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Minnas Patchwork Coat❴BOOKS❵ ✭ Minnas Patchwork Coat Author Lauren A. Mills – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk In this charming historical novel acclaimed artist Lauren A Mills reimagines her beloved picture book The Rag Coat with fifty delicate pencil illustrations and an expanded story about a resilient litt In this charming historical novel acclaimed artist Lauren A Mills reimagines her beloved picture book The Rag Coat with fifty delicate pencil illustrations and an expanded story about a resilient little girl her patchwork coat and how the two bring a community together Minna and her family don't have much in their small Appalachian cabin but people only need people Papa always reminds her Unable to afford a winter coat to wear to school she's forced to use an old feed Minnas Patchwork PDF/EPUB ² sack to keep her warm Then Papa's terrible cough from working in the coal mines takes him away forever and Minna has a hard time believing that anything will be right againuntil her neighbors work tirelessly to create a coat for her out of old fabric scraps Now Minna must show her teasing classmates that her coat is than just rags it's a collection of their own cherished memories each with a story to share. For decades readers have cherished author illustrator Mills’s award winning picture book The Rag Coat so much that they wanted —finally Mills has obliged In the early 1900s Minna’s impoverished Appalachian family can’t afford a winter coat for her meaning she can’t go to school and is an outcast among the other children When after tragedy the sewing mothers of the community come together to uilt a coat for her out of scraps from their own children’s favorite old possessions Minna faces an interesting dilemma She loves the children from their mothers’ stories and has trouble reconciling the meanness they display towards her and the prejudice some display towards her biracial friend with their secret selves This nuanced story about bullying has instant classic appeal stemming from the setting’s rustic charm the goodness of the characters Mills’s deft and humorous wordplay and—of course—the beautiful works of art that accompany the prose This is the kind of book that’s guaranteed to be treasured Ages 8 12 Everything about this book is wonderful the illustrations the writing the characters the history the sadness wisdom and humor The themes are timeless Do girls still have a tendency to gang up on each other and be mean? Do kids still struggle with a parent's death? Do kids still struggle with poverty? Do older sisters still take care of a younger sibling? Does racial tension still exist in this world? Do kids still love something that was specially handmade that other kids like to make fun of? Minna's Patchwork Coat demonstrates Lauren Mills' amazingly diverse creative talents as both author and illustrator From her wonderful story with a positive caring message to her stunningly beautiful cover painting to her beautifully sensitive interior pencil drawings Mills' debut elementary school chapter book is certain to engage and inspire every young reader I picked up this book to read something easy and fun I enjoyed meeting the characters as the author introduced them Bullying from classmates who were taught a lesson to be Kind Don't let anyone bad behavior change yours said Lester Great lessons we learn from children Minna is the girl we all wish we were when we were children Even if she’s going through hard times and trials she is still finding the silver lining in everything The setting was easy to wrap your head around and so beautifully portrayed Aunt Nora tells it like it is but still makes you want to hug her for her kindness I originally thought this book seemed too serious for a kid’s book but the message is so perfect that I disagreed with my initial assumption I can’t wait to read this to my daughter when she gets older Treat yourself to this book especially if you are a teacher or were once a child in a house of modest means but much love December 16 2015By Anne L Larsen This review is from Minna's Patchwork Coat HardcoverI read my mother's copy of this book and have been following its evolution through the author's posts on social media I hope to receive this book for Christmas I share Ms Mills' fondness for the Dolly Parton song Coat of Many Colors and I am delighted that Mills chose to develop backstory for this musical vignette In particular I love the way she has stitched the human need for stories our own and everyone else's into the fabric of Minna's coat She is wearing her entire community and the knowledge that even some of the bullies and creeps have their wounds and secret joys Once she learns of these her attitude toward these children changes; once they realize she knows their stories their attitude toward her changes as well We all long to be understood and it is understanding that defeats the rancor and establishes the field for accord if not friendship Barry Lopez in his stunning short story Crow and Weasel says we all have an obligation to learn to tell stories and to hold stories told to us by others We need stories to keep us safe and like water and salt we need stories to survive Vicktor Frankl author and psychotherapist Man's Search For Meaning says that no matter how devastating our situation no matter how thoroughly we are trapped or crushed we always retain control over our attitude toward that situation the way we map meaning onto our experience And that this meaning comes wrapped in stories Minna's situation is dire yet her joy and love are abundant because she is loved herself I teach in rural West Virginia not too far from where Ms Mills sets this story Sadly the kind of grinding poverty depicted in this 19th century tale is very much alive and well here So too are the deep prejudices of the kind that play a central role in this novel I would absolutely recommend this book to my colleagues as a read aloud and as a chapter book for fourth grade and up I want the students here to make a coat of many colors that their entire class could wear metaphorically and share They need to learn the stories they hold in common even if the characters are particular to each one of them Absent fathers addiction foster care parents working multiple jobs frustration and isolation I also want them to learn how owning those stories can transform them they can become the actors in their own futures instead of passively subsiding into an unsatisfying or even deadly narrative This novel shows them one way to do this and classroom discussion of this story will teach them other strategies including ones they did not know they held within themselvesLauren Mills is a multiple award winning illustrator whose portraits are especially powerful In this novel she has shown that just as she can lay down a pencil line that perfectly captures a gesture a soft tension in the face or hands she can lay down language too As a writer and artist myself I can see how her visual arts skills have made her language skills vivid and precise with just the right details to tell us exactly what we need to know for the story to breathe Treat yourself to this book but especially if you are a teacher Or a uilter Or were once a poor child 35 stars This review is also available on my blog Read Till DawnFirst let me just say that I debated about putting that teaser at the top of the page The story isn't plotted out at all the way it suggests and it isn't actually until the end of the book that Minna actually takes her patchwork coat to schoolMarketing uibbles aside though let's talk story I thought this was a really cool one because it took something I knew very little about life in the Appalachians and turned it into a fascinating background for the story Minna's Patchwork Coat is full of poignant messages about family friendship and racism and all the way those three subjects can be woven together A boy Lester who's part African America part white and part Native American is despised by everyone but the Native American grandmother he lives with until he and Minna become friends His grandmother Aunt Nora is so smart and so good at healing and yet is left so entirely out of the community because of the color of her skin And Minna of course is just as cut out of the community but for a different reason she's so poor she can't afford a coatThis is a really good example of how middle grade novels can still dig into deep topics and come up with some serious themes without ever straying onto edgy territory Minna's Patchwork Coat is a wonderful book for kids of any age full of no violence than the unseen death of Minna's convalescent father It is somehow a gentle book even as it depicts grief and racism and bullying and everything else Minna struggles with throughout the book gentle because it's honest without ever once beginning to relish its harsher themes It comes across as a very honest book portraying the true emotions and experiences of a little girl growing up in the Appalachians one whose father dies whose best friend is shunned by the rest of her society and whose family is so poor she literally can't go to school because she doesn't have a warm coat for walking to school in the winterI think kids will appreciate the straight forward depiction of Minna's reality while still being enchanted by the stories behind the patchwork coat I know I certainly would have loved Minna's Patchwork Coat at a younger age because I would enjoy the mix of historical fiction I always loved books that made me feel smart by teaching me something and optimism For at its core despite the hard themes that run through it Minna's Patchwork Coat is a story about an extremely optimistic girl who learns some sad truths but still does her part to draw her community together through the patchwork coat made from their most beloved memoriesDo I recommend it? Yes I'm not going to say I think everyone should run out and buy it this instant but I do think it's a good book It's worth a read it it's handy and it's definitely worth looking into if you know a kid who's into historical fictionDisclaimer I received an ARC of this book from KidLitCon Mills L A 2015 Minna's patchwork coat New York NY Little Brown and CompanySummary Minna is a seven year old girl living in cabin on the edge of town with her mama papa and younger brother Clemmie Minna wants so badly to go to school but doesn't have a coat to keep her warm Her family doesn't have that much money and often times barters with neighbors or sells crops to get the things they need After making a deal with Aunt Nora a Cherokee woman Minna begins to learn about plants and how they can be used for healing in exchange for teaching Lester Aunt Nora's grandson how to read and write Eventually Minna becomes very close with Aunt Nora and Lester and after her papa dies they help Minna and her family make it through the year As the next school approaches all of the woman who sew uilts with Minna mama agree to gather some scraps in order to make Minna a coat so she can go to school Each scrap tells a story about the person it came from many of which are Minna's classmates When she first get to school she has trouble making friends and is teased by many of the other kids After many trials and tribulations Minna is able to share her patchwork coat with her classmates who finally realize you should never judge a book by it's cover uestions 1 What does Minna's papa mean when said people only need people and nothin' else? How does this lesson come up throughout the story?2 In the beginning of the story Minna her family Aunt Nora and Lester dodid not go to school Where do they learn everything about surviving farming reading etc? Many families pass stories information and lessons down from generation to generation Think of something you have learned from your family or elder How is that similar to the way Minna and others in her community learn?3 Why was the pinwheel uilt than just a uilt? What did it symbolize for Minna's family?4 What did the patchwork coat mean for Minna? What did it symbolize for Minna? Think about how it is like the pinwheel uilt5 Think about the phrase never judge a book by it's cover How does it tie into the story? Think about all of the characters and how they were misjudged or how their background stories tell about them then their actions toward Minna ARC from KidlitconMinna's family is struggling to make ends meet in early 1900s Appalachia Her father is suffering from black lung disease so her mother sells patchwork uilts to keep the family fed Minna is not able to go to school because she lacks proper clothing although her mother has taught her to read She watches her younger brother and is learning about herbal treatments from the local wise woman Aunt Nora who is part Cherokee Aunt Nora's grandson Lester is not allowed to go to the school so Minna teaches him what she knows When Minna's father dies things get even worse but the community rallies around and the group of uilters makes a coat for Minna to wear to school The mean girls make fun of her but she knows the love that went into the coat and wears it proudly Strengths This had a very Little House on the Prarie fell to it triumphing against adversity doing what must be done etc Good descriptions of daily life in Appalachia with an emphasis on racial toleranceWeaknesses This was rather didactic and slow moving since this is an elaboration of a picture book There are a few mentions of Cherokee culture and I don't know enough to know whether or not they are accurateWhat I really think When I was a child I would have adored this book on so many levels I loved history I loved sewing and the moral tales of LMMontgomery and Alcott were some of my favorites That said my students today don't like ANY of those things so it would make no sense for me to buy it Elementary students might like this gentle tale than middle school students would Minna’s Patchwork Coat is a richly textured Appalachian story with many layers and a charming narrative The plot is engaging Sadly Minna’s father passes but his spirit and memories help ease her grief In order to earn money for the family her mama joins the uilting Mothers to stitch beautiful uilts to sell in the larger cities When the mothers work on a colorful pattern called Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors Minna longs for such a beautiful coat so she can go to school The mothers work tirelessly to create a uilted coat out of old fabric scraps Minna picks the scraps which carry a story about many of the students at school who tease her Hearing their mothers share their stories helps Minna get to know each one better including the bullies The coat is finally finished and she proudly wears it to school on “sharing day” She is teased by the other children about her coat of rags until they realize that those rags carry bits of their own history A beautiful tale that teaches children about the bond of community and their connection to each other

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