The Little Shop of Hopes and Dreams

The Little Shop of Hopes and Dreams[PDF / Epub] ⚣ The Little Shop of Hopes and Dreams ✈ Fiona Harper – Nicole Harrison is planning the proposal of the century Too bad its not her ownNicole a born organiser and true romantic has created her dream job when she sets up the Hopes Dreams proposal agency – Nicole Harrison Shop of PDF ↠ is planning the proposal of the century Too bad its not her ownNicole a born organiser and true romantic has created her The Little MOBI :¿ dream job when she sets up the Hopes Dreams proposal agency – staging YouTube worthy proposalsuntil she’s hired to plan a proposal by gorgeous photographer Little Shop of ePUB ´ Alex Black’s girlfriendAlex is the New Year’s kiss that Nicole hasn’t been able to forget – and now she’s planning his wedding to someone else Little Shop of Hopes and PDF/EPUB or But if she lets herself fall for Alex’s charms her reputation and business will be ruined before it’s even got off the ground Suddenly the girl whose always prepared is at a lossand falling head over heels. The story started very well with New Year in the night clubTen months on at Hopes and Dreams Proposal Planners the characters all seem a little annoying until Saffron enters the plannersSaffron uite a demanding client but she's not scared of going for what she wants a proposal for Alex the same Alex from the New Year partyNicole planning Alex's proposal was set for a disaster from the start Why did she take this job? The thing is though Nicole's feelings are not one sided Alex feels for her too My favourite wedding she went with Alex to was the Victorian railwayThe book is a little like Paige Toon's Thirteen Weddings I don't mind Alex as a person and I think he brings out the best in Nicole Nicole should have told everyone the truth much earlier and live for herself for a change not other peopleNicole suggesting her proposal to Alex sounded so suited to Alex and romantic Saffron did get Alex spot on in other aspects however Nicole and Alex both become likeable again at the end as they were at the start In particular Nicole who calls herself from then last few years fake and a snob I like the real me that she walks in to Alex as at the end Even her business gets another client in the end one who is impressed she managed to steal a man off Saffron the thing is though she had Alex first and let him go however I don't think she'll be letting that happen again I couldn't wait to dive into The Shop of Hopes and dreams It has such a wonderful festive romantic cover and intriguing synopsis and I really hoped it's going to be the next jackpot on my ever growing list of jackpots And as Fiona Harper is a new author too me it was much excitingNicole runs her own proposing business and she is desperately in need of clients best high profile clients who would take her and her Shop of Dreams and Hopes to the magazines just like her biggest rivals do And yes one day her dreams come true and Saffron an It girl hires her to arrange her proposal to her boyfriend Sounds good normal seamless and problem free? Oh no When Nicole sets out on her mission as an under cover journalist to get to know Alex to find out a little about him to organize the best proposal it turns out that Alex is the guy that she snogged at the New Year's Party and can't forget And as it seems he didn't forget her as wellI couldn't so much connect to the characters Nicole and all the others seemed a little too flat for me too meh and I'd like them to have stronger personalities Nicole was hurt in the past when her boyfriend dumped her and then very uickly found himself other girl so she decided to concentrate on her business only For me she lacked a little in confidence she didn't have a spine and really she behaved as if she didn't know what she wants from life If she wanted to be so decent if she thought so much on her business then why oh why did she constantly find herself at Alex's side helping him through the weddings? She kept lying she was not honest with herself and finally she found herself in a point when she could tell the truth neither Alex not Saffron and everything was going to explodeSeems that I also had a problem with all the characters' attitude Nicole was pitying herself feeling sorry for herself the friendship between her and her girlfriends well I don't know if I would call it a friendship at all It started good at the New Year's Party and then it seemed like a normal relationship between the girls with the usual banter but perhaps they shouldn't go into business together as for me it seemed that it caused only problems and I had a feeling they are not honest towards each other and that they well don't like each otherAlex wasn't as white as many reviewers use to describe him in my eyes He went into relationship with Saffron and everything was nice as long as it was played according to his rules but as soon as Saffron started to be serious he backed out Saffron is the other story how can a girl be so desperate and not see the clear signs that a guy isn't interested? Yes her background her father her story she wanted to prove that she's also something worth and is not only the It girl from the tabloids' covers but was getting married the wisest way to give proof of it? She was a really pathetic character with all her tantrums and problems and you could only feel pity for her the whole timeThe book started really good and I had a feeling I'm in for something but unfortunately very soon it just went downhill for me Nicole has just dug a deep hole for herself and it was just a matter of time till it explodesThe book is very predictable very Everything that you think is going to happen well it happens there is not a single twist to the story it's not original You knew that Saffron is going to end humiliated that the lies are finally going to come out that everything is going to explode every scene ended just like I thought it's going to end and every subplot ended just like I was sure it's going to end And I was very disappointed with the lack of proposals in the story I guess that after reading Holly Martin's Hundred Proposals series we are very spoiled and fitting the bill is now very hard I would love if the book concentrated on what was in fact the main idea proposals Unfortunately apart from Alex and Saffron's proposal there was only the one James Bond style and well although I really have no idea if something like this is to be done or not I liked this one and I really hoped for Unfortunately nadaThe inner monologues were absolutely way way too long and I thought I'm never going to receive an answer to the uestion it disrupted the dialogues in a very uncomfortable way and made them almost unreadable Before I got the reply I was going back to check what was the uestionI really had big hopes for this book and although it started good and promising then it felt just too flat too slow and too predictable for me It has a great potential especially when it comes to the proposals business Some parts of the story felt too rushed some too slow and it just wasn't my kind of read but I do hope for Fiona Harper in the futureCopy received from publisher in exchange for a review After finishing up KA Tucker's fabulous new novel Burying Water I had no idea what to read next None at all How do you pick something else to read after such an awesome book? I didn't know how so I plumped for one of the October books I need to read and review and I picked the one with the prettiest cover The Little Shop of Hopes Dreams has the prettiest book cover I think I've ever seen it's gorgeous and I was intrigued to see if the insides matched up to the outsides I've never read a book about a proposal planner before and it sounded really interesting so I couldn't wait to dive in But unfortunately I was a bit disappointed with the novelAny book that came after Burying Water was always going to disappoint and while The Little Shop of Hopes Dreams had an interesting start with Nicole and Alex kissing at New Year's from there for me it just went down hill I liked Nicole and Alex well enough but I don't agree with what she did You don't agree to plan a proposal for a guy who you may have feelings for and you certainly don't pretend to be a journalist when you go scope him out for his proposal and take him up on his offer of shooting a wedding to get experience of different weddings jobs as Nicole is a wedding journalist You don't go to a second wedding and a third wedding The alarm bells were just ringing for me the whole time saying wrong wrong wrong wrong It's hard to believe in a romance when someone is actively destroying another one whether Saffron Alex were soulmates was irrelevant the fact that Nicole was there flirting with Alex and going to weddings hardly helped and it annoyed meI would also have liked if the novel had focused on other proposals We only hear of one other Nicole planned proposal in the novel and considering the novel is about a proposal planner I expected But instead the novel was just solely focused on Saffron and Alex's proposal And Nicole's back and forth feelings for Alex and Nicole's angst about Alex and it just didn't sit right with me This was a guy she kissed once months ago Much like in Thirteen Weddings by Paige Toon I just didn't get why they were still hung up on each other and if that was true why had Alex started seeing Saffron in the first place? It just didn't sit right with me I wanted to enjoy the book but I just didn't If it had had less angst and fun proposal planning I may have enjoyed it but the entire premise was based on something I could hardly wrap my head around which was a shame It has such a lovely cover but the book itself just wasn't my kind of read although I'm sure it will appeal to others Nicole Harrison is a proposal planner – people come to her for help when they want to propose to their loved one and she plans that proposal right down to the tiniest detail so that special moment is one to remember It is a new business and struggling until the day that Saffron hires her to arrange her proposal Saffron is an “it” girl darling of the media and this job could be the one that propels Nicole into the big time That is until she realises that Alex the man Saffron intends proposing to is that gorgeous hunk that she snogged last New Year’s Eve and still can’t get out of her head And it seems the feeling is mutualAs is the way instead of backing away Nicole bumbles her through the assignment and things start to heat up between her and Alex in a story that is very reminiscent of Paige Toon’s Thirteen Weddings I admit I got uite exasperated with Nicole at times I kept wanting to shake her and remind her of “solidarity between sisters” as I did feel some sympathy towards Saffron who seemed destined to end up publicly humiliated with egg on her faceIt is a nice cosy easy to read story that you don’t have to think about being comfortably predictable You know how it is all going to end up although you are pretty much hooked wondering how it can all get sorted out amicably as Nicole just digs a hole for herself that gets deeper and deeper Many thanks to the publisher for the review copy Nicole runs a proposal planning company She provides the magical memories for her couples to hold onto for the rest of their blissful married life together It’s a fledgling company and she dreams of it taking off and becoming really famous She is a born organiser and enoys thinking about the tiniest details to make the memories specialWhen Saffron a current ‘it’ girl hires her to organise her proposal she thinks that this will be the event to propel her business to the next level When she discovers that the prospective groom is the man she’s been dreaming about since a New Year kiss she still thinks that she can organise the perfect proposal for them but can she????A lovely heartwarming story which is ideal for losing yourself into when you settle into that comfy armchair at the weekendAll the characters are well drawn and you even feel for Saffron though you probably would expect her to come across as a spoilt divaMany thanks to the publisher and Net Galley for a review copy and I would highly recommend this one Fiona Harper has penned a wonderfully escapist read that is just perfect for a cold winter night Little Shop of Hopes and Dreams has all of Harper's trade mark wit and gentle humour The heroine Nicole has finally started her own business as a proposal planner but her own love life is a mess Things get even complicated when the make or break project comes in via a socialite famed for high jinks than good behaviour who decides she wants to propose to her current man come Hell or high water Trouble is he is a man Nicole drunkenly kissed on New Year's Eve and who has been searching for Nicole ever sinceIf you like Susan Elizabeth Phillips you should definitely give Fiona Harper a try as the British euivalent 'Nicole Harrison is planning the proposal of the century Too bad it's not her own'So overall I can only give this a 253 stars as I only liked about 80 pages and that the rest was just repetitive I don't need The Little Shop Of Hopes And Dreams but I wish there was The Little Shop Of I hoped It Was Better I was slightly disappointed by this book but it's ok I'm sure I'll get over it I struggled to 'get into' The Little Shop of Hopes and Dreams but a few chapters in I enjoyed reading it A little predictable really you kind of knew how the book was going to end I never really warmed to the main character of Nicole for some reason An ok book but nothing spectacular What girl doesn't think of their happily ever after at one point or another? What girl hasn't thought about falling madly and deeply in love with someone? And living happily ever after? Well if you have I think this book is for you I absolutely adored this book Every single last page of it It left me with a lovely warm fuzzy feeling Nicole runs a proposal business which stages utube proposals for groomsbrides who wants to propose to their beloved in the most rememberable way possible But it is all done in secret Everything is going Nicole's way that is until she has to plan a proposal for a famous icon called Saffron who is planning to propose to her gorgeous boyfriend Alex Black Although things are not as black and white as they should be Alex was the person Nicole had a earth shattering kiss with at New Years a year before but stupidly never called back but never forgot But how can she plan Alex's future to someone else? The only problem is that The little shop of Hopes and dreams really relies on Saffrons proposal going well Nicole is falling head over heels fast but will she get her happy ever after? I adored this book Simply adored it I know that I will be reading this book again and again I really wish Fiona Harper writes a follow up to this book Utterly lovely and funny and I really didn't know how Nicole was going to get out of the mess she'd created for herself Fiona always writes warm characters that you'd like to have a cup of tea and a good gossip with and blends them with uintessentially English details Love it