Night of the Dragon

Night of the Dragon❰PDF❯ ✩ Night of the Dragon Author Apollo Blake – Lilac Xia Jones is a beacon her blood is an irresistible lure for all supernatural beings As she attempts to make sense of her ancient lineage and the power that rests within her a darkness begins to Lilac Xia Jones is a beacon her blood is an irresistible lure for all supernatural beings As she attempts to make sense of her ancient lineage and the power that rests within her a darkness begins to overtake her life and games much older than she is begin to be played in earnest for the first time in almost a centuryEPISODE Night of the DragonIn the series premiere Lilac and her talking cat Chester are left home alone to contend with a rogue Night of eBook ´ dragon and a pack of angry witches but it’s nothing a mysterious little potion and a brawl can’t solve is it. For once I just want to spend an evening sitting on the couch with my laptop balanced on my knees and a sea of junk food spread around me like the debris from a very delicious plane crashCute light fun and freeLilac is a likeable heroine She has purple hair I plan to dye my hair purple later this year so obviously I think that's awesome I like the mentions of different scenarios she's been in—those involving an alien king or a sorceress or some kind of overlord I like that we were just thrown into the world with no infodumping about how I came to be fighting otherworldly beings I hope to see how Lilac interacts with people in future installments—classmates friends etc We already found out she punched a guy in the face for being rude to a girl So that's pretty awesome This was cute slap happy adorable fun Our MC is a teenage girl named Lilac who just wants a uiet night to herself Just a uiet night with her blue slushie and her computer that is all she wantsShe reminds me of Buffy in a way trouble is attracted to this girl like a moth to a flame She's a little surly and reads very true to teenage brain soup I loved her AND Moniue the fashionista dragon is like a hilarious mix of Pam AND Lafayette from True Blood which is a big ole win for me I just finished editing the new edition and I'll publish it sometime later today meaning it should go live tomorrow and I'm actually on schedule for once It's my own schedule and nobody gets mad at me when I miss my deadlines except for me but it's still nice to meet them So here's a newly polished fresh looking new edition of a story I wrote in high school that I put out way before I was really ready to start publishing To be fair they say doing things before you're ready is the ultimate method of learning and I might be inclined to agreeI decided 2020 is the year I want to hit this series with the productivity stick again so I outlined the final episodes a week or so ago It's going to be 13 episodes in total each of them are outlined and titled now and I'm going to be rolling out episodes 5 8 or so this year hopefully if I don't die from attempting to multitask three serials at once as well as writing seuels for some of my novels2020 is THE YEAR OF GETTING SHIT DONE and I will hear no debateThat said I had a lot of fun coming back to a story I wrote at 17 and last edited at 19 or so to really drag it through the editing cycle again this time with a vengeance It's a much better story for it and the new cover is flashy as hellLinks to come This is a funny original uick paced short story about a sixteen year old girl who finds herself in bizarre situations through no fault of her own In the past Lilac's had to deal with an evil sorceress who curses her cat and had to assume the role of tech support for an alien king She's a beacon for supernatural trouble and as soon as her parents leave the house trouble crash lands in her backyard in the form of a fashion forward dragon My favorite uote But the fact is my parents will be home in half an hour and there is nothing in this world powerful than a teenager attempting to avoid being grounded Which means that no matter what happens now I am getting that damn dragon out of my yard one way or anotherChester the talking cat is pretty amusing as well He reminds of the goldfish in Cat in the Hat warning the kids to clean up the mess before the parents get home It was short and I still ended up skimming it so To offset a revenge review by someone else who hasn't read this piece