Albert Einstein: Creator and Rebel

Albert Einstein: Creator and Rebel[Reading] ➻ Albert Einstein: Creator and Rebel Author Banesh Hoffmann – This beautifully written illustrated memoir is a testament to the indomitable spirit that pervaded the life work of Albert Einstein Unlike lengthy biographies that often founder in trivia the book pai This beautifully written illustrated Creator and ePUB ☆ memoir is a testament to the indomitable spirit that pervaded the life work of Albert Einstein Unlike lengthy biographies that often founder in trivia the book paints a coherent picture in broad strokes to capture for the lay reader the essence of the man his science Helen Dukas Einstein's Albert Einstein: Kindle - secretary for the last years of his life has greatly enriched the portrait not only thru her uniue personal knowledge but also by providing valuable insights gleaned from the great scientists's personal papers in the Prinseton archives Many documents photographs are reproduced here for the first time. This is my first biography of one of the greatest scientists that ever lived Albert Einstein It revealed to me not just the science in the man but also the human being in him I found his humility and rebelliousness both very endearing His relentless dedication and passion to his work was inspirational and admirable This is a or less scientificintellectual book If you're interested in knowing about Einstein's personal life ie family relationships etc then it will definitely disappoint you It is meant to give the reader insight into the way in which he thought and developed his ground breaking theories It does however reveal a personal side of him vis à vis his humility political stances and also his somewhat tortured nature The book also contains letters exchanged with his colleagues and contemporaries some personal and some notThe most interesting and nail biting portion of the book for me was the seuence of events both scientific and political that leads up to the Nagasaki and Hiroshima atomic explosions What made this book a not so enjoyable read was the fact that I was unable to fully understand the scientific explanations and concepts given of his theories such as the special theory of relativity the general theory of relativity and so on due to my current lack of expertise in the subject don't get me wrong Conseuently I was unable to grasp their beauty as well And that was the only reason I had to bring down my rating to three stars Nevertheless I did enjoy the deep plunges into his character and nature though relatively little that this book provides So provided you've got a good hold on concepts in physics you have atleast a liking if not a passion for physics and you're interested in getting to know Einstein a little better then I would recommend this book Unfortunately I only just got started with my degree in physics and that left me wishing that I had picked this book much later than I did A fantastic biography of the greatest physicist of all time It captured Einstein's passion humor and sense of artistry well It is of an intellectual biography than a biography in the sense of this then this then thatThe only weakness is that since it was written in the seventies the author was unable to say what impact Einstein's work is having now and that's something I'd be interested in knowing I wanted a biography about Einstein so that I could understand his life This book not only covered his life but attempted to explain his scientific contributions I was unable to understand much of the science but I know than I did before reading this book I also understand his life path I listened to this book through Hoopla I doubt I could have gotten through the print edition but the audiobook was engaging enough to keep going despite the fact so much of the science is over my head It was a worthwhile read to learn about Einstein and his era of scientistics and how he came to live in America More physics that I've ever taken in my life but a nice insight into Einstein's formulas and life I enjoyed reading the personal aspects of his life Although I was a bit lost on the science I don’t fault the book I have a little knowledge of physics To put it bluntly this is not one of the best biographies on Einstein out there Sure there were some amusing stories and facts about Einstein included just as biographies strive to portray but they do not live up to the acclaimed creatorrebel part It was somewhat disappointingThe only thing I can think of that held my attention for than a few seconds were the photos There were some remarkable photos of Einstein and of the great physicists of his era One photo in particular kept me amazed at the number of great minds it contained; it included Einstein himself Planck Bohr Madame Curie Heisenberg Pauli de Broglie Compton and other names that just about cover the establishers of the academic syllabus taught in my final year of undergraduate physics Looking at their synchronized gazes was very humblingSo there was something of interest in the book after all However I don't think that a collection of photos justifies reading a book of words But that's just my opinion It wasn't your typical biography where you expect the author to tell you only about the subject's life and achievements but it was than that; many scientists and physicists and philosophers where mentioned some even I never heard of Reading about Einstein's life as a child and a teenager going through some tough times in highschool which led him to uit it for a while than he changed school and had to live on his ownetc This made him seem like a normal boy but what distinguiched Einstein is his curiosity bis passion for physics He belonged to the right crowd and I guess hé was lucky for that; his uncle gave his a book about geometry when he was only a kid he taught him about pythagorean theorem before even studying geometry Einstein truly made it to the top thanks to the environment he was brought into and this got me wondering what if nobody paied attention to him? what if his uncle never gave him thar book? what if he believed that teacher when he said to him you'll never get anywhere? I guess we can only imagine what could've happened Like hearing the story of early uantum physics from your grandpa The author remembers the details as human events rather than a researcher furthering their theory about an icon Favorite lessons were personal that Einstein didn't write an autobiography because he thought an obituary was respectable what he thought and worked on is what mattered most The prediction of particles before they could be seen the intuition rather than logic behind his biggest theories the modeling of an atom before it was even broadly accepted all accessible No math either making this a truly public telling overall this book was eh with the title creator and rebel i was hoping for about his politics and aspects of his life away from physics but that wasnt sohowever the descriptions of his physics were easy to read i only had to skip about ten pages of them the rest i could comprehend the language employedread it if you are really into einstein it has a bunch of nice images or if you just have it around there are probably better books about him and his life if you are purchasing one

Albert Einstein: Creator and Rebel MOBI Ò Creator and
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Albert Einstein: Creator and Rebel
  • Banesh Hoffmann
  • English
  • 04 June 2015
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