Wingless Wingless #1

Wingless Wingless #1➳ Wingless Wingless #1 Read ➻ Author Taylor Lavati – When Annie’s wings failed to form on her sixteenth birthday she was banished to Earth a life altering reality that forced her to adapt to a new race new world and new challenges Armed with little kn When Annie’s wings failed to form on her sixteenth birthday she was banished to Earth a life altering reality that forced her to adapt to a new race new world and new challenges Armed with little knowledge Annie descends to her new home and learns of other half angels those who pull her Wingless Wingless MOBI :¿ into a world of demon fighting chaosAs an Archer Micha watches over Earth from the Veil Sent to help Annie adjust he finds himself drawn to her long after his orders have dissipated and when her ruthless demon killing ways reach an extremity he can’t ignore he finds himself uestioning the very core of his upbringing will he turn his back on the angels and save Annie or will he remain hidden within the shadows and watch her die. 425 stars Review follows later 😀 I just need to say that I absolutely loved this book I literally did not put it down; it went with me everywhere I went The storyline was fantastic the characters were awesome I love YA books and this is definitely going down as a favorite I cannot wait to read about Micha and Annie in the next book The story moved uickly and there was never a part where I was not dying to know what was going to happen next This author is amazing and I am an official true fan Plus reading about demons and angels always fascinates me The way the storyline was put together was genius I highly recommend this to lovers of YA books and it gets 5 from this reviewer without a doubt 🎁 FREE on today 5282020 🎁 Well once again Lavati captivates me with this mesmorizing story of Angels It has a dual point of view between Annie and Micha I found Annie to be absolutely adorable She is strong and is decisive My favorite part was when she was trying to use human things for the first time It was light hearted and fun It reminds me of watching my little one learn things Now Micha is a strong and stoic sort of character He is conflicted and it was interesting getting into his mind I enjoyed the way the story flowed It was fast paced and the adventure never stopped I am glad I read this and can't wait for the seuel to come out I love Annie and her spunkiness It was a home run for me I loved the Angel concept I enjoyed the way they got their wings I found myself wondering if I was an Angel what color would my wings be I would recommend this to anyone who wants a new twist on Angels So I dont even know where to start about this book because it did leave a deep impression of me I finished this book last night and it was a pretty uick read but it was an awesome read It easy drags the reader into the story and the worlds we get to see but even if there is a few places Upper veil earth and lower veil it is easy to follow and the worlds are nicely described so you never gets confussedAnnie wasnt a person I liked at first she is young almost 16 and she acts like it She is a typical unsympathetic teenager but after everything that happens she changes and my thoughts and feelings for her changes too I start to like and enjoy reading about her and her new life Sometimes she is still navie and dont listen to her feelings and what she has learned but then again she is still just 16 and I dont think any of us was better in that ageAnnie talks a lot about “Micha” and for me it was just a normal angel and then we get to know its Michale and felt really really stupid who didnt connect Micha with Michael But this also makes the book very interesting and makes the book full so surprises both good once and bad onceThis is a book for young teenagers and you can see it in language and how it is written there are places where I feel that the book is “thin” likethere could have been but I am an adult and for a teenager this book will be perfect I dont think they would find places thin as I do but I am also used to read “heavy” fantasy books That the book has places where I want will not do anything with the overall “grade” of the book because I really enjoyed it and want to read the second book that Taylor is working on So this is the first awesome book in a very promissing seriesThis is a must read book specially for younger teenagers but also for adults it is beautiful and really interesting It keeps you captured from the first to the last page What's not to love about angels and demons? In the beginning of the book I really fell in love with the story Annie's a younger character than I'm used to reading but she had a maturness about her that I liked She was fun and loving and wanted to be accepted and then the angels just dump her on earth and leave her to fend for herself I loved Micha right from the beginning and weirdly I liked how there wasn't a huge relationship in it I'm sure it'll be amped up in the second book but I liked that it was mostly just about the main girl and not a huge romance subplot The story telling and world building were amazing The author mustve done a ton of research because everything that was described really drew a picture for me that I could easily see There was a part when Micha was getting her ready for earth and she had to watch tvs to learn the cutulre That was so smart I would've never thought of it It was really cool to read and even though its fantasy I kind of believed that it COULD be real It was interesting Now I just want the next book since it ended on a cliffhanger I have no idea whats going to happen and if they can save the world from the demons Also is it weird I kind of liked Luc? YIKES Good young adult fantasy Also its clean so I would recommend to the lower side of ya like 14 16 ish MAY CONTAIN SPOILERSThis is the first and only book so far that I have read by Taylor Lavati and boy did she impress me Wingless isn't what I would normally pick up and read but thought I'd try it out and I am so glad I did The characters and worlds she creates are done so well that you can actually picture them and feel like you are there right along with the characters My favorite uote from Wingless is I don't fit in here Why am I even trying? AnnieIn summary Wingless is the story about a girl named Annie who is supposed to get her wings on her 16th birthday and find out what her job will be in the upper veil However things don't always work out the way they are supposed to After her 16th birthday comes and she doesn't get her wings they have to find out what she is She is then sent to Earth to live and becomes involved with the wrong group of people and ends up in the lower veil To find out what Annie is and to find out if she gets out of the lower veil you'll have to read the book Which is totally worth it to find out all the other stuff that happens to Annie Micah Hare Hannah and Luke WinglessBy Taylor Lavati45I was given a book in exchange for an honest review free of persuasion from the author or anyone else affiliated with this bookSixteen year old Annie is waiting for her birthday to get her wings She's been training extra with Micha and once she gets her wings she will learn her trade To Annie's disappointment she becomes a chosen one To be chosen means that she must produce a child within a year of her sixteenth birthday If she is a guardian she won't be able to be a fighter She has trained hard to get her wings and become a fighter Annie's unconventional journey beginsI love this introduction to a new world The characters are complex Annie is a great character to follow through this world She is likable determined and flawed The story is paced well and keeps you hooked from the start This is a fantastic first book in a series The cliffhanger makes me want to start the next book as soon as I can I've got to find out what happens This book is unlike my others I enjoyed writing this one because of the extensive world building The Veil Lower Veil and Earth are all magical places with Angels and Demons around every corner The cast of characters in this book is awesome Annie is a strong female lead character with a dark edge and tough personality I loved creating her and diving into her head Micha is a heart throb whose loyalty to Annie is both touching and sincere I also loved making the other characters like Gabe and Hare and Luke and the other Archers They are what make the bookIf you enjoy a CLEAN young adult fantasy novel with crazy worlds and a fun cast of diverse characters this is the one for you It is the first of two in my Wingless Series Wingless by Taylor LavatiI really enjoyed this book I like a bit of paranormal this is my first one about Angels and DemonsAnnie is nearly 16 and for an Angel this will be the biggest day in her life as on her 16th Annie will get her wings something she has longed for as she wants to become a fighter Annie has been training hard with Micha who she has a fondness to When the day arrives it doesn't go to plan Now Annie worries what will happen to her nextThis book I would say was a young adult read I did really enjoy it The writing is faultless and the characters work really well together I'm looking forward to the next one I'm looking forward to seeing what is going to happen between Annie and micha

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  • Wingless Wingless #1
  • Taylor Lavati
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  • 12 January 2016
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