First Impressions

First Impressions [EPUB] ✻ First Impressions Author Ruby Cruz – Lizzy Bennett always told herself she was too busy for love, especially since she was working full time as a nurse at Meryton Medical Center and helping to care for her young niece When her sister Jan Lizzy Bennett always told herself she was too busy for love, especially since she was working full time as a nurse at Meryton Medical Center and helping to First Impressions PDF \ care for her young niece When her sister Jane catches the attention of the young medical resident Dr Charlie Bingley, Lizzy does everything she can to help her sister find happiness, even if it means enduring the presence of Charlie s arrogant friend Dr William Darcy In this modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice, familiar characters are reimagined but the overarching question remains will Lizzy and Darcy overcome their personal and social contrivances to find true love. Pride and Prejudice in the world of medicine.Full review to follow. This book is one of the best modern variations I have read As another said it was well written with no spelling or grammatical errors popping out I stayed up later than usual just to readone then one chapter But in the end I did go to bed and finished today It also has me very emotionally drawn in and on that proverbial edge of my seat.Elizabeth, Jane and Lydia are all nurses Darcy and Bingley are doctors We spend most of our time either in the first two sisters home or in Meryton Hospital There is some time spent in NYC and some time with Elizabeth s Aunt Gardiner Later we also have a day or two at the Pemberley Rehab Center.It is told from Elizabeth s POV and at times I do have to say I found her to be stubborn than I wished When Darcy is told to back off and to only relate as their professions demand he goes overboard in arranging his schedule at the hospital where they both work so that it is rare that they run into each other I was dying to have them encounter each other and have that sexual chemistry which jumped off the page in their first kiss push them to realize that they were both ignoring a good thing But give him kudos for respecting her demands.Darcy goes overboard in not only his generosity but also in fixing things that go wrong for the Bennets Elizabeth s mother only has two daughters, Jane and Elizabeth but Jane has a under two toddler from an affair gone wrong There is no father in the picture and the two sisters live together and arrange their schedules to take care of Chloe between them Elizabeth and Jane do have a step sister from their mother s present marriage to Hal It is ironic that when this Lydia seems to have a man her step mother whines about how it is Lydia and not her own daughters who is having success in what that mother considers to be the only goal worthwhile.This story has Wickham in all his true colors and it had Catherine DeBourgh but the latter is not the demanding shrew as in canon I did enjoy reading about Elizabeth s best friend, Lucas Carlos, a gay nurse who finds the small community of Meryton limiting in job and boyfriend opportunities.Elizabeth s reaction to his good fortune did not sit well with me as a reader or with those who know her close relationship with Lucas And, of course, there is a Colin His character has an interesting part but he also has that same lap dog admiration for his boss, C DeBourgh.I am off to read the sequel There is an excerpt at 94% in this Kindle version of that next story I recommend this story to all JAFF lovers Well done. This is pretty much a perfectly perfect modern version of Pride and Prejudice in a hospital setting I just finished reading it for the third time because I m getting ready to start the sequel, Second Opinions, and I wanted to have all the details firmly in mind since it s been than a year since my last reading.First Impressions hits all the significant plot points spot on Obviously, there are changes, too, but they re incorporated very logically into the story For example, Jane is a single mother of a young child, Chloe, and Elizabeth and she share a home and childcare responsibilities Lydia is their step sister but is also a nurse working in the same unit as Elizabeth at Meryton Hospital Luke, a gay male nurse, has been Elizabeth s best friend since childhood Dr Darcy is the new cardiologist who snaps at all the nurses he s nicknamed Dr Doomsday because of his scowl and unfriendly manner with the staff He s sharing Netherfield mansion with Dr Charlie Bingley, a new resident at the hospital, and Charlie s sister Caroline.Ms Cruz does a fine job making her characters feel real to the reader She writes in first person so the book s perspective, even than the original, sticks strictly to Elizabeth s Lizzy is lovable without being perfect You can t help but admire her loyalty to her sister and niece, but you can also tell she s really out of line when Luke accepts the job from Colin Richardson that she had rejected Even though it s a good opportunity for Luke, she berates him for his decision and it causes a brief rift in their friendship.Things don t really heat up between Elizabeth and Dr Darcy until he declares himself to her, although they do have both professional interactions regarding patient care and a dance at a fundraising ball that send sparks flying Things definitely do heat up, though, and you can sense the chemistry between them That first kiss is HOT While Darcy s aunt, Dr DeBourgh, is still condescending and unpleasant, this retelling does not use her character to get them together at the end I have the feeling I ll be reading about her in the sequel There s much than this that goes on, of course, but I encourage you to read the book to enjoy it all for yourself The writing is excellent and draws you into the challenging world of patient care with zero grammar or spelling errors that I noticed It s a wonderful book all around. I m a sucker for modern retellings of Pride and Prejudice so this was no exception Lizzy is a nurse and Darcy Dr Darcy is the new doctor at her hospital Right off the bat, I have to say that the author packed a LOT into 243 pages I expected this to be a breezier book than it was It took me five days to finish this deceptively short book The author s writing doesn t flow like a normal fast read does Besides THAT, I enjoyed it She updated the characters into the hospital setting well and it was obvious that she did her research with medical issues and everything As always, Charles is an idiot because he s too easily influenced I like that Charlotte was updated to a gay best friend instead so he is Luke He was a nice addition I wish there could have been Georgiana, especially with her being a little older that the average Gigi in order adaptations and her career choice She was quite interesting for how much we got of her.It was entertaining but a bit of a chore to get through towards the end The chemistry didn t exactly leap off the pages I still enjoyed reading how the big events were adapted and changed to the setting. This is a modern versions of PP set in a hospital it s well written and the characters seem very true to original The reason I don t rate it higher is because the story continues to another novel and for me it sorta drags at times I also think Darcy is way too aloof and there are many time where his character is just not explained But we are clearly in Lizzy s head so that may be the reason I enjoyed this modern tale and the twists and turns I do wish there was a bit romance and sizzle between ODC but maybe that s in book 2. So, this one might be the best Pride and Prejudice retelling i ve ever laid my eyes upon Charming Pride and Prejudice Variation I just love modern retelling soft Pride and Prejudice This story was delightful, filled with angst and romance The only con would be Lizzy was a bit too hateful for my tastes but eventually got over it Great story Let me begin by saying that this is a modern Pride and Prejudice set in a medical hospital Charlotte Lucas is replaced by Luke who just happens to be gay Colin Richardson who is the Mr Collins of this story also happens to be gay but is still mostly in the closet about it I love how Jane in this story picks up her life after Bingley leaves because she has this adorable two year old girl to take care of Her daughter is the child of her ex boyfriend who denied that the child was his when she found out she was pregnant I really enjoyed the roller coaster that Lizzy and Darcy take us on in their path to love Lydia in this version is just Lizzy and Jane s stepsister I hated how she turned into this weak ass woman after George got his claws into her I really enjoyed this book and I m going to look into seeing if Ms Cruz has written any Austen related stories I recommend this book to any JAFF fan who enjoys modern set stories Rating 4 stars out of 5 First Impressions A modern retelling of Jane Austen s Pride and PrejudiceA good modern variation of Jane Austen s original Pride and Prejudice At first I was a little taken aback by the 21st century Lizzy s verbally abusive prejudiced manner to Dr William Darcy compared to Austen s original version, but remembered that the original Lizzy would have been ladylike compared to a young women of today Lydia, Wickham, and Caroline were still their evil characters, but the 21st century Lydia had the benefit of ending her marriage Held my interest throughout the book that I had to finish reading it in one daY Since it has been snowing all day, this was not difficult. Original Darcy is and will always be the best Darcy This doctor Darcy was nice, but he was too laconic in my opinion.Original Darcyyyy