Walking with the Giants

Walking with the Giants[PDF / Epub] ☆ Walking with the Giants By John C. Maxwell – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk #1 New York Times bestselling author John C Maxwell shares lessons on self improvement and leadership drawn from the examples set by women of the Bible If you could spend a few minutes walking with Ru New York Times bestselling author John C Maxwell shares lessons on self improvement and leadership drawn from the examples set by women of the Bible If you could spend a few minutes walking with Ruth Sarah Mary and others what lessons would they share with you John Maxwell answers that uestion in WISDOM FROM WOMEN IN THE BIBLE Drawing on fifty years of studying the Bible he shares wisdom on life and leadership inspired by nine women of the Walking with Epub / Bible Learn how God blesses the promises you keep to Him why you should follow your heart to find your hope and how not to miss your moment with God read it on your own or use the included uestions and study it in a group Take the journey with John and these giants of the faith who faced epic challenges endured great hardships for God and their families and had their lives transformed. Becoming his fans I love the way John describe women's experience with God Deeper than i've had thinking before I really enjoyed looking deeply into these women and applying the points to my life This book came to me as a complimentary copy from Hachette Book Group My review is based on my experience reading it and reflects my opinion Initially I was skeptical when I read the author would meet Women of the Bible in a dreamlike experience and spend a few minutes with each to learn about the lessons they have to share I was pleasantly surprised when I found the author made this story telling style work uite well Each woman shares her story and the lesson to be learned from it This book makes me think about choices challenges faith hope forgiveness and so much There is a lot to ponder and I look forward to re reading it The individual stories are not just leadership lessons they are life lessons I appreciate the author's admiration and inclusion of the kind and wise women in his life These women share their views at the end of each chapter in the form of a Woman to Woman talk Reflective uestions follow and help deepen one's understanding This book touched something in me and it sparked an interest to learn about these women in the Bible I also got the audiobook so I can listen to the stories while I commute On a side note The audiobook is narrated uite wellThe book is very well written easy to read and simply a joy Ok I already know I won’t be able to finish thisMaxwell has a vision from his mother that has passed away several years ago and as he and his mother walk in heaven and have a insightful conversation with these women from the bible I will only read one chapter and it on Ruth Naomi is the reason why Ruth has hope and it is Naomi that has led her to Boaz Naomi and Ruth have a special relationship and it is so because of God’s work in both of these womenI realize this is not actual vision but a prose to know and give insight to these women of the bible In doing this study this way it looses the integrity of the word It puts the focus on the women themselves Their sovereignty and faithfulness Th focus is off for me This one I cannot recommend and I could not finishThank you FaithWords and Netgalley for an ARC and the opportunity to review I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads and I was pleasantly surprised I have never read a book by John C Maxwell so this was my first experience with his style I enjoyed the additional though fiction descriptions of heaven and each of the nine women Knowing all nine of these stories from the bible it was interesting to have another perspective on them The structure of each chapter meeting the woman listening to her story reading her prayer listing key take home points getting a take on the story from someone close to John Maxwell discussion uestions was helpful I would definitely recommend this book to other women I've never read a book from John C Maxwell before I was pleasantly surprised I thought it might be a challenging book to read because I read his bio But the book was easy to read easy to understand Each chapter had it's uniue theme and the lessons were constructed in the same way The only thing I didn't really like was how the author met the women That was a bit strange and I skipped those parts after the first chapters The lessons on life and leadership were great it really made me think For me as a woman it's inspiring to read about the strong women in the Bible Thanks to FaithWords Center Street and NetGalley for providing a free copy This book is fictional but it's format may be helpful to some Each character from the Bible is positioned to tell a bit of their story from their perspective Obviously the author has had to conjecture In the process the characters become a bit real and human The lessons from their stories are a bit easier to decipher I recommend reading the relevant sections of the Bible at the same time so it's clear the liberties that have been taken The short chapters work well for a daily study

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  • Walking with the Giants
  • John C. Maxwell
  • 13 October 2016
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