Cowboy Up

Cowboy Up❦ Cowboy Up free download ➜ Author DAnn Lindun – Seven men as tough as the westSeven women who know how to Cowboy Up A book bundle featuring some of the hottest Western authors around Each story is uniue The bundle goes from sweet to sizzling with a Seven men as tough as the westSeven women who know how to Cowboy Up A book bundle featuring some of the hottest Western authors around Each story is uniue The bundle goes from sweet to sizzling with a story sure to please every fan of Western Romances Always Cowboy by Allison Merritt The past is better left behind unless it offers a brighter future Cowboys Don’t Cry by Vickie Taylor A broken cowboy with nothing left to loseexcept his heart A Cowboy’s Heart by Leslie Garcia Teenage lovers torn apart by betrayal Have seventeen years changed everything—or nothing The Heartsong Cowboy by Melissa Keir Can two people one horse and the power of love cure a little girl Cowboy Trouble by Autumn Piper She’s decided to make some bad choices this weekend Chasing a Cowboy by Sara Walter Ellwood He’s running from heartbreak She’s chasing after love Their hearts will never be the same Cowboy Bred Cowboy Born by D’Ann Lindun Freedom or family Only love can make the choice. This is for Cowboys Don't CryFluffy and easy read I needed a light and engaging story and this hit the spot What a fun ride I might be a little chafed in a good way lolSome of the stories in this set were heart string tuggers Some were fun romps All were entertaining My two favorites were Cowboy Trouble by Autumn Piper and Cowboys Don’t Cry by Vickie TaylorThese two both showed exceptional characterization With Autumn Piper's Cowboy Touble the heroine Suzie was so believable as a Texas debutante Not only were her speech and manerisms spot on but her thoughts reflected her privileged southern uppringing Her past was so poignant to me Her issues felt so real and I wanted so badly for her to get her happy ever after with Cash the cowhand from her daddy's ranchWith Cowboys Don't Cry Vickie Taylor treated me to an opening scene the likes of which I've never seen before There were blood and guts secrets and shotguns and instant attraction I was hooked from page one and couldn't put the book down 'til the happy endingThe others in the set are good too They all entertained me This set is definitely a great value I highly recommend it especially for Piper's and Taylor's contributions Say Yes to Cowboy Up This fantastic box set has some of the best cowboy romances that will keep you entertained and wishing you had your very own cowboy I was excited to read this series because it included Cowboy Bred Cowboy Born by D’Ann Lindun but I enjoyed the other 6 stories as well I am astonished this awesome set only cost so little This is a definite must read for any western cowboy or just plain romance lover Cowboy upI like this box set of books I would recommend this book to anybody that likes a little sex that leads to marriage I had only one story that I bypassed that I wasn't interested in It was a lot of romance which I like I also like the struggles for them getting to the point of marriage and getting together This box set of Cowboys is amazing I have laughed and cried through it all Who doesn't like Cowboys They work hard and still take care of their families I am a huge fans of westerns so the chance to read an anthology of the genre was really compelling While I did enjoys some authors work than others I found all the shorts to have a uniue twist to them taking us on very different adventures some uite unexpectedMy hat off to these ladies and their collection It's a great way to expose readers to authors and a wide range of interpretations of the genre I won't say who but one storyline was uite near and dear to my heart and I've never read a book that touched on the subject matter before My hat off to this author that she has such a compassionate heart Story #1 GoodStory #2 Needed to check the spelling of Reba McEntire's nameStory #3 a Needed scenePOV break in Ch 5 b Had a wrong scene break later in chapter c Chapter 6 was too short imho d Chapter 7 needed a scene breakRest of the stories were AWESOME Every once in a while a girl gets the urge to find herself a cowboy Or in this case seven cowboys This is an enjoyable cross section of writers at a terrific price Great bookGood reading material all the stories are heartwarming and full of romance and suspense You are unsure of the outcome until the end Got steamy Enjoyed the characters and plot Easily readI chose 5 because it held my interest The events between the characters was not the typical actions of coupled newly introduced hold and daring