Secrets❮PDF❯ ✯ Secrets ⚣ Author Maggie Walsh – Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance MM shape shifterswerewolves HEASecrets from Gabriel's past haunt him and hold him back from claiming his mate His internal struggle has alwa Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance MM shape shifterswerewolves HEASecrets from Gabriel's past haunt him and hold him back from claiming his mate His internal struggle has always caused him to keep to himself But this struggle is giving Taylor mixed signals and a whole lot of pain Gabriel won't tell Taylor that they are mates but he doesn't know that Taylor already knowsThe pain from his mate's rejection causes Taylor to spin out of control and in return he lashes out at everyone including his best friend JesseTaylor holds a big secret that he tries to deal with alone With new friends late night parties and a lot of alcohol he decides to leave the pack Jesse and Gabriel behind to keep his secret hidden But by keeping his secret from the ones he loves it will cause them to lose him foreverCan Gabriel face his demons in time to save Taylor Or will he be too late and spend eternity aloneA Siren Erotic Romance. I like this series it seems that this will become my guilty pleasureThe only thing that I found to many tears but I can live with thatGorgeous cover also The Blogger GirlsWowthere was a lot going on in this paranormal story Fast paced full of action surprises twists and turns and lots of feeling I am really loving this series and so glad I found this new to me author I’ve already read the book after this one so that should tell you somethingAnyway we initially meet Taylor and Gabriel in the first book Betrayal which starred Taylor’s best friend Jesse and Gabriel’s pack alpha Micah I fell instantly in love with Taylor because he was a complete and total riotreminded me so much of Eli from KA Mitchell’s book Bad Boyfriend He was an adorable and snarky twink who had some of the craziest things come flying out of his mouth My favorite was when he called his soon to be but not yet claimed mate Gabriel Ms Connie Linguist That forced a chuckle out of me and had me giggling for hoursTaylor is the life of the party and Gabriel is his complete polar opposite He is shy and has horrible self esteem caused by years of abuse from his own father The big bad wolf was really just a small boy inside who felt worthless; he was riddled with guilt too because he hadn’t claimed his fated mate Taylor all because of his feelings of worthlessness Taylor of course thinks he is being rejected which brings us to the entire plot of the storyTaylor goes completely overboard trying to first get Gabe to acknowledge their bond and then second to completely rejecting him in return It was really uite sad because you understand both sides and want them to both finally get on the same pageSo here I was thinking okay this is simple and I know what’s going to happenbut oh no Maggie Walsh throws a whole monkey wrench into the story and then there’s one of the twists and turns I mentioned earlierand then a second one This story has it all including a nice set up for the next and future booksI highly recommend this series to those looking for a fun fast paced and never a dull moment paranormal romance The guys are hot the sex is hotter and the dialogue will have you laughing out loud Loved it and can’t wait for Secrets is the second book in the Angel Pack series by author Maggie Walsh I would suggest reading these books in order or you might be lostGabriel is a man who is uiet self contained and fighting the attraction to his mate Taylor with all he has He is a passionate alpha man but his past stops him from being all he can beTaylor I love him He is strong sweet bratty and completely lovable Taylor has an inner strength that shines I really felt for all he went through and what his mate put him throughI love how Ms Walsh brings such strong emotions in this book I really couldn’t stop reading this storySecrets has many secrets inside of this book Both mates are holding pieces of themselves back in order to protect the other I found myself really loving Lexi in this book too I hope he has his story next Pretty please The Angel Pack has strong alpha males inside of it and I cannot wait to see who they find to love next Five Shooting Stars and Reviewer's Choice Award Again like with the first book this is like watching a good movie with bad actors I was hoping after reading the first book that the second was going to be better as a lot of series are However that was not the case This book was not better or worse Yes it did have a little depth in places but totally lost points when so many of the pack were meeting their mates and literally it was MINE and baby I love you This is Taylor and Gabriels story as we learned in the first book that they were mates I feel this book lost some points in the way Gabriel's reason for staying away were I felt like the author tried to sueeze to much into this one story so the main character connection was lost a littleI absolutely hated sweet baby crap through this whole book and Taylors dirty talk had me gagging a little So would I recommend this bookno no I would not I really love these shifter stories as well as the mating Mine aspect of the storyline I will never get tired of the mating pull which I wish we had in real life the way that paranormals do Taylor finally gets his mate Gabriel however it took Gabriel such a considerable amount of time to communicate his feelings and fears to Taylor that it took them both so long before they actually mated becoming uite tiresome for me not to mention that this addition to the series had actually brought tears to my eyes I did appreciate the love and support that each character gave to one another Taylor was awesome and I don't want to give too much away but the story was creatively action packed with some great new matings that I can't wait to read about Original review on Molly LollyFour starsSo much happened in this book I couldn’t stop reading once I started I wondered if Gabriel and Taylor were going to get together since they danced around each other in the first book They both had things keeping them from mating and being happy together But boy those hits kept coming that it was a near thing for them to actually claim each other I was shocked by the curveball with the doctor and the changes Taylor underwent I so didn’t see that coming It really worked with the story though and I didn’t feel the need to give the book my “WTF?” face with the explanation She gave a reason for how it happened that I believed and flowed well There’s some amazing set up for the next few stories in the series and I cannot wait to read them re read June 2019Rating 4 starsLiked this second installment in the Angel Pack series just as much the second time I read it as I did the first time Tyler could be a bit much at times and I did find him a bit irritating but still I loved his and Jesse's relationship and felt bad for everything that he went through Gabriel was the one that really irritated me He played hot and cold way too much I know his past made him shy but I don’t understand why he backed off once he and Tyler had the mate talk His actions just didn’t make sense to me Overall though I really liked the book and am on to the next one in my re read of the series OMGCan't get enough of Taylor Having found his Mate in the Angel Pack was wonderful but life isn't easy Taylor or as those who love him call him 'Tay' not only leads those around him crazy but now life has other plans The adventure was wonderful and just made me invested in the story and the charactersWithout giving any Spoilers all I can say is can't get enough of 'Tay' Thankfully there's another book Secrets The Angel Pack 2This book was just as great as the first one I can't wait to read the next one and any in this series to come afterI hope it's really really soon I am loving this series