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Seriously Wicked Seriously Wicked #1☆ Seriously Wicked Seriously Wicked #1 PDF / Epub ✩ Author Tina Connolly – The only thing worse than being a witch is living with oneCamellia’s adopted mother wants Cam to grow up to be just like her Problem is Mom’s a seriously wicked witchCam’s used to stopping the w The only thing worse than being a Seriously Wicked Kindle ´ witch is living with oneCamellia’s adopted mother wants Cam to grow up to be just like her Problem is Mom’s a seriously wicked witchCam’s used to stopping the witch’s crazy schemes for world domination But when the witch summons a demon he gets loose—and into Devon the cute new boy at schoolNow Cam’s suddenly got bigger problems than passing Algebra Her friends are getting zombiefied Their dragon is tired of hiding in the RV garage For being a shy boy band boy Devon is sure kissing Seriously Wicked PDF or a bunch of girls And a phoenix hidden in the school is going to explode on the night of the Halloween DanceTo stop the demon before he destroys Devon’s soul Cam might have to try a spell of her own But if she’s willing to work spells like the witchwill that mean she’s wicked too. A teenage girl living with a witch focused on world domination who adopted her when she was a baby? A teenager girl who by the way wants nothing to do with spells magic and other witchery things imposed by her adopted parent?Well that’s a first Camellia had enough judgement to see that what Sarmine wanted was absolutely wrong and immoral I mean thank god In order to be able to dominate the world Sarmine summoned an elemental demon but the latter escaped from her clutches; he had s his own plans in mind He decided that it would advantage him best to possess a living body Devon whom Camellia just came to befriend Poor guy He wanted to help Camellia but ended up with a demon inside of him Oops This is a story that is to be read for sheer entertainment I absolutely did not take it seriously Should I have? I mean there was drama and ‘‘important’’ stuff but Camellia’s vivid and rather wry tone kept a light enough never brooding atmosphere up I liked her for that and because she wasn’t self centered but authentic and caringThe secondary characters weren’t as well portrayed as I always hope for them to be in books It’s capital to have some secondary characters who we become attached to and who don’t just become props in a story there to save a heroine when the latter is in trouble impede them in any chosen way or fill a plot hole They have to be individuals who don’t just trail behind the main protagonists But I can see that the reason why they may not have been stoutly shaped from head to toe may have to do with the fact that this was a relatively short story; the author probably didn’t want to include too many descriptive paragraphs or too much background on characters or any at all in order to focus on the main action That’s what made this so fast paced honestlyI thoroughly enjoyed how the author took a modern world setting but changed some things here and there and especially words and expressions so we could feel that this is a novel about WITCHES and not mundane humans It’s one of the things that added originality and entertainment to the story too I just loved Camellia’s uick witted lines and her obsession for the dragon Recommended especially to fans of Rebel Belle 35 stars but rounding it up because of the socks^^ A delightful uirky little book that reaches out to younger readers and those young at heart ahem In a charming humorous voice 15 year old Camellia or Cam tells the reader the woes of living with a super demanding witch while taking care of a dragon at her basement trying to learn spells to save mankind I didn’t know figuring out spells was a lot difficult than solving algebraic euations “If it is a Monday use 1 oz of #12 and 18 units of #7 Else not unless the date of the month adds up to 5 or is divisible 5” There goes my dream of becoming a witchhaving to deal with a demon and not to mention trying to tame her feelings for a cute boy band looking boy and all these things while she tries to be a regular teenager who simply wishes to pass her Algebra test It is a fast paced entertaining short novel that has the cutest premise and adventurous enough plot oh and do you see that most adorable cover? I just couldn’t resist those socks and any girl reading upside down wearing those socks wins my heart round the clockI genuinely enjoyed this uniue cutesy novel and highly recommend it for a uick fun and light reading Thanks to Fatima's fantastic review that convinced me to read the book^^ I was charmed by the cover and by the title of this bookand was captivated by my sister AJ's review as well but I'm sad to say that I was a bit disappointed Not that I didn't like this bookI sure did 'cause it was a uick and enjoyable read and there were some twists in the story that I didn't see coming But I thought the plot wasn't totally great and I feel like something were missingparticularly at the endinglike it was a little out of the meadowlike it shouldn't have yet endedunless there's a seuel And thenthe first two chapters were kind of slowgood thing it was a fast readHowever the author obviously had a great sense of humor that molded the main characterCAMELLIACam into a snarkycleverfunny girl It's this MC that made me like this book 'cause Cam is such a sweetkind and very obedient niece to SARMINEher adoptive wicked aunt Cam has to do all the awful things her aunt wants her to doshe has to do all the chores and run errands for her aunt while she also goes to schooland she does all these things without complaint'til one daywhen her wicked aunt wanted to summon a demon that involved DEVONthe cuteshy boy band in her school Yeahthis is about witchesdragonsdemons and magic But not the paranormal way that I expectedBut stillit really was a fun read^^ Bingo A Thon New to me author Unexpected Read A Thon Pick a book at random Ok I'll keep this short I didn't expect to like this and I didn't I didn't buy it so that's the only thing that saved it from receiving 1 star A friend had this book never read it had no plans to read it and gave it to me I took because FREE BOOK but I knew I wouldn't like it There is nothing wrong with Seriously Wicked but it just wasn't for me Its YA but it reads like Middle Grade and I don't tend to like Middle Grade books I'm sure a 12 year old would probably love it and I plan on donating it to my old Elementary school so others can enjoy it Seriously Wicked was just meh It is so much fun to see an author you already love in a genre switch it up and write in a new genre and do just as well in itConnolly has created something uirky fun and completely entertaining in her new novel Seriously Wicked I think I had a smile on my face the whole way through as we are introduced to Camellia and her crazy world full of magic mayhem and mischiefDragons demons werewolves oh my I think this fun read had a little bit of it all Danger romance and a setting that entices you keep turning the pages wanting adventures from Cam and wickedness from the evil witch she is forced to live with This was by far one of the most fun light hearted well written reads I have read this year Fans of Connolly won't want to miss out on read 35 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum really enjoyed Seriously Wicked though feel I should also preface my review with the note that I’m probably not the intended demographic for this book Young Adult and Teen Fiction is a genre I dip into uite freuently but I was initially thrown off a bit by this novel’s tone and writing style which felt skewed even younger maybe preteen back in Grade Five and Six we were already reading books about high schoolers so it’s possible It took some adjusting but once I was able to get used to the crushes on “boy band boys” and girls named Sparkle I felt I could give this one a shot And really it was a lot of fun If it were possible to go back in time I probably wouldn’t hesitate a second to hand this one off to my 11 or 12 year old selfThe story begins with an introduction to our 15 year old protagonist Camellia Anna Stella Hendrix whose days consist of figuring out ways to foil her adopted witch mother’s plans for world domination running around town collecting strange and sometimes disgusting ingredients for her magical spells and all the while trying to pass her algebra test and not get distracted by the cute new boy in town However the witch Sarmine’s latest plot to take over the world by harnessing the power of a dying phoenix on the night of the big Halloween dance might complicate matters slightlyActually scratch that Matters are complicated by A LOT when Sarmine’s failed demon summoning session ends with the demon taking over the body of Devon the aforementioned cute new boy in town Now on top of not flunking algebra Cam has to worry about getting the demon out of Devon and preventing the school getting destroyed Can things get any worse? Well yes yes they can Hunting down hidden phoenixes and chasing after demon possessed boys is just the beginningAs you can probably tell from its description and cover Seriously Wicked is a fun uirky book – emphasis on the uirky Like I said the story is probably geared towards preteens or young teens which might account for some of the silliness It’s a very lighthearted and upbeat book which means it’s probably good for providing some cheerful innocent entertainment for folks of all ages Its lightness and YA designation notwithstanding the story actually has a lot of complexity uite a few not very obvious twists and turns as well as many instances of Cam finding very creative and outside the box solutions to her problems Readers will adore Cam whose uick thinking and determination can help get her out of any difficult situation from dealing with high school mean girl cliues to procuring a source of goat’s blood for Sarmine’s spellsMy final verdict is if you’re an older teen or adult looking for age appropriate reading Seriously Wicked probably will feel too immature for you However yours truly did her best to put herself in a middle grader’s shoes and was still able to find plenty to like about the book Those curious about Tina Connolly’s work but aren’t into Children’s or YA fiction could probably check out her Ironskin series which is said to be uite good and having read the second book Copperhead I can attest to that If you don’t mind a cute charming read that clocks out at just a tad over 200 pages though so it’s also very uick give this one a go 35 starsAlthough it falls somewhere on the line between middle grade and young adult fiction Seriously Wicked is a very entertaining book for readers of all ages In it author Tina Connolly – known first and foremost for her Ironskin trilogy – allowed her imagination and her considerable sense of humor to run wild The end result is a book that despite being somewhat naïve and predictable makes us laugh at every turnCamellia is a very reluctant witch’s apprentice a fifteen year old forced to serve the witch but determined to thwart as many of her evil plots as she can All Camellia wants is a normal life and normal friends an existence that doesn’t include snakeskins dragon’s milk and spells Cam longs for her real parents or at least someone to love and appreciate her when all she gets from the witch are reprimands and wicked demands Like once I refused to hold the neighbor’s cat so she could permanently mute its meow and she turned me into fifteen hundred worms and made me compost the garden Seriously Wicked is a lighthearted read very predictable in its development but entertaining nevertheless We follow Camellia as she tries to stop the witch’s plan to overtake the city save the new boy from demon possession and still keep up appearances with her teachers and friends Camellia is reluctant to trust anyone despite having a few amazing people around her but overall I loved her for staying true to herself despite the witch’s overpowering presence The only thing that really missed the mark for me was the romance I had my eye on a different boy for Camellia even though she herself never gave him a second’s thought I wanted someone whose appeal came from than just his good looks someone who was there for her dependable and true As the new boy Devon was a bit of a mystery even before the demon possession and I didn’t get a clear picture of him until the end Seriously Wicked is appropriate for both middle grade and young adult readers Although fairly short it packs a lot of fun Forget about the vulnerable and righteous heroine of the stage musical Wicked Think back to your childhood and the malevolent women of The Wizard of Oz Disney’s Snow White Baba Yaga or Hansel and Gretel Yes that kind of witch Now imagine she’s your adoptive mom That’s the situation of Camellia “Cam” Hendrix a 15 year old high school sopho in Tina Connolly’s Seriously WickedConnolly has updated Anna Elizabeth Bennett’s Little Witch into a delightful tale for teen audiences — but with a fabulous twist When Cam’s adoptive mother Sarmine Scarabouche summons the demon Estahoth the demon ends up taking over the body of the new boy in town Devon a young man the smitten Cam describes as having band boy blond hair and good looks Her life already includes a werewolf cub a dragon and spells that involve goat blood but it suddenly gets even crazier How can Cam free Devon? And how to send Estahoth back to the earth’s core where he came from?I loved Connolly’s take on Cam’s life a life full of extreme variants of every teen’s life trying to hide any differences uneasily navigating the whole boy girl thing; ashamed of parents and determined to never be anything like them; discovering the importance of clever strong and reliable friends; finding your own place in a crazy mixed up world realizing that Algebra II and magic have a lot in common OK maybe not that one And maybe learning that once in a while your mom might have a decent idea or two And that ending So thrillingReaders whether teens or not will devour this book — well like the werewolf cub devours those desiccated pet shop pig’s ears If you’ll pardon the pun Cam will cast a real spell on you I’m hoping Connolly is already working her magic on a seuel In the interest of full disclosure I received this book from NetGalley and Macmillan TorForge in exchange for an honest review She says the auras help her tune into the universe—sure whatever When you’ve got a dragon in your garage you’re in no position to judge This was a funny one Not perfect and without a doubt not a life changing experience but it was entertaining easy to read and short enough to get through it without the frustration of having to finish a book you don't particularly adore Still definitely better than the last two books I've read anywayThe writing is simple yet hilarious and so are the characters and the whole plot but the thing I loved the most was the way magic and witchcraft were approached Witchipedia and a pet dragon? Yes yes yes YES Also that cover is impossibly cute Like I said it didn't change my life in the slightest but I had fun and sometimes that's all that matters D This review will also be posted on both of my blogs spoilers aheadLet me start by saying that I really missed reading a hard copy versus and E ARC You can imagine my joy when I started reading this one I bought it I'm going to be honest and say that I thought this would be a 3 star Usually books that are light fluffy and funny are 3 stars But I was wrong Considering the size of this book it's really small I was surprised that the author managed to weave in an excellent plot With that in mind and how much I enjoyed it I gave it a 5 starCam hates living with her adopted mother Sarmine whom she calls 'The Witch' She wants nothing to do with the witches crazy spells nor does she want to help her getting her ingredients But alas the witch has some severe punishments turning her hands into noodles and therefore she does not have a choice The only thing she has managed to do which the witch does not approve off is going to human school While waiting for at the bus stop in the morning Cam sees this boy mumbling to himself When it's time to get into the bus one of the witches burning feathers is still on fire and the boy pours his water bottle on her backside to stop the fire The witch wants to summon a demon for the sake of world domination Cam tries to come up with ways to ruin the spell It does not work Every time she thought she wouldn't get the witches ingredients she felt her body go numb due to a spell by the witch The boy from the bus incident saved her a seat on the bus in a way of apologizing pouring water on her backside His name is Devon The two uickly become friends Devon agrees to give Cam a pig ear 'for her dog to chew on' They agree to meet in ten minutesWhen Cam gets in her house she finds that the witch has prepared to summon the demon She is horrified then points out to the witch the she didn't get the pig ears To which the witch reveals the pig ear is actually for their dog In the middle of all this Cam forgets that she promised to meet Devon Once the demon is summoned he does not take too nicely to being put in a manneuin He tries taking Cam's body but the witch stops him Then Devon shows up pig ears and all The demon lunges for him and takes over his body instead Cam and the witch try getting the demon to come out but he runs away Furious Cam blames the entire thing on the witch and asks what to do The witch tells her to help the demon get what she has reuested that way the demon will be sure to leave fasterThe only thing that I didn't like was how Cam kept on blaming the witch for Devon getting taken over Even though it was also her fault I let this slide because I really enjoyed the bookI could understand why Cam did not like the witch The way she treated Cam was unacceptable Although in the end the witch wasn't that bad She just took it overboard when it came to punishing Cam I liked all the characters in this book Partly because of the size it was only 208 pages they all played an important role in the story Even the mean girl Sparkle as well as Kelvin he provides Cam goat blood I especially liked how Cam calmly explained that she was different than the witch and that the witch would just have to live with that Specifically what I liked was how the witch and Cam's relationship improved The revelation between the relation of the witch and Cam was actually shocking I really did not see that coming Cam's relationship with Moonfire the dragon and Jenah her best friend were really sweet to read about I also enjoyed the romance While the demon was in Devon it was nice to see how he grew as a character He was confident and simply grew I can't really explain it You'll just have to read it to see for yourself's Overall this was a fun read I would recommend this book to fans of Sabrina the Teenage Witch

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