The Winter Garden

The Winter Garden✅ The Winter Garden PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Kara Jorgensen – Can death be conuered When Immanuel Winter set off to the banks of the Thames he never thought his life would be changed forever Emmeline Jardine a young Spiritualist medium drowns but the potion give Can death be conuered When Immanuel Winter set off to the banks of the Thames he never thought his life would be changed forever Emmeline Jardine a young Spiritualist medium drowns but the potion given to Immanuel by his mother brings her back from the dead and irrevocably intertwines their soulsBut Emmeline and Immanuel The Winter MOBI :¿ aren’t the only ones aware of his ancestors’ legacy Understanding the potential of such an elixir the ruthlessly ambitious Alastair Rose knows securing the mysteries of death will get him everything he desires power a title but importantly dominion over the dead and the livingUnaware of what the dashing madman is capable of Emmeline follows him deeper into a world of corrupt mediums unscrupulous scientists and murder All that stands between Lord Rose and his prize is the boy who refuses to die but both men know the key to stopping him lies within the girl who shares Immanuel’s soul. The first book of The Ingenious Mechanical Devices The Earl of Brass was a surprisingly solid well written and enjoyable read With it Kara Jorgensen successfully launched a Victorian science fiction adventure that really delivered on its premise with plenty of room for a seuelThat seuel The Gentleman Devil takes us back to the Victorian era but swaps out some of the steampunk elements for something paranormal While a few characters from the first book make appearances here the protagonists shift to Emmeline a once dead spiritualist and Immanuel the young scholar who resurrected her Hard to like but easy to admire Emmeline is a young woman dealing with a lot of issues not the least of which is her death Immanuel is a far likable bookish young man which makes it hard to watch as he suffers his own share of violence As I mentioned there is a definite shift towards the paranormal here but the mystical obsession with the spirit world is completely in keeping with the eraOnce again Jorgensen deftly weaves themes of gender class and sexuality into the tale with Emmeline allowing for a little feminism to slip into the story Set against an era of awkward progress both scientifically and sociologically those themes fit very well The story this time around also deals with themes of power responsibility and accountability which serve to bridge science and society bringing everything together There’s a lot of darkness torture pain and death to the story and it certainly weighs on the narrative but it also serves to make for a very satisfying climaxIn terms of narrative it’s just as strong a tale as the first although a little less Victorian feeling in language and tone Personally I liked the heaviness of the original narrative and felt it fit the times but this is a comfortable read The freuent changes in point of view can be a bit jarring at times but the characters are all strong enough and identifiable enough to make it work The romance aspect developed rather uickly but I found it natural that the characters would grasp at previously unthinkable attachments in the face of such sufferinghttpsfemledfantasyhomeblog2015 DNF 49%This could've been so good The first book could've been good Hell even great But the writing is so amateurish that it bogs the story down There were incorrect word usages throughout unnecessary descriptors for everything epithets used instead of names full names or titles used just because when the first name would do just fine and that's just for starters On the flip side when there are two characters of the same gender in the scene it's not always easy to tell when the action or dialogue switches from one character to another because he or she is used when the name should be especially with the amount of head hopping going on from one paragraph to another I then read a sentence that started in one place and ended somewhere completely different with no rhyme or reason It made me wonder if there was a delete error or a copypaste issue going on Then there's the fact the characters weren't really fleshed out Sure Immanuel seemed like a swell guy But his connection with Adam felt artificial Why he decided to stay with the Hawthornes after view spoilerfinding out the guy who abducted him is working with Dr Hawthorne is beyond me Clearly Dr Hawthorne can be trusted but Immanuel doesn't tell him about Lord Rose and just stays in the house instead of trying to find somewhere else Then he trusts Adam after one outing and tells him everything Then Adam promises to always be there for him kisses him freaks out and runs away Really man hide spoiler I will be honest when I say that for me this book was all about the characters I know what you're thinking Aren't ALL books about the characters Well yes and no In some books the characters are simply tethers for a grander plot that seems to revolve around them but could be tethered by any character interchangeably Some books however have characters so deep and multifaceted that they are irrevocably lodged in not only the plot but also the readers hearts and mindsThis was the latterWhile being Book 2 in the series you don't have to have read book 1 to read this one though it's much enjoyable if you have as you get to see familiar faces and further depth to characters from the first book For me following the story of Immanuel and Adam was my main focus here If nothing else had happened and it was just about these two people learning and growing from each other I would have been perfectly content However a great deal else DID happen and amidst the excitement and danger watching the relationships grow in strength and complication was a thoroughly fulfilling experience I have to admit that I never really grew to like Emmeline but there's a grudging respect for her That's as far as I will go though PThis is definitely another solid read from Jorgensen and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys the uniue treatment of this particular genre that the author brings to the table Okay people You need to read this book I am in dire need of people to obsess over it with I finished Winter Garden a week ago but I still can just not deal It’s left a little piece of me deeply unsettled but it was carried out in such a skilful and compelling way that I forgave the author for it even while it was happening That said I am not going to be entirely OK until there’s a seuel I’m just notI’m serious anyone who has read this and feels a similar need to talk you can just go ahead and message me Please We can start a support group Now that I have that out of the way perhaps a few content related comments are in order First off like the first book in this series it’s set in Victorian England but it’s slightly less steampunk oriented the elements are still there but not as dominant and paranormalhorrorromance than the first one The cast is full of well developed lifelike characters; some of which we recognise from book 1 but the main protagonists here are mostly new or at least only had smaller parts the previous book Immanuel Emmeline and Adam are endearing But the villain I am so deeply disturbed by this person who is a true terror in aristocrat form The portrayal is so vivid it’s alarming I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near this person Ever Probably not even in the same city if I could help itOkay Deep breaths I can finish this Stop thinking about Lord RoseTo sum up the review I really liked this in so many ways It’s new and only the second title published by the author but it is utterly wonderful It deserves so much attention Go read it now Then we'll talk ThreeStarImmanuel Winter and Emmeline Jardine are the heroes of this book Two people connected by Fate and an ancient elixir Life and death is in their hands Unfortunately of course someone is looking to crack the secret of death It's a conspiracy that goes all the way back to the ueen herself This is Victorianish steampunk paranormal stuff If that appeals it's a good representation of the genre Anachronistic and places which can be handwaved a bit as steampunk and any little details to wonder about are uickly swallowed up by the story and the atmosphere which are captivating If you're concerned that the leads are a man and a woman don't be Theirs is rivalry and contentious friendship Immanuel's heart belongs to a man And it's uite lovely that young love between lads that blossoms in the face of murder intrigue and homophobia Immanuel is likeable Emmeline unfortunately is not though she's sympathetic Fans of the genre will enjoy their story I'm not big on it and I wasn't completely sold The story kept me interested all the way through Kara Jorgensen is a competent writer and her characters are all striking I just don't know how long they'll linger with me now that I'm through This is book Two of the Ingenious Mechanical Devices series It is not necessary to read the first book in the seriesI was given this in return for an honest review by Inked Rainbow ReadsCE Case After reading and loving the first book in this series I could not wait for The Winter Garden Having read it was worth the waitIn this installment we shift focus not only to new characters but also a new alt history dynamic The steampunk elements are still there though downplayed and in the background This time around we are dealing with mysticism and the occult which were very popular during Victorian times but in this reality there exists a machine that is powerful enough to steal and entrap souls To that end the villain in this book is than a little unnervingBut what really makes this book is the same careful attention to creating complex characters that made The Earl of Brass such a pleasure to read From the book's description one might think they know where the relationship dynamic is headed and they would be wrong Once again the author weaves into the plot social issues that are as relevant today as they were in Victorian times and does so effortlessly As I came to the end of the book and the slight hints at what is to come my only complaint is that once again I must try to wait patiently for the next book to be written Works uite nicely as a gothic mystery with steampunk elements and had mostly everything necessary for a victoranian tale from the upper class The added steampunk element seems to help tearing a small crack into the moral perception of that time if it comes to feminism but not if it comes to homosexuality Do not fear there's no real bad scene and definately no homophobic action against Adam and Immanuel but nevertheless their growing love has to happen behind closed doors and always in danger and therefore fear The author doesn't use any white salve to make the situation bearable On the one hand I appreciate that but on the other hand it reminds me why I rarely enjoy historical novelsWhat I didn't like was the change in the PoV Nothing against getting a story from different point of views but please change it at the end of a chapter or another visible break Disclaimer I received a free electronic copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review The Winter Garden The Ingenious Mechanical Devices Book 2 by Kara Jorgensen is the seuel to The Earl of Brass While it is not necessary to have read The Earl of Brass to understand and enjoy The Winter Garden I highly recommend it Not only is it an exciting and intriguing read see my review for having read The Earl of Brass gave me a better understanding of the world of The Winter Garden as well as gave me a creative respect for the way Jorgensen interwove the lives and stories of the characters from both novels The Winter Garden begins with young scholar Immanuel Winter saving Emmeline Jardine from drowning In order to save Emmeline's life Immanuel must use a mysterious family heirloom and after he does so he and Emmeline are inexplicably bound together Eventually Immanuel and Emmeline are taken captive and must work together to escape and later discover the identity of their captor and how to permanently free themselves from the threat of his clutchesOnce again Jorgensen has crafted complex and realistic characters Immanuel and Emmeline could not be different he is a thoughtful compassionate scholar and she is a self interested spoiled socialite However both characters are sympathetic and both learn to overcome their weaknesses and evolve into the people they are meant to be Likewise the supporting characters are well rounded and have excellent chemistry with the protagonists and each otherMy favorite aspect of The Winter Garden is that Jorgensen expanded into new facets of the steampunk genre In The Earl of Brass Jorgensen featured steampunk technology biomechanical limbs and even explored a fantastical utopian society In The Winter Garden Jorgensen explores the darker side of steampunk introducing readers to deadly mechanical devices a spiritualist society and a touch of what the real world would deem magic These new subjects ramp up the styling and tone of the novel and set it apart from The Earl of Brass while still keeping it true to the world Jorgensen createdWhile some of the steampunk elements of the story are new Jorgensen revisited similar themes from The Earl of Brass albeit in different ways Once again the reader is introduced to a loving respectful homosexual relationship this time between two of the main characters Likewise Jorgensen revisits feminist themes providing strong female characters and reminding the reader that one can be a strong capable woman and still have traditionally feminine values ie appreciation for fashion and desire to be a wife and mother Additionally Jorgensen grapples with uestions of responsibility and power and how they should be executed in ethical ways The Winter Garden is an engaging theme driven novel full of vivacious characters and fantastical steampunk elements If you are looking for a novel that is clever thought provoking and just plain beautiful in the imagination look no further Well I read this book based on the fact that the first book was pretty interesting in spite of the difficulties with the writing it had in my opinion There were so many strange things going on with the writing that as I continued to read I thought that the author must be from a country in which English is not the first language But low and behold after looking up the author's bio I discovered that she is an America The author seemed to think she had to make up an adjective for practically every color she mentioned For example strigine brown eyes I had to look it up in the dictionary and found that the word didn't exist at all; never mind being a description of the color brown There were numerous other examples of incorrect use of words to describe colors but I didn't make notes on them In general I thought the author didn't have a good grasp of grammar nor much knowledge of the meanings of some words that she chose to use Such as her jet hair drizzled onto her white gown Just how does hair drizzle I have an idea of what she wanted to say but the word drizzle doesn't really describe it savouring the rare meat as it 'bled' down his lips with each bite I think this sentence was intended to make the meat sandwich sound deliciously juicy Bleeding meat just makes the sandwich seem as though it would be anything but savory The hair on the back of his head 'prickled' sounds like it was itchy when it seemed the author was trying to convey the idea that the hair on the back of his head stood up What exactly is a malleable dress I sounds like the dress is made out of metal that has softened enough so that it can be pounded into a different shape Yet another example His light eyes ran over his friend's 'ashen' face which was 'flushed' from exertion Did the author not realize that ashen and flushed are just about opposite in meaning A face that is ashen would not also be flushed And my last example of poor spelling or just plain ignorance of the correct term is when the author used the term liver mortis Perhaps she meant livor mortis but maybe she also meant rigor mortis This author could use a really good editor There were so many mistakes in word usage spelling and even grammar that they took away any real enjoyment that I might have gotten from reading the story Steampunk meets Victorian SpiritualismAbsolutely great and uniue plot follows a German Student studying at Oxford University On a botany inspired trip to the river Immanuel Winters ends up rescuing and reviving the teenage daughter of the head of the Oxford Spiritualists This is observed by the villain of this book and leads to much suffering death and danger Very differentThis is the second book of the series that started with the Earl of Brass You don't have to read it first but it would be enjoyable if you did as there are 6 characters that repeat and you would have background on them Nevertheless this story is complete without any problemsThe writing style is smoother fuller juicy with the descriptions and character development Both the attitudes and reasoning of the teenage girl for which oneis greatly relieved as she matures and of Immanuel as he recovers from PTSD and masters his fears show a depth of psychological sensitivity by the author Sensitivity is also displayed in the MM relationship that later develops I would love to say but I don't wish to give away anything important The hints above should not spoil anything as the plot is far different than anything you are imagining now Kudos

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