Deadly Grace

Deadly Grace[BOOKS] ⚦ Deadly Grace By Taylor Smith – On a cold winter night in a small Minnesota town in 1979 someone comes looking for Grace Meade She is killed and her house is set ablaze Incredibly the prime suspect is her own daughter JillianRescued On a cold winter night in a small Minnesota town in someone comes looking for Grace Meade She is killed and her house is set ablaze Incredibly the prime suspect is her own daughter JillianRescued from the burning house Jillian Meade is hospitalized unable or unwilling to speak After an attempt to take her own life Jillian's doctor gives her a blank journal to encourage her to write about her mother's death Unaware of what has happened FBI Special Agent Alex Cruz comes to Havenwood Minnesota to interview Jillian Two elderly women were found murdered in their homes in England and Jillian it seems was the last person to see both women alive When he learns that Jillian's own mother met a similar fate he realizes that there is far going on than anyone ever imagined When Jillian suddenly disappears Cruz has only her journal to decipher the story of Grace and Jillian Meade A story of a wartime heist of Nazi gold of unforgivable betrayals and ruthless actions A deadly secret from the past Cruz learns has surfaced If he doesn't find Jillian soon she too may be made to pay the ultimate price. Excellent page turner Especially good if you like any type of WWII history with intrigue Story is current with flash backs to Nazi occupied France I liked it enough to read books by her A mystery involving FBI agent Cruz and Smithsonian Museum employee Jillian Meade Grace Meade Jillian's mother is murdered and Jillian is suspect in the eyes of Cruz when he first arrives in a small Minnesota town Havenwood Solving the murder s reuires delving into the events of Jillian's mothers life during WWII and the death of Jillian's father in France before her birth I liked the character development as the story developed Deadly Grace by Taylor Smith is an excellent and enthralling historical thrillermurder mystery filled with plot twists and turns with a thoroughly intriguing and ultimately satisfying ending I plan to seek out books written by Ms Smith and soon A great read Full of suspense and little bit of predictability in it which is what I usually like It has a lot of real facts in it so it is a good read for those who love to revisit historical facts about world war II Grace Meade a beautiful Franco British woman who was part of the under ground French resistance during the war found herself after the war in America under murky circumstances raising a daughter who was claimed by her to be fathered by an American with whose parents she now resides Then one night she was brutally murdered and her house torched to the ground This was triggered unintentionally by her daughter Jillian who was researching world war II records for an exhibition only for the research to turn into a personal probe into her own mother's past Her death brings to light all that she was hiding That instead of being a war heroine she was in fact the opposite A traitor who was living a fraudulent life Meh I almost gave up early on because the exciting beginning suddenly changed to a journal From that point every other chapter was the first person ramblings of Jillian Meade whose mother has been killed FBI agent Alex Cruz is already on Jillian's trail because two other women recently died under similar circumstances soon after their having been visited by Jillian I would have liked this book much better had the backstory of Grace Meade been told in 3rd person The journal was pointless as anyone who reads mysteries regularly would know by the end of the first chapter So I skimmed the journal and enjoyed Cruz's investigation and his experiences in the cold Minnesota winter Great page turner Page turner with some history Good story but parts of it just dragged out Would have given it a 4 Very intriguing I liked the story a lot but there were uite a few typos that drove me a little crazy When Jillian returns home to confront Grace about her past she discovers than she bargained for

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