Orphans Song The Songkeeper Chronicles #1

Orphans Song The Songkeeper Chronicles #1❰Reading❯ ➿ Orphans Song The Songkeeper Chronicles #1 Author Gillian Bronte Adams – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Her solo is a death sentence Deep within the world of Leira flows a melody that was sung at the beginning of time by Emhran the Master Singer Now it is broken buried forgotten But in each generation a Her solo The Songkeeper Epub Þ is a death sentence Deep within the world of Leira flows a melody that was sung at the beginning of time by Emhran the Master Singer Now it is broken buried forgotten But in each generation a Songkeeper arises to uphold the memory of the Song against those who want it silenced forever When Birdie first hears the Song coming from her own mouth her world shatters She is no longer simply Orphans Song MOBI :¿ an orphan but the last of a hunted people Forced to flee for her life she must decide whom to trust—a traveling peddler a streetwise thief or a mysterious creature who claims to know her past With enemies at her heels and war threatening to tear her homeland apart Birdie soon discovers an overwhelming truth the fate of Leira may hinge on one orphan’s Song. This book fulfilled my hopeful expectations I believe Behind the absolutely gorgeous cover we find an enchanting tale akin to The Chronicles of Narnia yet it's ownBirdie is an orphan just trying to protect herself from Madame's harsh words and the two terrors the woman's spoiled sons Strangely she hears a Song that no one else seems to hear Her peddler friend Amos McElhenny warns her away from singing it but Birdie is determined to figure out what people are hiding from her This throws her into a perilous journey filled with Khelari soldiers old secrets and the Underground For better or worse Birdie's life will never be the sameAlright ^^ I was so excited to read by Gillian Bronte Adams; because her books just look so beautiful and intriguing and filled with amazing fantasy And they are Orphan's Song caught me from the Prologue The writing style The promise of fantastic things to come The wonderful fantasy creatures and ideas I LOVED the whole allegory with the Song and the Songkeeper and all that lovely stuff It was beautiful and awesome and really touched my heartSpeaking of the Song yes Orphan's Song is a Christian fantasy from what I can see The things weren't expounded a whole lot I still saw a clear allegory and hoping for to come in the next book 3 Just beautiful And poignantThe characters were great From Birdie to Amos and Ky to Gundhrold I loved them I was uite intrigued by the whole group of street orphans and their lives together Ky was cool grins Birdie was sweet and brave; I really enjoyed her character and discovering her story with her Can't wait to read of her smilesOkay Evil Khelari soldiers Pirates Griffons Songkeepers Protectors Interesting cats It was all so incredible I was surprised and delighted again and again It's all so simply intriguing and grand Once again it really captivated me the way The Chronicles of Narnia does in a lot of ways I liked Gillian Bronte Adams's writing style It was lyrical and humorous and just great Kept you in the story and reading And just griffons EEP 3 3There was a bit violence and gruesomeness than I expected I might still let my thirteen year old sister read it but not sure My family's kinda sensitive when it comes to that sort of stuff Caution to younger children anywayThis book is for all fantasy lovers Mystery Allegories Mythical creatures Danger Battles Good versus evil All kinds of wonderful things Fans of CS Lewis and Anne Elisabeth Stengl will really enjoy Orphan's Song I believeAll in all Orphan's Song is an epic fantasy I'm so excited to read Book 2 in The Songkeeper's Chronicles Not to mention Gillian Bronte Adam's standalone Out of Darkness Rising Before I even had the privilege of reading this book I was expecting big things I had been reading her blog for a while and the short stories and writing articles were excellent I had no doubt that Orphan’s Song would hold my interest And Gillian didn't let me down This book was absolutely thrilling It most definitely held my interest and on the way captured a few hours of sleep yawns That’s what good books do to you Orphan’s Song had balance It balanced two different plot lines to change the story up It had enough light hearted moments to make you laugh but the seriousness of the situation was still there Two sides of the scale were being measured and Gillian evened them out When I first started the book I didn’t even realize that there were two different plot lines I was uite surprised when the perspective changed to this new character Ky But I was surprised in a good way His story I won’t say much in worry of spoilers might have been my favorite part of the book He seemed like such a sweet boy trying to act as a man You can’t help but root for himAnd then there’s the other main character Birdie One of my favorite parts of her was the talent of the Song she had been given but yet that was one of the most confusing parts for me It felt like it was an allegory but if it was the point did not come across clear enough for me to understand This was the biggest disappointment for me but it was easy enough to overlook so I could enjoy the rest of the book There were a few deaths in the book that were uite unexpected to me but Gillian didn’t go into much detail Violence wise it wasn’t bad at all I will be buying this in paperback form as soon as I can so I can add it to my lovely shelf of books I have such trouble finding good clean books to read so it was awesome to come across Gillian’s work I look forward to her upcoming books and will most definitely read them as soon as I get a chance My biggest complaint about this book the fact that it endedOther than that which sadly most books suffer from Orphan's Song was excellent I loved the characters particularly Amos His accent his history secrets oh the secrets his insults and other turns of phrase I need to add boggswoggle to my vocabulary his determination to protect Birdie even if he sometimes goes about it the wrong way he's just awesome Can he be real? Please? The idea of the Song and the Songkeeper was also fascinating at least the little I found out about it in this book I would've liked a few answers in that area but as it's the first book in the series I shan't complain Also there's a griffin A griffin This makes me enormously happy because fiction needs griffins and this one whose name by the way is Gundhrold is epic Plotwise Orphan's Song was very good The first switch from Birdie's plotline to Ky's caught me a little off guard but that's mostly because of what happened in Birdie's plotline right before the switch My only real issue with the plot is the ending which is a cliffhanger Not the most evil cliffhanger I've ever read but it's a cliffhanger nonetheless and I need book two now PleaseOverall Orphan's Song is an excellent book which I would recommend to lovers of fantasy both young and old This book is epicAfter all it is in the epic fantasy genre but still it's amazing I love Bronte's writing style the beautiful descriptions the good the bad And the characters Wow I bought the first book on sale and finished it a day or two later As soon as I finished it I bought the next bookMy only complaint is that the third book isn't released yet pouts Oh My Goodness I want the second book right now Not a bad little fantasy book I didn't find it particularly amazing but it was a fun ride I think the biggest issue I had with it was that I was expecting the characters to be a little older it did feel a lot middle grade honestly although that's not really anyone's fault but my own P I never really fell in love with the characters and found the world rather confusing although I did love all the talking animals and enjoyed the prose the descriptions of the Song swoons I'm giving it 3 stars but not because there was anything wrong with itjust not my favorite Second read so I enjoyed this the first time I read it apparently 3 years ago?? But I loved it so much this time around even though I literally remembered like 2% of things that happened Appreciated characters a whole lot this time around Read it in mostly one sitting #noregretsThis was a really neat book with an intriguing premise I really liked Birdie and her ability The Song was beautiful and I liked how she struggled with accepting how it was a part of her Ky was really interesting and I loved getting back to his story The Underground was really cool and I really liked getting to know about the kids that roamed the streets His story took a neat twist and I'm looking forward to seeing where his story will go Amos wasfrustrating He was a good character but he just frustrated me when he didn't let Birdie do something based on his vague past He did have an interesting backstory and after that ending I'm looking forward to seeing of his story The worldbuilding was great And it has gryphons which is a big plus P The world was full of neat little details that made it seem even real Overall it was a really great story and I recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy books with Christian themes and adventure I don't give 5 stars often I try to save them for the best books It's even less likely that I give 5 stars to a debut author as there is always room for improvement with themBut this debut by Gillian Bronte Adams breaks through with exceptional writing Birdie is an orphan who lives with a mean innkeeper and is used for cheap labor She longs to escape but has nowhere to run And she hears a strange but beautiful melody that no one else can hear When an evil Khelari soldier discovers her identity and captures her it's up to a traveling peddler with his own secrets to rescue her But there is than anyone knows at stake and it encompasses villages pirates street children and a mysterious creature with his own agendaOrphan's Song is a fantasy novel that has an interesting premise It is not uniue but Gillian writes enough twists and turns that the plot can't be predicted Her characters stand out and have distinct voices and they are easy to cheer forWhat sets this book into the 5 star range is the beauty of the writing Some books try to be fancy with words and descriptions and it becomes distracting Gillian has a wonderful touch of giving evocative description and showing that flows along with everything in the book The pictures she creates with her words elevates this from any standard fantasyI knew from Gillian's blog that she cared deeply about her craft and story and the proof is in Orphan's Song It has vaulted into the best book I've read this year The only problem is that I have to wait to find out what happens Great job Gillian This book has been sitting on my shelf since I got it for Christmas waiting to strike my fancy in a moment I was searching for a new read Fancy struck on Thursday but my day was so busy I carried it around all day and only read the first chapter However on Friday my work got canceled because of snow so I ended up plowing through almost the entire book in one dayThe first few chapters had me worried The story had it's uniue points but seemed to fall into the tired pattern of many fantasy stories You know the ones I'm talking about Poor orphan with mysterious beginnings Crotchety abusive guardian And a randomly talking animalThankfully uniueness spun out of the mundane beginnings The biggest strength of this story was the mystery Gillian masterfully steered clear of explaining too much too soon The mystery of The Song and the Songkeeper unravel slowly and reuire continued reading to discover what's going on The roots of pain that hold Amos to his past and cause him to fight destiny are slow reveal themselves The reader must keep on reading to learn what the prize the dark soldiers and the children of the Underground are fighting over is and why it's important And the talking cat? Well he's a mystery too ;At the end of the tale I can't say I was overly amazed by the innovation of this book Instead it settled itself comfortably in a comfortable tried and proven path and followed that path well That's not a bad thing in my book There was enough different to keep me intrigued and enough sameness to allow me a comfortable relaxes read I'll definitely be in the market for the seuel A well written adventuresome novel of a girl who has the Song within her heart a Songkeeper It is an allegory of trust faith hope in the one true God and a fantasy in an evil torn world I did so love this book and look forward to reading the continuing story in the next book SONGKEEPER