Hey There, Delilah (A Taboo Love, #1)

Hey There, Delilah (A Taboo Love, #1)❰Reading❯ ➷ Hey There, Delilah (A Taboo Love, #1) Author M.D. Saperstein – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Hi my name is Delilah Sampson and I am a self proclaimed “frump girl” My world came crashing down the day I walked in on my boyfriend having sex with my boss rendering me single and jobless A new Hi my name is Delilah Sampson and I am a self proclaimed “frump girl” My world came crashing down the Hey There, Epub / day I walked in on my boyfriend having sex with my boss rendering me single and jobless A new job fell into my lap as the secretary of the gorgeous rich powerful and mighty cocky controlling partner at Santino Law Firm I spend my days trying to please a demanding boss keeping my lustful thoughts to myself Until one night when my best friend drags me to a club and I fall for a man whose true identity I will never knowSee at Club Masuerade everyone wears a mask and a nametag with a fake name Also on your nametag is a number that you are assigned when you come into the club which is linked to an in house messaging system; no one is permitted to speak which ensures that identities are kept secret I meet my lover every Saturday at pm sharp We text and email constantly when we are not together and I have somehow fallen in love with himBut then there is Nick Santino He is the partner that I can’t keep my eyes off Unfortunately the only reason he hired me is because he is not attracted to me and all my frump glory Fortunately for me I am a kick ass secretary so he keeps me around Like many men in his position Nick is used to getting what he wants when he wants it; all without commitment of courseSo when he finds a woman that he is both physically and emotionally attracted to he finds himself in unchartered territory – love And I can do nothing but be jealous from the sidelines – lusting for a man I can’t have and loving a man I can’t knowHey there Delilah is book of the Taboo Love series in which we tackle the bosssecretary relationship Each book will be a stand alone with a HEA but will have a few reoccurring characters. #updated 1122013Cover changed detected Slightly better than its predecessor 5 'sweetness and humorous' starsThis is another classic 'never judge a book by its cover' line Seriously the author need to get rid of that awful cover I rather she just put a white backdrop with black title Awful cover aside this book is full of humorous laugh out loud moment that I nearly peed my pants and roll on the ground I never had such a good laugh since reading the epic 'Tangled' by Emma Chase Nick Santino inner monologue is nearly on par with Drew Evans Maybe not really there yet but definitely closeInitially the book started of feeling like a 3 stars read because the writing was pretty mediocre and mostly fluff but half way through I had such a great time laughing my ass out I bumping it up to 4 stars Past second half though Nick turns into a totally adorable sweet and swoony guy I'm sold 5 stars for Nick SantinoDelilah Sampson is single and jobless after finding out her boyfriend banging her boss during lunch hour She is a frumpy girl who doesn't dress up easy going a dedicated employee and had a tough backbone I absolutely love the way she dump her douche of a boyfriend within minutes flatNick Santino is a lawyer who is looking for a new secretary He wants to hire a secretary that is capable and smart and someone that he wouldn't end up banging He reminds me so much of Daniel Meade from Ugly Betty He ended up hiring Delilah for the specific reason that she doesn't look attractive at all Surprisingly Delilah turns out to be the best secretary he ever had She is on time organized hardworking and etcAll that and I still don't want to fuck her I have found my perfect work wifeIn the beginning Nick was painted as an absolutely manwhore But we didn't get to see that side of him I thought he is the best hot boss that I ever dream of having He is so nice and respectful to Delilah and really appreciate her Before long he is subconsciously attracted to her overall personalityShe's not supposed to look good She's supposed to be frumpy and unattractive That's why I hired her so that she wouldn't tempt meMeanwhile Delilah was thrilled to have such a fine ass of a boss for her to ogle everyday Although she is having some wet dreams of him she knew she can never land herself such a fine specimen The best part with this dual POV is that we can see both Nick and Delilah is obviously attracted to each other and trying their damnest to be professionalDid you just sniff me?I wouldn't exactly classify it as 'sniffing' you I happened to take a breath when you leaned past meThere is no way I am eating a fucking salad when this pizza is in front of me smelling better than a hooker after a showerNick pretty much drives the whole story and all his POV is freaking hilarious He keep convincing himself that he is a bad guy and he absolutely will not care for another yet his action said otherwise I expected to see him do something douchey but he completely baffle me with his awkwardness of trying to be a nice guy to DelilahNote to self from now on book your own hotel rooms for doing the nastyI'm thinking about getting a nice juicy steak needing something manly to eat since I've been having all these sappy emotions latelyThe whole Club Masuerade debacle was pretty far fetch but I'm glad it didn't drag on too long The rules of the club is keep your mask on and no talking even during fucking So in order to get his mind off Delilah Nico aka Nick scout the club and zero in on Lala aka Delilah Lala reminded him so much of Delilah that he ended up screwing her for weeks on every Saturday I don't buy the whole not knowing who you are screwing shit when you actually work with the other person on such close proximity Thank God they actually found out later and that confrontation scene was another laugh out loud momentI thought you guys were doing some kind of secret role playing shitI found out that Nick tends to say this whenever being confrontedI swearAww Nick defensive much? He is too damn adorable sometimesI find myself enjoying the book much after they get over the NicoLala debacle He is on full on grovel mode that I totally soaking it up What is it about a guy being miserable that make me so happy? Delilah had him completed wrap within her fingersuit ogling my ass and get back to workOgle your ass? Me? NeverAnd then Nick work on his charm and swoon me out of my panties with his flirtatious text messages and overall devotion to DelilahNick I had a great time ;Delilah Are you winking at me?Nick No I had something in my emoticon eye And then the best part that had me rolling overDelilah I'm sorry who is this?Nick The man of your dreamsDelilah Christian? Nick Guess again dollDelilah Gideon? Ethan? No no this must be JessI don't think you will be able to kick any of their asses sweetheartWhat? You don't think I can take them?Because they live in my Kindle dumbassThis book is full of sexiness humor charm and a totally sweet and swoony hero sigh Total worthy of a reread just get to kick of another laughing session I will never be able to listen to Plain White T's song 'Hey there Delilah' without thinking of Nick Santino This is a standalone with a HEAHey there Delilah swoon 4 stars Delilah finds a new job working for Nick Things get interesting when they both cross paths at club MI had a fat grin for half the book it was steamy I loved the connection with the main characters and it was on track to being a 5 star However after the halfway mark the story slowed down I thought Nick was acting like a chick and Delilah had an irrational moment Also I didnt feel their relationship was tabooOverall half the book I loved and the other half was okay Ive highlighted a bunch and I definitely wont be forgetting this book anytime soon 45 BUBBLY ROMANTIC STARS I love finding little gems that I would have otherwise never read so thanks to the infamous skank SorayaThis was beautiful Funny Romantic Sweet And so much Just ignore that raunchy cover though nothing like what the characters are described as It's almost like the popular jock falling for the plain ole' nerdy girl except that plain old nerdy girl is really a sexpot underneath all her frumpy clothesI loved everything about this The pacing was smooth and I couldn't put it down Delilah was completely relatable as a woman scarred by her experiences in highschool leading her to hide herself from the world through ill fitted clothing and awkward glasses After the shittiest week of her life she begins a new job as a secretary to Nick Santino a hot blooded 'Italian stallion' who also happens to be a big shot lawyerNick had to let go his previous secretary because he couldn't keep it in his pants ; D but now he needs an unattractive replacement with no distraction Delilah though fitting the bill nicely turns out to be anything but ordinaryWhat I loved so much about this was how Nick came to feel although begrudgingly towards Delilah despite her self proclaimed frumpiness It was a slow and gradual attraction to the woman underneath and this made the book so much endearing He of course fights these feelings wholeheartedly but can't escape themNick had a traumatic event happen to him as a young boy that has basically dictated his regard and use of women He's a love em' and leave em' type and that suits him just fine But what happens when the woman of your dreams the woman that finally breaks through the walls is working just a few feet away? Of course there was also some pretty funny laugh out loud moments especially during each character's mental babbling but a side story involving Delilah and Nick hooking up at a masuerade nighclub with neither of them knowing who the other was was priceless I thought it was a little far fetched that neither of them clued in although each one noticed major similarities between the masuerade character and the real individual at workBut fantasy soon spills into reality and each one has to face their true feelings Delilah was upfront with herself despite feeling she could never land a man like Nick But it was Nick who had to break the mold and let go of his fears in order to be with the one woman that got under his skinThis was a fantastic hilarious and heart warming read highly recommended with an HEA What kind of author would I be if I didn't give our book 5 stars?? A must read for sure 45 Frump Girl StarsI loved this one I truly did Delilah' s lack of self confidence faded fast thank sweet baby Jesus but I still understood it all Once she realized her sweet self could ummm make a man ready to go this story was a beautiful thing Great tension and I love the fact these two fell in love before they fell Good stuff all the way around FREE today on US 10152013httpwwwThere Delilah T 425 starsLet me first say that the cover isn't a good representation of this book Yes it is pretty hot and there are naked people but this book is also sweet fun hilarious and romantic So ignore the cover and just read it already Delilah's crap boyfriend cheats on her with her boss and so Delilah uits her job and him Her new interview is with Nick who is one heck of a cocky bastard and a bit of an ass If I knew Nick in real life I would probably have slap him a few times and would repeatedly tell him to keep it in his pants because he can't control himself half the time Enter frumpy Delilah She is exactly what he needs He needs someone who he isn't attracted to so he can finally have an assistant he can keep without being concerned about his lower region The oh so fun twist is that they both go to Club Masuerade or Club M And maybe they spot each other Of course they don't recognize each other as all attendees have to wear masks and can't speak to each They communicate through text messages So when they start meeting every Saturday to get theirs they still have no idea I do really love books with secret identities I also love it when they do find about each other Such great scenes I won't spoil anything because they are so fun to read Let me break down the leadsDelilah is not too broken over her boyfriend for long because she is uite distracted drooling over her new boss I am still trying to imagine what she looks like because she has an interesting body figure She is 5'2 is size 2 and has double D breasts I'm thinking Jessica Rabbit but shorter and not a redhead So as teenagers can be really cruel once she develops her large breast and everyone starts judging her harshly How does she deal with this? She dresses up in baggy and lose clothing to hide her body shape Hence the frumpiness She is pretty insecure about her body She slowly accepts her body and forms into a confident woman through the book by the help of her awesome best friend Charlie and also under Nick's care Nick on the other hand is incredibly hot and he knows it He is way too cocky some times but he can also be very sweet caring and adorable especially with Delilah I really like that he first finds her attractive before he meets her for the first time at Club M just by working alongside her He see pass the frumpiness and really sees her They work closely together so he sees that she is witty intelligent and his perfect woman I totally love their relationship They have their ups and downs They have words they fight but they find a way to work it out I am actually surprised by the amount of sex scenes in this book This book is pretty long so I expected sex scenes but there are not too many which is nice because we get of their relationship outside of the bedroom I really did love them together They have great conversations that make me laugh and smile a lot So adorable Here is one of my favorite scenes to get a feel of their relationship Who the hell are all of these guys and how many are you fing? I shout into the phone I don't even know if she can hear me over her laughing The fact that she is laughing should clue me in to the reality that she is just screwing with me but there mere thought of another man touching her has me so riled up that I can't think straightShe must hear the seriousness in my voice because she stops laughing but then states Oh Nick come on Don't get your panties in a wadYou still haven't answered my uestion Delilah Who are all of these men?They are my book boyfriends Nick Jeez calm downI take a deep breathe and try to be rational in a calm voice I ask What's a book boyfriend and how do I find them so I can kick their asses?She chuckles again at my expense and responds I don't think you will be able to kick any of their asses sweetheartNow my hackles are rising once again How dare she uestion my machismo? What? You don't think I can take them? I ask my ego bruisedBecause they live in my Kindle dumbass They are fictional She shouts at me knocking me down a peg or twoOh I say softly In that case what was that about peanut butter you mentioned?Such a funny scene I smiled so much when reading this because they have these kinds of conversations So good hahahaIf you are looking for a fun sweet hilarious and sexy romance so pick this one up right now Just go Oh and yes the song is mentioned all the time as an inside joke between them eeepp I found another good 55 book this week I came across this book on a discussion recommendation page This book was said to be similar to Kristen Ashley style Being a lover of KA books I bought it Though I have to say this is NOTHING like KA novel And I'm totally ok with that instead I found this book to be real funny This is also kind of a ugly ducking makeover book which is the type of genre that draws me in like crazyWe have Delilah who has just found her dick head of a boyfriend of 8 years doing the bang bang with her boss the bitch as Delilah christened her with She uits her job breaks up with her boyfriend and onto the next jobNick is the new boss of Delilah Delilah is the new secretary for Nick Through some connections they both end up at an club Club Masuerade where your identity is anonymous now you have to read the rest of the book to find out what happens I admit I was a bit iffy about starting this book 1 being that this is a very new book and there are no reviews out2 being that the price is a bittttitititit out of my price range when buying kindle books 499but I took the plunge since the blurb really captured my attentionAnd I'm glad I did I'm happy that I got my money's worth with a good bookI found Delilah to be very funny strong and I like the fact that she can punch a bitchNick is charming he also has his funny moments The way he thinks in his head reminds me a lot of the hero from Tangled no not the disney movie though Eugene is also uite charmingOverall a great read I recommend this to people who are looking for a light non dramatic non heart breaking readno cheating in this boookkkaaaahhh This is the story of Delilah who we meet near the beginning of the book when she walks in on her douche of a boyfriend nailing her bitchy boss Needless to say she uits the job and the boyfriend She gets hired by a high profile sexy as hell attorney Nick Delilah has always dressed frumpy and is seriously lacking in the self confidence department Nick is looking for a secretary he won't want to spend his day chasing around the office and Delilah fits the billDelilah goes from ugly duckling to swan Nick and her unknowingly engage in a steamy affair each weekend all the while they're falling in love with one another each day at work The story was highly predictable but still good It was a lighthearted sappy love storyand I liked it If you're looking for a deeply emotional soul crushing cry your eyes out romance this isn't it If you'd like a light straightforward book to read you'll probably like this one A 35 stars Hey There Delilah is a fun hot light read Delilah a self proclaimed frumpy girl caught her boyfriend doing the deed doggie style with her bitch of a boss She uit her job obviously and dump her cheating boyfriend of almost 8 years In comes Nick Santino she became the secretary of the gorgeous rich powerful and mighty cocky controlling partner at Santino Law Firm Delilah is definitely a goner Nick is a player a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy and the only reason he hired Delilah as his secretary is because he isn't attracted to the frumpy girl But he can't seem to get Delilah off his mind Till one night at Club Masuerade where everyone wears a mask and a nametag with a fake name and no speaking permitted to keep ones identity she hooked up with a hot guy named Nico aka Nick And Nick doesn't know Lala is DelilahLaLa #128 Why did I wear what?Nico #812 Don’t play coy The red laceLaLa #128 Oh this old thing I wore it because I knew u would like itNico #812 And how did u know I would be here?LaLa #128 Because I knew u would be waiting for meNico #812 That smart mouth is going to get u into a world of troubleLaLa #128 Then maybe u have something to keep my big mouth uiet?Nico #812 And what would it take to achieve that feat?LaLa #128 At least 8 in Nico #812 Woman u r killing me I haven’t even touched u yetLaLa #128 What r u waiting for?Nico #812 Dance with me?LaLa #128 I still don’t even know who u areNico #812 Turn around look toward the barI pretty much enjoyed this book You get to read both POV Though Delilah appears to be smart and witty but her insecurity makes her act childish And Nick? Well he's just hot ;BlogFB Page link