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Emily Ever After❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Emily Ever After Author Anne Dayton – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk A uirky and uick witted girl moves to Manhattan and holds on for dear lifeEmily Hinton needs out She comes from a small town in California where the church handbell choir concert passes for a decent w A uirky and uick witted girl moves to Manhattan and holds on for dear lifeEmily Emily Ever eBook ¿ Hinton needs out She comes from a small town in California where the church handbell choir concert passes for a decent way to spend a Saturday and she's known all the boys since kindergarten She dreams of sophisticated people love and Louis Vuitton When she lands a job at the world famous publishing house Morrow Sons in New York she knows that she is finally on her way She packs her bags says good bye and sets out for Manhattan where she will fit in even if it kills herIn spite of her navet she uickly becomes friends with the girls at work and begins to learn a thing or two about how things are done in Manhattan She soon attracts the attention of the handsome Bennett and is swept into a whirlwind romance but an overnight visit to his parents' home at Thanksgiving and his seemingly idle flirtations with one of her colleagues give her second thoughts about what Bennett really wants Her uncertainty about her feelings escalates when one of the hometown boys she left behind reappears in her life Emily's days at the office are also becoming complicated an ambitious editor is breaking all the rules to publish a controversial book that demeans everything she believes in Will she stand up for what she knows is right and risk losing it allBalancing her passion for the glamour of New York City with her determination to live by her morals turns out to be much difficult than Emily ever imagined Her roundabout uest for happiness will endear her to anyone who has ever dreamed of making it big and faced than a few pitfalls along the way. This book was not my cup of tea at all This is Christian chick lit which I was unaware of when I started Once I found out I opened my mind as I am always looking for a new story to be told The only problem with this one was the main character Everything was about being Christian only in the next sentence she would judge someone and make fun of them or look down on them as being inferior Not very Christ likeI cannot stand reading that demeanor for fun Where the book really lost me was when the main character narrated that she thought life would be easier for her because she had God on her side And this belief was held throughout the book After that I had to move on Hmmmm I had a hard time deciding whether or not I liked this book As a Christian myself I thought it was a pretty good read and really did depict the struggles that young Christians have in an era where our morals are constantly challenged I thought the author did a really good job in incorporating some of the different facets of Christians including those who say they are Christians because that's what their family has always been but don't actually believe In the end though there are a few things that I had issues withWhen Emily says that the book proposal about the death of God and the death of family aka her BIG MOMENT OF TRUTH she says that the book is full of false ideas and if published people might believe them I believe that people can believe what they want to believe but they certainly have the right to express their own thoughts and most people have the capacity to think for themselves though you wouldn't know it sometimes That being said Helen did mislead her bosses and I'm glad that storyline got tied upEmily flips out on Jacob for maybe going a bit too far with another girl when she pushed the boundaries with Bennett? I mean I PERSONALLY think a man and a woman can share a bed and have it remain platonic but that's certainly not what Emily thought or was comfortable with So I thought it was a little crazy hypocritical and judgmental for her to call Jacob out like thatI feel as if it were a bit of a cop out seeing her return to her hometown of Jenks With a promotion and a stronger stance on her faith she left New York with the impression that Christians can't survive in a city like New York Basically she also left New York for a guy So it was kind of a letdownI usually don't read Christian fiction novels because I find they overly preachy but I felt like this one was decent It has some really good parts and tt was pretty humorous but I'm not sure I would ever recommend it to any of my Christian or non Christian friends Okay let me first make a disclaimer I am not a reader of chick lit I don't have a problem with those who are but it's not really my genre Why then did I read this book? Excellent uestion I got it for a dollar at the library near where I work In a moment of boredom I decided that it might be funny to read a book about a girl with my name working in Manhattan Mostly I wanted the book for the cover which I thought would be cute on my wall I mean I look like this girl minus the emaciated figure and ugly ankle bootsThis book was what you'd expect not very well written funny in moments but overall boring and all about making women look a bit dumb when it's supposed to make us look cool Why do I care about a girl who is desperately in search of a good Christian boy in the un religious city? What happened to in search of spiritual enlightenment? The book reads like the journal of a middle schooler not like the life of a woman who moves to Manhattan to work for a publishing firm after college How dare she have my name and be so lame I think this book is even bleh for chick lit Readers of the genre beware Had no idea this was a Christian novel considering the description on the book jacket made no mention of it however after the first chapter I knew there was something different about the book I continued reading deciding to give it a chance It was definitely an easy light hearted read As a New Yorker I enjoyed the various references to the City and as a 20 something female related to the main character But as someone who is not Christian the religious references definitely threw me for a loop and I was afraid the novel would get too preachy which it did not I was a little put off how the main character felt that New Yorkers did not accept Christians considering that nearly 80% of the US is Christian and that diversity and acceptance is a cornerstone of NYC The story also tended to get a bit saccharine borderline teen drama However since the religious nature of the book was different from what I'm used to I decided to keep reading and can say that I am not regretful I did This is absolutely an amazing book Emily gets a dream job she's always wanted and when she actually gets the job she's dying She uickly heads to New York in no time She uickly becomes close with a few girls that are already working there She meets Bennett who she finds very attractive They go to church together and they suddenly get close Emily is not really sure if she wants to be with Bennett Bennett's ex girlfriend Skylar has been extremely pushing Emily's button She soon hears different rumors which get her thinking like 'Is Bennett worth it?' Then her friend emails Emily and says that she has met a boy that Emily has been friends with since childhood Emily later finds out that Bennett was with her because he was trying to forget Skylar She uickly dumps him and she meets her friends from the old times His name is Jacob Keller and they have been friends for years They get closer and they both end up loving each other Such a plot twist and everything turns out the way you can’t even imagine Emily has wanted to live in New York her whole life The hustle and bustle of city the glitz and glam and of course the big editing jobs But they’ve not really been attainable considering Emily lives in Jenks California Yeah I hadn’t heard of it either but apparently it’s about the size of my hometown bite sizeEmily doesn’t get to follow her dream to New York in college the money just isn’t there but she bides her time and finally gets the opportunity as an assistant to a neurotic editor thanks to her once rich and powerful now food shelter organizer uncleAs always when you move to a new big place Emily feels lonely and out of the loop But things uickly change when she makes some girlfriends at work and finds the only other Christian it seems in her workplaceBut things don’t stay on cloud nine forever This new hunk of burning may not have the same ideals as Emily does when it comes to a relationship her roommate is not as friendly as she had hoped and there’s a new book being pitched at work that goes completely against everything she believes And now she’s not so sure New York was really the right place for herThere is a patch of blue in the cloudy sky though in the form of her 1st grade boyfriend whom she actually never broke up with Jacbo becomes Emily’s go to and they spark an email relationship that may end up igniting a major fireLet me preface this review with if you give me a book that is about books I’m almost in love already I really loved this book for a number of reasons Maybe not all of us but most of us from a small town at one time or another have the dream of ditching the small town and heading to the big city most with the Big Apple in mind That may never become a reality but living through someone else’s that may just do the trick And when they snatch an editing job even if it is as an assistant I am frothing at the mouth I love my job as a journalist but I think reading and editing as a career wow how can you beat it?I like that Emily really learns about herself through this move to New York She has always been a Christian but kind of hides that when she gets to the big city She goes out a little drinks a little and tells people her “secret” a little less I am a Christian and not afraid to admit it but I’m not really a fan of books with major religious plots This is nothing that I haven’t blogged about before and I will probably turn down the book if I know beforehand religion is a major role but if it’s woven through it doesn’t really bother me In this book I think it worked very well just because it showed the Emily had something she felt strongly about and it ended up being a big game changer in her life The passion for religion and her beliefs at the end of the book is one that made me want to be passionate about something It really worked in this storyThe characters other than Emily’s roomate were all pretty likeable in this book The thing I liked most about Emily though was the girl she became in emails When we first meet her she’s a little timid small mouse in a big city As the story goes along she lightens up a bit But when she emails Jacob she just comes to life I think a lot of people are this way I know I can say a lot to people through email than I can in person My problem comes with my emotions Every time I need to confront someone in person I cry Through email I can say what I want and be fine The voice in the emails was one of my favorite things in the bookI really liked this book and give it 5 bookmarks I am so torn on this book Overall very cute fun clean story I love Christian Chick Lit I love fun fluff This book would have easily gotten 5 stars but I had trouble with the drinking references and no not what one might think I don't have a real problem with characters in Christian fiction socially drinking and like a previous reviewer stated the one time she did get drunk she regretted it and it never happened again but the problem I had was how acceptable and OK it was for them all to make fun of Christians who don't drink at all and the Christians who don't drink were looked down upon Even by the main character Who hid she was even a Christian until the very end and then didn't change at all to the point the last few pages she was laughing along with the others when she drank a diet Coke at a bar Really?? It was the mockery I could do without It was unnecessary I don't feel Emily grew or matured in her faith at all and she didn't come across as a very nice person OR smart Looking back 4 stars may be generous but I DID read the book in one day and it WAS overall entertaining except for a couple of parts I LOVED AND ADORED The Book Of Jane Highly recommend that one and I am eagerly looking forward to Consider Lily I love these authors' writing style I just wished if Emily chose to socially drink she didn't have to mock others for not doing so Her witness was off I really loved the Book of Jane by this author so was excited to read Emily Ever After Sadly I was really disappointed with this bookThere were a lot of things that I just didn't like about this book First they made Emily sound like a backwoods hick and anyone NOT from New York a backwoods hick Now granted I know New York is a whole different worldbut come on just because we don't hail from the east coast doesn't mean that we are naive to the rest of the worldSecond for someone who had such great convictions Emily was sure uick to throw them out the window at the first opportunity She lacked maturity and was a bit high schoolish in her behavior Granted she was just out of collegebut it just didn't work for meI did like the story between her and Jacob and felt that was something that could have been expounded upon rather than wasting so much time on other thingsalso her relationship with her uncleI'm looking forward to reading Consider LilyI'm hoping that it is of the same caliber as Book of Jane Though written as a Christian book this story would appeal to any chick lit fan It's kind of like a Sex in the City book without all the sex drinking and bad behavior Okay there is a little drinking But these two authors make a great team and should be writing Read of my review at Examinercom where I write about Christian fictionhttpwwwexaminercomchristian fic Really liked the Book of Jane but Emily Ever After fell a little short It had a really uick read unbelievable romance and I ended up being a little disappointed Still had an pretty enjoyable storyline and was an easy read

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