldn’t compare interior design to medicine but her career meant something to her even if she wasn’t saving lives Or treating athlete’s foot she thought nastily HFN“Madison Gardner” Flynn boomed “Will you do me the great honor”—he took something from his pocket—“the incredibly important role of becoming my”Everyone stopped breathing“Girlfriend?” He opened his palm and on it sat two dazzling emerald earrings “Will you my sweet wear these earbobs as a token of my extreme affection?” 4 – Flynn McCauley – StarsI gave this one four stars because I really liked the H Flynn He was a great H he was thoughtful kind affectionate not to mention sexy as hell and I loved the way the author wrote him I’m a sucker for role reversal in a romance Usually the guy is the one dragging his feet and is an expert at denying what’s staring him in the face So I loved that Flynn falls fast into lust with Maddie but he doesn’t beat around the bush when he realizes that he really likes her Their relationship starts off mutually as a casual friends with benefits deal but Flynn becomes the aggressor when he realizes that he wants from Maddie He treats her with consideration respect and genuinely likes her That said I wasn’t sold 100% on the idea of a HEA with Maddie as Flynn’s one and onlyMaddie had way too many issues she had to deal with before I could believe she was emotionally ready for a relationship Don’t get me wrong when Maddie was happy she was the nicest funniest girl around but as soon as she started panicking or feeling too much she would become this crazy cold hearted irrational human beingMaybe it’s just my mood but I found her to be very immature I get the author was trying to show us that Maddie was as flawed as the rest of us but I needed to see that vulnerable side that would make me sympathetic and forgiving of her actions and that never happened Maddie came off as too selfish Again it’s probably my mood but her good did not outweigh her bad Flynn was just too awesome and she totally underappreciated him In the end cuz it’s a romance after all she does get her head out of her ass long enough to give Flynn his happy ending so I was happy for himThe McCauley family reminded me of Lori Foster’s Buckhorn series – I love the way she writes these awesome characters with deep family ties – and this author really nailed that Sadly a pet peeve of mine is a dead spouselover and although I liked Brody and Abby – I don’t like the constant reminder of how she looks just like Mike’s oldest McCauley brother dead wife Who apparently was a saint and everyone loved her – including Brody and NOT in a brotherly way Then there’s Cam and Vanessa – I didn’t like her and am not really interested in their story at all Mike gets his story too and from what I’ve read in book one and based on other GR reviews – I don’t think he will ever get over the ghost of his wife I feel eual parts pissed and sad for his poor h – who settles for a guy who is still hung up on a ghostSo I never say never or try too anyways but I don’t see myself finishing up this series I really loved the writing if it wasn’t for that pet peeve of mine I probably would have continued but maybe her next series will be my thing On to the next oneSafety YesExplicit sex OMG yes 5 Stars on the Smutty scaleview spoiler H is 31 and h is 27 Neither are virgin No Cheating Mild OWOM drama – H pretends to be on a date with a friend to make h jealous and h’s ex boyfriend tries to get her back these were one time scenes and nothing happens between them hide spoiler Rating 25 starsReview to come 2 ½ 3 stars – Contemporary RomanceThis was just okay for me The sex scenes are freuent and smokin’ hot with lots of yowza dirty talk but that’s the only real connection I felt between the Hh And the heroine was annoying I liked the secondary characters though and I’m especially interested to read Mike’s story What to Do with a Bad Boy OK this is not a enjoyable read I thought its going to be funny light and flirty But I got boring cold and lack of depth The terms for woman body part is not alluring It turns my sense cold I can not relate to both of main characters They are very 1 dimensional The insta love is un realistic 2 stars 45 FLYNN HEARTS ARC provided by publisher via Netgalley in exchange or a honest review The Troublemaker Next Door by Marie Harte was a great easy panty dropping sexy read I can't wait to read the other books in this series The McCauley brothers Mike Flynn Cam Brody Welcome to the rough and tumble McCauley family a tight knit band of four bachelor brothers who works hard drinks beer and relentlessly teases each other When three independent women move in next door all hell breaks looseWhen Maddie Gardner's boss makes a pass at her she decides to uit her job and men But when sexy green eyed Flynn McCauley steps into her life she's not sure she can stay away especially since his brother lives right next door Flynn McCauley never thought he'd be so cliché as to fall for the girl next door But when he's called over to fix a leaky sink he encounters the fiery Maddie and he's a goner Too bad she seems to want nothing to do with him I love the banter between Flynn Maddie Flynn is a plumber and who'd a THUNK LOL a plumber could be nice sexy The way Flynn is described in this book I think he could make any occupation look HOTT I like that it wasn't a love at first sight kind of connection Sometimes that puts me off when it's an instant love kind of book I like the build up and the storyline behind it I like the tight knit relationship the McCauley brothers has Maddie did start irk me a little when she wouldn't let her rules go and just let the relationship build into something than just friends with benefits I really like that Flynn was a man with a backbone and didn't just cave and give Maddie her way I really enjoyed reading this book I felt content at the end of this installment and I can't wait to read Brody Abby's story next Overall rating 45 starsTriggersCheating view spoiler nope hide spoiler

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