An Inconvenient Desire (Inconvenient #2)

An Inconvenient Desire (Inconvenient #2)[KINDLE] ❅ An Inconvenient Desire (Inconvenient #2) ❥ Alexia Adams – Investment banker Jonathan Davis has spent the last ten months renovating his Italian villa and getting over a nasty divorce from his supermodel wife As a favor to a friend he escorts Olivia Chapman t Investment banker Jonathan Davis has spent the last ten months renovating his Italian villa and getting over a nasty divorce from his supermodel wife As a favor to a friend he escorts Olivia Chapman An Inconvenient ePUB ô to a medieval festival and can’t help but fall for the gorgeous woman When he discovers she’s a model however his innate sense of risk analysis tells him to bail Then his ex wife abandons his previously unknown daughter at his door and it’s Olivia who steps in to help But does Jonathan dare capitalize on his desire and venture his heart again Olivia Chapman has hidden her ugly childhood scars under the glamour of her modeling career She thinks her pretty face is her only asset until she discovers a talent for motherhood when a frightened toddler literally arrives on the doorstep Olivia can’t bear to see another child go unloved But caring for Hannah means staying with Jonathan a man she finds almost impossible to resist When a big surprise leaves both Olivia and Jonathan reeling their mutual attraction could end up destroying their futures or healing the past once and for all. It took me a few days to read this book and I think it was because in the first few pages of the story the characters are already wanting to rip each other's clothes off and that was after one look I'm all for a little heat but I prefer a slow build or I at least don't want it thrown at me at the very beginning This is totally a personal preference and in no way affects the author's writing I did enjoy the couple and the relationship does start to show that it's actually going to be a slow simmer and not premature explosion Jonathan and Olivia were likable characters that you wanted to see get together and get their happily ever after After my initial hesitation the story grabbed my attention and the story line moved uickly I enjoy Alexia's writing and if you're a fan of the shorter compact romances her books are perfect Steamy ness is moderate 3550Jonathan and Olivia are rich complex delicious characters just the kind that readers love to sink their teeth intoRead full review in the 2015 September issue of InD'tale Magazine Romantic story of two beautiful soulsI really enjoyed Alexia Adams's first story in her 'Inconvenient' series Her 2nd book 'An Inconvenient Desire' tells the sweet story of Olivia and Jonathan Sophia's two best friends We meet again her charming characters from 'An Inconvenient Love' Sophia and Luca I can't wait to read Ms Adams's next booksOlivia survived a difficult childhood because of her mother she is now a model but hides a secret and has trust issues with men Jonathan has trouble too trusting women so when Olivia enters his life his world is turned upside down Both never thought to love again So when a surprise toddler by the name of Hannah shows up in both their lives their new relationship will go through ups and downs but finally bloom Is there any chance for this instant family? Will these three beautiful souls have a chance to stay together and really be happy? A Very Convenient RomanceThis was a really sweet interracial romance Unlike a lot of erotic interracial romances the main characters didn't fall into bed within days of meeting Nor was there a unplanned pregnancy As a matter of fact there was no sex for over 80% of the book This was a pleasant surprise and change of paceOlivia and Jonathan were well developed characters for a fairly short romance You got to know Olivia a little better than Jonathan Her backstory was developed than Jonathan's They both had baggage they carried that prevented them from giving each other a real chance at love Once Jonathan's ex wife surprised him with an 18 month old daughter Hannah his and Olivia relationship took a completely different path Olivia immediately fell in love with Hannah because she had been unwanted as a child and was determined that Hannah would never know that feeling Jonathan was in shock that his ex wife had kept a child from him for that length of time until she tired of Hannah As terrible as it was for Hannah to be dumped by her mother it was the best thing that could have happened to herThe majority of the book deals with them taking care of Hannah and both falling in love with Hannah and each other Their love for Hannah was apparent while they fought against their attraction for each other Olivia put her modeling career on hold to help take care of Hannah Jonathan refused to give in to his attraction because his ex was a model and gave him hell for the five years they were together He vowed to never have another relationship with a model Olivia knew of his contempt for models but she was determined to help with Hannah They both told themselves it was all about HannahI love a book when I learn a new fact I never knew that Ella Fitzgerald sang At Last I thought Etta James first sang it and Beyonce sang it at one of the Obama's inaugural balls I thought the author has made an error in the name of the singer Before pointing out the mistake I googled who had sang At Last Lo and Behold Ella Fitzgerald sang it before Etta James How interesting Olivia's friends and Jonathan's family recognized that they were both in love with each other before either would admit it After a few miscues they had their HEA True to life little twists happy every afterThis book is a well write story of life sad twists good story and well put together Did not want to put it down in till the end Lovely enjoyable storyThis is only the second book of Alexia's that I have read and both have been interesting and enjoyable with good plots So on to my next one of herssorry I can't stop From start to finish I thoroughly enjoyed this story and had trouble putting it down but I had to go back to work and then I couldn't wait to pick it up again The uick pace and witty one liners make this story a great rainy day read Very goodHeartwarming lovely adventure of life and love Two of the best drawn characters I've read about in a romance novel I liked the story especially after reading An Inconvenient Love

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