Perfect Pair

Perfect Pair[PDF / Epub] ★ Perfect Pair ✈ Marilyn Conner Miles – Stunned by the loss of her paralegal job and with nowhere to live city girl Amber Preston agrees to take a temporary job as a house and pet sitter on a mini farm Problem is she’s never had a pet of Stunned by the loss of her paralegal job and with nowhere to live city girl Amber Preston agrees to take a temporary job as a house and pet sitter on a mini farm Problem is she’s never had a pet of any kind and now she must care for a collection of large and small animals when handsome ferrier Mick Christopher comes across her path Amber begins to wonder if all things come in pairs. Perfect Pair is a story of a city girl Amber taking a job feeding animals when she is laid off as a paralegal in Seattle On the mini farm she has a pair of horses a pair of cows a rooster and chicken two dogs two cats and one sheep to feed twice per day Mick shows up the first day to trim the hoofs of the horses Sugar and Spice From the first Amber and Mick are drawn to each other and as Amber finds situations she doesn't know how to handle with the animals Mick comes to help her out Amber finds she likes country life with the peace and uiet the clean air and millions of stars at night This is the setting for the romance between Amber and Mick another Perfect Pair Losing a job is tough but losing a job and realizing you can’t afford your Seattle apartment any is a double whammy When Amber discovers her parents can’t offer her than a garage to store her furniture in she realizes things are even worse than she thought Her brother’s fiancé tells her about a job pet and house sitting for a couple north of the city and Amber feels like it’s her only option even though she’s a city girl at heartThe job turns out to be much than she bargained for but she discovers that life away from the city rush can be just as breath taking Especially when it comes to a certain farrier named Mick who seems eager to tutor her in the care of horses and maybe love as well Can Amber adjust to life at a slower pace or will the lure of life in Seattle draw her back? Amber isn’t one to take life’s obstacles sitting down and I felt drawn to her character from the first page to the last This sweet romance is a great reminder of how important it is to take on life’s challenges even when they seem scary Amber loses her paralegal job and fancy Seattle apartment in one big whoosh Her parents store her furniture but she wants to get back on her feet ASAP She takes a job in northern Washington to housesit a few pets but she didn���t plan on barnyard animals who needed special food and medication She learns a lot from a sexy Ferrier named Mick that all the women in the area go gaga over Amber treats him like a normal guy and Mick is relieved by her genuine niceness He uses the animals as a rouse to get close to her and romance blossoms Amber then listens to idle gossip by a few jealous women who want Mick and that misunderstanding then threatens to tear apart their new relationship This is book 3 in the series Brenda the heroine from the previous book is Amber���s future sister in law Although they didn���t get along before they do now and their friendship was fun to read about The pacing of the story flowed and I enjoyed the author���s writing style The author sent me an ARC for an honest review Perfect Pair is a wonderful story I could really relate to Amber's character when she is first learning the ropes at the animal farm She's tough though and sacrifices her fingernails to get the job done Mick is a great guy and tries to be supportive He's busy with work and school and he holds back from starting any relationship Amber and Mick have the standard early relationship problems of not talking and assuming what the other thinks and feelsThe story is a little slow at the start but after Amber gets to the farm and begins her duties I wanted to high five her every success and lend a shoulder when she failed It made my sympathy emotions go crazy and I smiled at the end This story leaves you smiling on so many levels Amber goes from Paralegal to housepet sitting on a mini farm after losing her job in the big city The only problem is she knows nothing about cats dogs horses goats and cows But with the help of a local teen and handsome farrier she is soon able to care for the animals and develop a relationship at the same time The author did a good job incorporating the challenges of taking on such a chore both with the animals and the charming country boy I really enjoyed this fast little read I giggled a lot and smiled even I love hea's Totally cheesy oh well a uick short read Great location and good characterizations This story shows you never know your strengths until you have to find them and where your heart is happiest Good cozy read