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This Christmas[KINDLE] ❆ This Christmas By Katlyn Duncan – This year if Hadley wrote her dream Christmas list it would go something like this1 Spend every waking – and sleeping – moment with her incredibly gorgeous boyfriend Will2 Figure out what’s been This year if Hadley wrote her dream Christmas list it would go something like this Spend every waking – and sleeping – moment with her incredibly gorgeous boyfriend Will Figure out what’s been bugging him lately Yes going away to college has been toughbut it’s time they reconnected Enjoy a sparkling Christmas in New York City gazing at the Rockefeller tree going ice skating and drinking steaming mugs of cocoa in Central ParkSo driving off to spend Christmas in a rustic cabin in the woods wasn’t exactly the plan But when it comes to her irresistible and at times impossible boyfriend nothing’s ever that simple And as fantasies of an icy Times Suare are replaced by a clumsily decorated tree making snowmen and the warmth of a log fire Hadley feels herself falling in love all over againExcept does Will have something to tell her that could change Hadley’s happily ever after Christmas dreams into a not so winter wonderland after allDon't miss this festive seuel novella to This Summer. This Christmas is a novella that follows characters from Katlyn Duncan's novel called This SummerIt takes us on a Christmas vacation with Hadley and WillI haven't read the full lenght novel but I thought this could be a uick read that would satisfy my craving for Christmas storiesI honestly believe that if I read This Summer I would enjoy this novella so much The story was solid nothing special but it was a good entertaimentI thin kthat the characters argued too many times considering the amount of pages of this readThe writing style is okay it reads easily and the story is written in first person following Hadley's POVIf you want give This Christmas a try I would suggest you to read first because I truly believe that in that case you will enjoy This Christmas This novella was sent to me in exchange for my honest reviewI really enjoyed this story and I haven't read this first book THIS SUMMER This book is a novella that comes after the first book in the series but I found that out after the fact But in spite of that knowledge I still found myself enjoying the cute story that this was The lead characters Hadley and Will go away for the holidays to a little cabin in the woods to rekindle their relationship I think because this is a holiday story I tend to enjoy a lot of cheesy love fests and while this story didn't really overdo the romance I think I would have excused it even if that was the case Hadley is trying to figure out whatever is wrong with Will and I think that having no context to their relationship DID hurt a little bit so I do recommend reading THIS SUMMER before this novella but I was still about to infer a lot of what was going on I'm glad that Duncan gave a bit of back story to these two I don't have much to say in terms of the structure of the story mainly because it just made me feel good That's what I think this story was meant to do There's nothing really too deep about it which isn't a bad thing at all In fact I've come to really love and appreciate stories that can become something without having too much Granted Will does have a bit of issue to deal with but it's nothing that's unpredictable or too dramaticNeither of the characters annoyed me or felt unbelievable Will did make me cringe every now and then mainly because I thought he was unnecessarily acting like a jerk but it didn't last long I thought the relationship between Hadley and Will was adorable And I definitely enjoyed how flawed Hadley appeared to be She gets herself into a few situations in this story that make you chuckleOverall I thought this story was a fun read It's a nice extension to what I assume is an eually adorable first book This was a great little novella follow up to This Summer which I read earlier in the year Will and Hadley are now living in New York but they having a rough time with their relationship Will seems distracted and Hadley is worried for their relationship When Hadley and Will are offered the opportunity to spend Christmas at a log cabin away from New York The pair pack there things and go away will the hope of saving their relationship This was a great short sweet Christmas read I love Christmas themed books and this one didn’t disappoint It was good to catch up with Will and Hadley and I hope that we get to see of them in the future Overall a great a sweet fun holiday read I received a review copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Hadley and Will head out to a romantic log cabin over the festive season A real christmassy feeling fills this short story Decorating the tree hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire christmas music playing Can she help Will find joy in the magic of Christmas again? They get away from the busy life in New York and rediscover the simple relaxing life A lovely book This is a seuel to This Summer and I'm keen to read that one nowMany thanks to Carina Uk and NetGalley for the chance to read this one Hadley and Will are having rough time in their relationship They thought it was a good idea to head out for a secluded cabin to spend holiday Things didn't go as expected at first but then everything fell into placeA beautifully written novella Best for holiday reading It was a sweet and adorable story I loved both Hadley and Will I think it is must read on This ChristmasPS I recieved a copy for an honest review Posted originally This Christmas is the festive novella seuel to This Summer continuing the romance story of Hadley and Will Although you don’t necessarily need to have read This Summer first I think you’d get a better reading experience if you did because there are a few references back that I understood because I’ve read the first book but not everyone will pick up on In This Christmas Hadley’s finals are over and she’s looking forward to spending her first Christmas in a relationship with Will – although his Scrooge like mentality seems to be stopping any sense of fun she had Concerned that Will was only interested in her for a summer romance Hadley is determined to get their relationship back on track by putting a smile back on his face and helping him enjoy Christmas I liked This Christmas a lot than the first book in the series It didn’t have many twists or surprises but it didn’t need them either – it was cute and light hearted and an easy read to put you in the Christmas spirit Hadley’s character has won me over a lot now and where in book one I was all about Will I think I actually preferred her here She was feisty and willing to stand up to Will when he was being inexplicably moody and she felt a lot fun here too without taking herself too seriously This Christmas was all about the story of Hadley and Will so I was a little worried I wouldn’t connect with the Christmas theme as much as I’d like to because for me Christmas is about being surrounded by your family But I was wrong because I loved how Katlyn wrote in Hadley’s text messages and communication with her parents and Ethan I really enjoy reading about Hadley’s family because they actually get along unlike uite a lot of New Adult books which seem to think all teenagers hate their family Hadley’s family’s involvement was written in perfectly to allow the focus to still be on Will and Hadley yet contribute to the festive feel of the novel because not many people of Hadley’s age would be away from their family at this time of year I loved the format to this book and how the chapters are all a countdown to Christmas Day As the countdown gets shorter the festivities increase and though at first I thought Will’s bad mood meant I wasn’t going to get much of a festive feel from the novella I was proved wrong again From putting up the Christmas tree and exchanging presents to Christmas carols and turkey This Christmas had a lovely build up of components to make it a happy time of a year for a young and in love couple There was even a snowball fight which I thought kept in fitting with the ages of both characters My only issue with this book was how abruptly it ended and it was way too uick The ending was cute and actually fitting but the whole book was leading up to Christmas day surely with the chapter names and how hard Hadley was working at getting Will to have a good time on the day So I thought it could have been worked differently because without offering spoilers the Christmas Day chapter wasn’t even needed it was over that uickly It was a shame that this book felt cut short because really it was charming and endearing throughout and a delightful Christmas read Through their ups and downs Hadley and Will have me constantly smiling – they’re such a sweet couple and I’m hoping I get to read from them both soon If you like your Christmas stories short and sweet This Christmas definitely needs adding to your listBook received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review You can see this full review and at Book Briefs  355This Christmas is a follow up novella to the first book in the This Summer series This Summer I really enjoyed this summer and I love holiday themed novellas so I was super excited to get to check in with Hadley and Will for some holiday fun This Christmas is a super uick read and it surprised me because it didn't start out the way I expected At all I am not going to spoil anything but I will say that I expected it to be some cute Christmas fluff but it was a little heavier than that I ended up loving this realistic feeling tone This Christmas wavers between Young Adult and New Adult I think it ended up on of the New Adult sideHadley and Will have been a couple for a couple of months now and something is up with them I really liked what Katlyn Duncan did because it is something that I have seen couples do a million times Girl notices something is up with boy Girl thinks it has to do with thing A which most of the time is something about Girl When in actuality boy is upset about thing B Or C or D But you would have no idea at all because he doesn't say anything So when This Christmas started I just kept thinking What the heck is up with Will?? And that is all you are getting Read the book and find out for yourselfI loved how into all things Christmas Hadley was And I don't blame her at all If I was in New York City around the holidays I would be at the Rockefeller center tree all the time too She was beyond adorable in this book Her excitement about Christmas was totally infectious and got me in the mood for the holidaysThis Christmas is a perfect follow up to This Summer I love that it lets you peek back in on Will and Hadley and I am super excited to see that the This Summer series will continue I think I can see what the next book will center around We got a little peak into some of the things coming up for Will and Hadley and we met a new character so maybe she will make an appearance in the next book as well If you like holiday novellas and you have read This Summer This Christmas is a fun follow up read You should read this one after reading This Summer though for context on the characters This review was originally posted on Book Briefs Yes yes I should have read the first book first I was planning on that but I just wanted to have a book fitting for a winter afternoon and this book seemed just perfect for that purposeI can honestly say that I am not looking forward to reading the first book The relationship in this book felt awkward and fake I didn't once feel a spark between these characters and I had the feeling that they were friends How they act towards each other the huge differences between them the conflicts just in a few days they had various conflicts about stuff and a few other things I just didn't believe in the romance And when the romance happened I didn't care for it any Our main character was interesting but I didn't like her that much I felt she was spoiled Too spoiled I mean seriously 34 boxes of presents? Hold on what? How rich is your family Why didn't you even think of your boyfriend? Why did you even think he would also have a bunch of presents Why if you are so rich did you only give him some dvd Come on girl give him some presents maybe something better than some dvd Yes I know he wanted that dvd and he was happy but it just felt disproportional I didn't like the guy at all I am not sure what he did in his life or what happened in his life But I found him a dick He was grouchy a lot of time angry at his girlfriend and a lot other things I just kept waiting for him to go away or break it up All in all I am very disappointed with this book It had some good parts but mainly bad and bleh parts Maybe I should have read the first book first but really if the relationship in this book is an indicator of how it will be in in the first book then I am not willing to invest my time in it I would rather read about relationships about people that MATCH and that have a sparkReview first posted at This is a festive seuel to This Summer; it definitely can be read as a standaloneWe catch up with Will and Hadley who are trying to reconnect after spending time apart with Hadley’s busy college schedule They had plans of an NYC festive filled Christmas taking in all the sights but plans change and they decide on a cabin that belongs to Will’s stepdad While Hadley loves the cozy small town fill of it Will has been less than in the Christmas spirit Nothing it seems that Hadley does can make him happy making her Christmas less than bright she wanted this time with Will to be magical even choosing him over her family to spend the holidays with She knows that Will never had many Christmas memories growing up so she takes it upon herself to make this one specialI loved these characters from This Summer so I was so happy when I saw there was a Christmas novella However I must admit I was a little mad at Will in the beginning I was like where's my Will that I fell in love with? This guy was all sour and gloomy I didn’t like him one bit But as the story went on I totally understood why he was the way he was Can’t expect someone who never had a very merry Christmas in his life to be full of jolly now can you? This is why I’ve loved this couple from the start They balance each other out so well you can’t help but fall them they bring out the best of each other They are always trying to help the other before themselves This is one read that is bound to break the shells of the meanest Scrooges out there 35 Stars This Christmas is an incredibly short but very easy to read short story about Hadley and Will's Christmas It may not have been the Christmas that Hadley was originally dreaming of spending with Will but when they are offered the use of a rustic cabin out of town they can't resist it After a busy few months they are in need of spending some uality time together So why is Will acting weird and should Hadley be worried about their future This Christmas is a seuel to This Summer which I haven't read I think this can be read as a standalone and its a uick snapshot into their life I do feel though that I would have enjoyed it a lot had I read the first book There is no real depth to the characters which I know is hard to achieve in such a small page count and I was very surprised to see the book finish on 73% I have a feeling this was meant as a seuel and that I should have taken the time to read This Summer first It does though give me an insight into the author's writing which I did enjoy but I just got the feeling that it could have been better This Christmas will definitely though leave you feeling Christmassy than when you start reading it A very likeable Christmas short story and I would be happy to have the opportunity to read of Katyln Duncan in the future to see what she can do properlyThank you to Katlyn Duncan for this review copy This was my honest opinion