Eterlimus❴Read❵ ➮ Eterlimus Author Aziz Hamza – A trader of slaves and flesh Eterlimus is notorious for his cunning plots and flamboyant lifestyle As the proprietor of Rome’s greatest pleasure house he rubs shoulders with society’s most powerfu A trader of slaves and flesh Eterlimus is notorious for his cunning plots and flamboyant lifestyle As the proprietor of Rome’s greatest pleasure house he rubs shoulders with society’s most powerful figures But few know of the tragic past hidden beneath his genial façade Most men would crave revenge from the King who’d cost them everything but Eterlimus has lost enough to know that blood only begets bloodThat is until news spreads of a violation so unthinkable the people demand an end to the King’s tyrannical rule It’s BC and the last Roman Kingdom teeters on the edge of collapse The pimp Eterlimus must face his past if he’s to finally take hold of his destiny. Eterlimus is a historical fiction novel written by Aziz Hamza a Saudi novelist and published in both Arabic and English It’s considered as the first novel in Roman history for a Saudi author What caught my eye was the main character’s role The revolution sparked a wave of anger amongst citizens across the Kingdom after Sextus the King’s son raped the noble woman Lucretia causing the fall of the last Roman Kingdom in 509 BC And the salvation of its citizens by the hands of a pimp called Eterlimus The premise was intriguing and the book wasn’t that big not your usual Roman history book full of overly complicated language and long descriptions so I’ve decided to give it a tryEterlimus himself is introduced as the only member of his family that had survived King Taruinius’s anger as he’d been rescued by his neighbor Flavius Since Flavius was a slave trader and not just a random one but a famous man who was trusted by the people we can imagine how the boy turned out growing up in such an environment He’s become famous among the wealthy of Rome as well with strong connections among the elite class that eventually had made his house of pleasure a second senate The author’s style flows naturally and makes it easy to get lost in the story I’ve always loved the theme of Rome and I think even back at school it was the only part of the History course that I actually enjoyed I won’t lie that I care much about all the dates and names and significant historical events But I’ve always found their civilization beautiful and fascinating and I’ve got plenty of Rome’s air from this book Only instead of boring historical facts throw in dark intrigues and cunning characters and you can imagine what this book is about I also liked the detail that the author put into every sceneI think for fans of historical fiction Eterlimus would make for a perfect weekend read I got a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review Roman empire has astonished me since I read Julius Ceaser Therefore when I received this book for reviewing I instantly said yes This is written by an author from Saudi which further aggravated my curiosity The book definitely has positives than it has negatives I am looking forward to reading books by the author read detailed review at A book is the only mean of time travel known to man And historical fiction is the best way to know your ancestors Therefore this genre has grabbed my attention since uiet some time This was the sole reason why I decided to read this book as soon as it was given to meThe cover page is tastefully done It takes you instantly to the roman empire which was at its worst phase which is described in the book The book is about Eterlimus who is the master of a pleasure house when the ruthless king Taruinius has got hold of the entire kingdom with force and treachery Eterlimus’s family was killed by the same king He was the sole survive of the family when Flavius took him under his wings and raised him like a son Eterlimus did not harbor the idea of revenge because he was taught better UNTIL one of the girls in his pleasure house was assaulted and mutilated on Sextus’s orders Eterlimus wants to avenge the girl and hence births a plan of Sextus’s downfall which throws people in fire than he hopes toThe story progresses uickly It is not one of those fat history text books The writing is also very gripping You will find yourself on the edge of the bed desperate to know what happens next The narration is like a play than a story There situations are in simple English whereas the dialogues are loaded with ancient English There is also a mix of tenses in the book at few places The narration is in past tense but certain places it jumps to present tense and first personThe characters carry shades of gray Each one is darker than the previous one There are few instances in the book which you may find shallow The love story of Eterlimus and Alba is not very convincing It felt like an obligation to put it in the book The book overall gives you the feel of ancient Rome which was exactly what i was going for The characters are described without being partial The book ends with a suspense This book calls for a seuelThe book is a fair attempt by the author I would like to see what he has in store for us nextReviewer VeenaAfter Dark Reading Nook I was given this book by the author in order for me to review it with an honest oppinion The story was extremely gripping I will give it that It was very historical and it was clear that the author had researched in detail Although very common in Roman History people had very similar names to one another due to family lines this did confuse the story Also the ending which could have been happy was actually very sad and made me feel disappointed This was particularly as the author was so close to giving Eterlimus a happy ending However Hamza's characters were very well mapped out and I did enjoy the book Eterlimus by Aziz Hamza is a 236 page historical novel I really liked Hamza’s uote ‘If we want to understand what is happening in the present and to see what will happen in the future we have to look into the historyGet ready to be transported back in time I was completely engrossed in this tale of backstabbing corruption and intrigue The writing and descriptions are excellent I felt as though each scene played out in my head like a mini movie Being of Italian descent I found this book about the fall of the Roman Empire to be a very interesting piece of historical fiction There are many great plot twists and excellent character development Aziz writes very well as the storyline flowed nicely with many facets weaved into this uniue tale I really enjoyed this book and recommend it for a uick but exciting read I received this book through Goodreads First Reads Eterlimus is surprisingly short only a little over 200 pages and printed in large font with wide line spacing I recently learned the author has background as a journalist and columnist which may explain how he could take such a rich complex culture like Ancient Rome and only present to the reader the details she absolutely needs to follow the story There is little empty detail the surroundings are hardly described outside of telling it is the senate or the pleasure house run by the titular pimp It's a style I am not used to with historical fiction but that doesn't mean I would not gladly digest such a style of storytellingHowever I do have some conflicting feelings regarding this book First of all I did not enjoy the translation job It felt somewhat dry at times like it was trying too hard to convey the feeling of a time long past and perhaps even a little graceless or left handed Secondly the titular character pimp Eterlimus isn't really a very likeable man at all He can be very petty moody and he is decidedly vindictive The book also includes one of the few things I absolutely abhor in any given story and that is the concept of true love being something that just magically happens when you see someone who is physically an exceptional beauty in your eyes It seems terribly superficial and I'm sorry but I really can't stand it everThis is not to say the book would be bad Despite the translating job making me cringe I do recognize Hamza's skill as a writer The plot develops well and the numerous twists ensure there are no dull moments in Eterlimus And though the main character was rather unlikeable he also struck me as very much human He felt real in all his flaws That is something I appreciate and I'm not one to claim that a main character would have to always win the hearts of the readership in order to make an excellent leading character to the story If the character evokes emotions and is believable that is than enough and that is what Eterlimus' person was This factor of realism is shown in many other characters in the book as well such as Brutus whose character demonstrates the very unfortunate aspect of human behaviour where one builds a facade to show to others in order to hide one's true intentions and goalsOverall a well built tale of political intrigue The book is very uniue in its choice of main cast which I appreciate I don't think I've ever before even heard of a book written mostly from the viewpoint of a brothel owner in Ancient Rome All credit to Hamza for such a fresh viewpoint 40 out of 5 starsProfound Infuence of History on Customs and Traditions of Future GenerationsScarlett Jensen on September 9 2015Format Kindle EditionThis book is a reflection of ancient Roman customs and traditions and how they are displayed in human vices and virtues giving shape to history of that time We see how political systems manipulate fate and destiny; they distort history and traditions and determined the future of Rome evil envy and malice destroy and sow malediction in the form of family murders and assassinations corruption tyranny and greed become self serving tools to satisfy the ego Eterlimus the protagonist and carrier of the symbol of riches influence and secrets of the nation survives while he has power and is influential Power and bloodthirsty individuals become cold blooded opportunists to achieve goals at all costs Fear and remorse of the wastfulness of man the embodiment of chastity and loyalty can change as life's pleasures are irresistible to the most virtuous of souls Vengeance is one of the faces of justice Eterlimus struggles violently between his conscience and the justification of his deedconspiracy betrayal and exclaims to his enemy Eterlima will kill you and pull out of your heart while you scream like a dirty pig To Brutus Eterlimus exclaims may treason be associated with anyone who carries your name and may it flow in the blood of your entire progeny until eternity Loyalty to a false god is greater than loyalty to Rome and its people Life's pleasures are not easily rejectedA uote which carries the theme of the book is when you walk the path of revenge know that someone will always follow your trail ; and know thyself relates to the fact that you should not harbour false truths or display a false decency; further The virtuous are among the the weakest and uickest to sinIf the gods chose Sextus as King of Rome the worst possible evil will befall itI am from Italian decent and can see how my past heritage has influenced my present The smells of Antica Roma are with me To the author I wish to thank you for your real account of ancient Rome and its people and thank you for taking the time to show us that we are the future through our past historyA beautiful novelScarlett Jensen8 September 2015 If you enjoy reading anything involving the Roman Empire then you will love Eterlimus Eterlimus follows the tale of well Eterlimus one of the most infamous playboys of the Roman era When the Roman Empire moves to the leadership of a cruel and tangent Lucius Taruinius Superbus many of the citizens are left suffering and in fear Etermilus turns into an unexpected hero as he becomes a revolutionary leader in his own right and is the one who can bring light back in these dark timesThis book follows the drama of the fall of the Roman Empire allowing you to delve into all aspects of that historical time I'm not sure what genre I would list this book under It had a bit of everything from drama to action to love and crime All aspects of this book are combined in a beautifully written way I have read uite a few books in this historical fiction genre especially ones targeting ancient Rome I have not read very many books involving the fall of the empire many seem to stick to the glory times of that period I felt this book was done in a very uniue way with a story that hadn't been over written by other authors It was a read that I didn't get that sense of 'deja vu' that I sometimes get when reading books in a similar genre This one wasn't written like any other book I've read The story moved at a perfect pace keeping me on my toes from the first chapter to the last page Between the storyline there are moments of betrayel love fighting for one's virtues sticking up for the good finding the bad and sacrifice I've rarely read a story that affected so many of my emotions in such a short period of time taking me on a roller coaster of hope despair pity and admiration for the characters involved Eterlimus is your stereotypical hero He's the kind of character that leaps from the pages and is vividly created in your imagination The Roman setting around him is brought to life beautifully with vivid detail I so easily fell into this story and all of it's twists and turns It was such an easy read transporting me to another time and place in the most entertaining of ways I'm definitely a fan I love the historical fiction genre especially Roman inspired pieces and this one has definitely made me an even bigger fan Aziz Hamza was a new author for me that I was really excited to check out I hadn't heard of this author before and wanted to read this book after reading through the description I really enjoy to check out new authors and I really was fascinated in this book after I saw the cover The cover looked so adventurous and exciting I really had no idea what to expect as I started to read the bookI really liked the fact that the story was around 100 pages This made it easy to read through within a couple hours The book is full of Roman history and I liked that it was easy to follow and the author didn't make things too confusing to understand Sometimes novels with Roman History can get a bit out of hand and they can be difficult to follow through I never got confused throughout this read and learned a lot as it went along I felt as though the author did a great job of describing the scenery and I felt as though I was right thereEterlimus is the main character in this book and he plays uite a mighty role He is the rare member of his family that survived King Taruinius’s anger Flavius rescued Eterlimus Eterlimus had a glowing childhood after being rescued by Flavius as he was one of the most successful slave traders I really enjoyed the roles of the characters and there are many characters to follow in this bookThis is probably one of the only books that I have ever read that had such a great history of Rome I have always been interested in Roman history but never really studied it The author does a great job of providing the reader with knowledge and I found it to be a successful read for me I would recommend it to others

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