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Memory Man❰Ebook❯ ➠ Memory Man Author David Baldacci – Amos Decker's life changed forever twiceThe first time was on the gridiron A big towering athlete he was the only person from his hometown of Burlington ever to go pro But his career ended before it h Amos Decker's life changed forever twiceThe first time was on the gridiron A big towering athlete he was the only person from his hometown of Burlington ever to go pro But his career ended before it had a chance to begin On his very first play a violent helmet to helmet collision knocked him off the field for good and left him with an improbable side effect he can never forget anythingThe second time was at home nearly two decades later Now a police detective Decker returned from a stakeout one evening and entered a nightmare his wife young daughter and brother in law had been murderedHis family destroyed their killer's identity as mysterious as the motive behind the crime and unable to forget a single detail from that horrible night Decker finds his world collapsing around him He leaves the police force loses his home and winds up on the street taking piecemeal jobs as a private investigator when he canBut over a year later a man turns himself in to the police and confesses to the murders At the same time a horrific event nearly brings Burlington to its knees and Decker is called back in to help with this investigation Decker also seizes his chance to learn what really happened to his family that night To uncover the stunning truth he must use his remarkable gifts and confront the burdens that go along with them He must endure the memories he would much rather forget And he may have to make the ultimate sacrifice Memory Man will stay with you long after the turn of the final page. 1 12 stars What is extremely impressive about this book is how David Baldacci has managed to convince thousands of readers that this kind of shit is not only good but something shiny and newFirst of all Amos Decker is a gasp memory man meaning that an injury gave him the ability to never forget ANYTHING You got that right? He remembers everything he has experienced Literally everything Isn't that completely uniue and never heard of before? So weird how no mysterycrime author has thought to do thisOkay I'll stop But the big selling point of this novel is a character who forgets nothing and let's be honest this is pretty common in the genre Sherlock Holmes one of the most famous fictional detectives of all time has a photographic memory slightly different from Decker's hyperthymesia but mostly the same The fact that this is pretty much the extent of Decker's characterization and it is somehow supposed to be shocking well that kind of fell flat instantlyThere are many things in this book that I suspect we are supposed to exclaim dramatically at and be impressed by but we've either seen them before or they're flimsy at best For example Decker is supposed to be the absolute best at his job because of his memory and yet rather than being wowed by him I got the impression that everyone else in the book was dumbed down to make him look better He would make a fairly obvious deduction and all the other agents' mouths would gape open in awe Seriously I could have told them thatBackstory goes like this Decker left the police after discovering his wife daughter and brother in law murdered in his home The murderer was never caught But he now finds himself pulled back into an investigation of a school shooting because he is just so damn good that they need him on the case Nobody else can figure this out What's a guy called Sebastian Leopold confesses to his family's murder and gets taken in but some things just don't add upThe story is full of plot holes the detectives ignore key pieces of evidence to prolong the mystery instead looking into other dead ends They mostly do nothing anyway and just stare googly eyed at Decker waiting for his instruction As a reader of fairly average intelligence I definitely don't like to feel I could conduct a murder investigation better than trained detectives I did here Also the motive did not make any sense to me I do not think the reasons given in this book added up to the sum of the crimes at all It seemed like Baldacci had a random idea for a crime and a random idea for a reveal and simply stuck the two together even though they didn't fit The answers to the mystery are kind of ludicrous throwing mess into an already convoluted plotI'd even go so far as to say the conclusions add some disturbing implications and I don't mean in a good way view spoilerThe use of a crazy murderous genderueer character leaves a bad taste Perhaps it would not have been uite so bad if LGBTIA persons had received some other kind of representation in the novel As it was however it had the same effect as a black murderer in an otherwise white novel would have ie not a good one hide spoiler This was my first Baldacci book I have several friends who recommend him highly one specifically mentioned this book I am nervous to go back and tell them I only gave it 3 starsIt was an okay mystery and I stayed interested throughout My problem is that I didn't believe any of the motivations of the characters I know part of fiction is suspending your belief but I need it to not seem completely unreasonable and unbelievable I will put it to you this way would you go and drop a nuclear bomb on the house of someone who bullied an acuaintance of yours in second grade? After reading this I think Baldacci mightAnother thing that bugged me and this is not an issue with the book itself was the audio production I have listened to some before where they switch readers during the book and they were fine This one was a bit distracting and confusing Also every 15 minutes or so it would start playing background music It was very strange So I can say I don't recommend this one on audioAnyone have any other good Baldacci recommendations? First in the series that I read when it came out Don't know how I missed doing a review I liked this one a great deal and highly recommend Excellent premise and execution The entire series is worth the look The third one fell down a tad but I liked the fourth so I'm definitely in if he does anotherThe main character is nicely flawed and I was pulling for him throughout the book He has uniue talents that are utilized in the story to great effect He isn't a rock um sockum hero by any means These stories are cerebral though a lot of bodies do hit the floorDavid Putnam author of The Bruno Johnson series There seems to be no shortage of the troubled hero who's family are brutally murdered in the worse way Yes these characters make for an interesting story at first It's no secret that this hero can often be redundant boring and overdone David Baldacci attempts to break this mold by introducing us to Amos Decker with an unusual ability to remember everything I mean EVERYTHING Memory Man begins with Decker then a detective stumbling upon the brutal senseless murder of his brother in law wife and daughter After this devastating time Decker slowly tries to begin his life again as a private detective Long gone are the days on the Burlington police force that is until a man named Sebastian Leopold confesses to the murder of his family As if that isn't enough there seems to be new murders and massacres that all point to having something to do with Amos Decker There seems to be a cat and mouse game the the other players in this novel can't keep up with Honestly I couldn't keep up either Memory Man is a fast moving title but it also seemed a little too fast and under developedBefore I get into what I didn't like about this novel I will say that I consider myself a fan of David Baldacci although I've only read one other novel by him I was especially excited to begin reading Memory Man It begins in graphic detail of a heinous murder which is always a plus It also provides insight into the mind of a man who has decided to choose between life and death after his world is taken away from him For the first few chapters I was engrossed in Amos Decker's story Baldacci gave the tortured hero depth than others Sure he's socially awkward emotionally detached and pretty much struggling to hold things together What's remarkable about Amos is that after being a delivered a career ending blow to the head in the NFL he suffers from hyperthymesia For those who wonder what that is here ya go It's a near perfect recall of one's personal or autobiographical past Imagine never forgetting a thing that happens to you Like Monk says it's a gift and it's a curseYes Amos Decker is interesting but not interesting enough to ignore that the other characters in this novel besides the maniac on the loose are totally forgettable They struggle to keep up with Decker and it's painfully obvious While Decker deciphers clue after clue yes I know they were intended for him it is so annoying that no one else can provide much insight They just seemed to be going along with the motions and following Decker's lead Since it seems this is the beginning of another recurring series I want of a reason to continue to invest my time in this series This novel did none of that I expected way from BaldacciIn conclusion I wasn't too impressed with Memory Man but it wasn't awful I would definitely read by David Baldacci but I need from his characters in the next Amos Decker novels I understand there was a need to lay down the foundation for this tortured soul but if memory serves me correctly I know Baldacci has better in him Copy provided by Grand Central Publishing via Netgalley Classic Baldacci and a wonderful start to the Decker series On to the next book I couldn't wait to sludge through this redundant murderous sorrowful written drivel of muck There is nothing redeeming After the second time a gun is put to the head I wanted to put one to my own for being sucked into this uagmire of crap Despicable and awful 0 of 10 stars This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life4 Stars This ended up being a book that I liked uite a bit but I didn't love it I have never read any of David Baldacci's work which is actually uite surprising since I have been a big mystery thriller reader for a very long time Even though I had a hard time getting into the story initially this book really kept me guessing I must admit that I tried really hard to figure out the direction the story was going There was a lot of excitement packed into this storyAmos Decker is an incredibly interesting character His uniueness really drives the entire story Amos spent about half a minute as a professional football player He was hit so hard by another player in his first play that his heart stopped and his brain was forever changed Amos cannot forget anything His ability to interact with other people has also been altered so he doesn't always behave as you would expect Amos's ability to remember every detail and every moment helps him solve crimes in a way the other detectives cannot He was an excellent detective until his family became the target and his life fell apart He is called in to help as a consultant on a school shooting in his town Amos is able to help connect the pieces of the puzzle together as the story takes one twist after anotherI think that this book did a lot of things really well The characters were interesting I found myself wondering how difficult it would be remember ever detail of my life Everyone has things that are best forgotten All of the characters were flawed which made them seem realistic The pacing of the story was perfect I found that I had a very difficult time setting the book aside at some points because I just had to know what happened next The main issue that I had with this book is that some of the plot twists were unrealistic I like to try to figure out how the pieces fall together every time I read a mystery I had no clue with this book because some of the twists ended up being rather improbable at least in my mind Everything did end up fitting together in a rather exciting and interesting manner so this is really a minor concern for me I would recommend this book to fans of mystery thrillers This is a smartly written novel that sets a wonderful basis for a new series I definitely plan to continue with this series and would like to read some of David Baldacci's other books in the near future I received a copy of this book from Grand Central Publishing via NetGalley for the purpose of providing an honest review My first ever David Baldacci book and what a good one it was I sat and read it all in one day because it was basically unputdownable The main character who is an ex cop is made extra interesting in that he is a savant and has the ability to remember everything This of course is a great asset in a murder enuiry and by the end of the book our ex cop is looking forward to much greater things This is marked as book one in a new series and I look forward to reading the next one I also intend to make time to read a lot of this author's books 2 I remember EVERYTHING starI can literally listen to Gucci gang and read this book at same time and I bet I will still be able to count how many times lil pump said Gucci gang and also what the fuck is happening in this book? Yes This book was that boring and dullI sort of expected this book to be neutral but it was below average and guess what i am not even surprised I kinda thought it would be like this because from the start this book is compilation of murders and stupid detectives and police officers except Amos Decker ObViOusly Plot points Me hey Amos Shouldn't you be looking there?Amos no first we will fly all the way to Mars and talk to aliens whether they know something about itMe but isn't it obvious you should be looking thereAmos yes exactly it's obviousMe then why ? Amos because Talk to Mr Baldacci Hey have I seen you somewhere Coz I remember EVERYTHING Characterisation Me it will be interesting there are so many detectives FBI agents and police officers to help our heroMeanwhile at a crime scene Lancaster police officer what you think Amos?Bogard FBI agent so AmosCaptain miller head police officer well AmosAmos I know who did this? I am going to find himherMillerbogardLancaster okay let's follow him coz he knows everythingMe they were really helpful Motive Belinda and leopard making murder plans Belinda listen leopard we are gonna bomb this school and kill students then we will do some random killing and then some killing and then finally we will kill Amos Leopard cool ist very cool What should I do?Belinda you will be in jail all the damn time And I will do the killing and you should act maniac Leopard okay but why are we killing these random people?Belinda because people looking like them or belonging to sane profession as them 2000 years back bullied me and I will kill them evil laugh Leopard shouldn't we be killing actual people who bullied you?Belinda yes but that will be boring Me this doesn't make sense Belinda you think only Amos remembers everything Me too bitch me tooThat was all this book about There is nothing redeeming about it its far fetched and tad unbelievable period 35 starsBurlington police detective Amos Decker spiraled into despair when his wife daughter and brother in law were brutally murdered 15 months ago He uit the police force and became homeless before moving into a cheap motel and becoming a private detective Once a football player the 6' 5 350 pound Decker is seriously out of shape He has a uniue ability however acuired after a massive hit ended his football career Decker sustained a brain injury that gave him hyperthymesia a complete detailed memory of everything he's ever seen or experienced As the story opens Detective Mary Lancester Decker's old partner tells him a homeless man named Sebastian Leopold has confessed to murdering Decker's family Decker posing as an attorney manipulates his way into the jail to talk to Leopold The homeless man who appears to have mental problems claims he killed Decker's family because the detective dissed him at a 7 Eleven Just when Decker is sneaking into the jail to speak to Leopold a mass shooting occurs at local Mansfield High School killing a number of staff and students Because he was an excellent detective Decker is asked to consult with authorities on the Mansfield High School murders He uses his extraordinary memory to help the cops and FBI search for the high school shooter and to look into Leopold's bogus sounding confession Decker uncovers one clue after another in the mass shooting case which turns out to be an intricate plot that has a connection to the murder of Decker's family Along the way Decker a socially inept loner has some hostile interactions with an FBI agent and a newspaper reporter who want his cooperation Eventually though Decker manages to work with others on the investigations This is a well written engaging fast paced mystery that kept my attention as the actions and motives of the perpetrator were exposed My biggest problem with the plot is that both Decker and especially the FBI seem too slow on the uptake in unraveling some of the clues Without giving away any spoilers I'll just say that in real life the FBI would probably have exposedunderstood some clues well before Decker had his 'aha moments' This may be necessary for the story's plot but it doesn't ring true Moreover given the motive I would have expected the perpetrator to do some things uite differently Still the book kept my interest from beginning to end and I would read books about detective Decker's exploits I'd recommend Memory Man to mystery fansYou can follow my reviews at

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