Unmasking Charlotte A Taboo Love #2

Unmasking Charlotte A Taboo Love #2❴Reading❵ ➶ Unmasking Charlotte A Taboo Love #2 Author M.D. Saperstein – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Some say that I'm cynical Some say that I'm flippant But I am neither of those things I am just a realist who through an unfortunate turn of events learned the hard way that everything is in fact blac Some say A Taboo PDF ✓ that I'm cynical Some say that I'm flippant But I am neither of those things I am just a realist who through an unfortunate turn of events learned the hard way that Unmasking Charlotte PDF/EPUB ² everything is in fact black or white At least for me it is and always will beBut then there is Calvin King The thorn in my side the pain in my ass He is what Charlotte A Taboo PDF Í some would call the perfect man an imposing businessman an even impressive ladies’ man Every man wants to be him and every woman just wants him At least that is what I hear I’m not admitting to anything beyond thatWhat I do know and will concede to is that my resolve is tested as soon as I meet Calvin He ticks every box off my checklist sexy as sin tall dark rich intelligent and funny My body craves just the thought of him How can I possibly keep him at arm’s length when he is the only man I want and desire And it doesn’t help that he kisses like a god and sets my body on fire Crap Don’t ask me how I know that he doesn’t play fairMost importantly I can’t let him unmask me it’s my only defenseUnmasking Charlotte is book of the Taboo Love series and picks up where Hey There Delilah left off As with Hey There Delilah it is a standalone so don’t worry if you haven’t read Hey There Delilah yet with a HEA That means no cliffhanger Oh and expect to see some of your favorite characters. I have uite a high expectation on this book because I love Book 1 Hey Delilah featuring Nick Santino and Delilah I simply can't stop gushing about that book to my friends But Unmasking Charlotte really did disappoint me There are humour and some funny moments but I didn't find myself laughing out loud or peeing myself this time The previous hero used to be so hilarious that even his emoticon make me rolling on the floor We have Charlotte who is Delilah's bff and Calvin who is Nick's bff So naturally we got plenty of Nick and Delilah that was great I'm so glad to catch up with their wedding preparation and all that Charlotte is a white girl working in some movie production company and she had an awful experience during her teenage years with a black guy Therefore she only dates white guys Even though she had a strong attraction to Calvin she decided to blow him offCalvin gave up on his law degree and change his career path to become the owner of a sex club named Club Masuerade He is a black guy who dates woman regardless you are black white yellow or whatever To him all women are beautiful But he had his eye on Charlotte since some time agoOut of a sudden Charlotte past resurface and forced her to deal with her long ago buried demon She then came to a realization that she shall not let the past dictate her future and gave in her feeling for CalvinDespite the issue of black guy dating a white girl there isn't any heavy emphasize on the racism issue To me their relationship progression seems too easy once Charlotte decided to date him and the romance felt average Is just felt like an average comfort read if you are looking for an easy romance with some sexy timesThings that I don't like1 view spoilerShe needs Calvin to point out that she can opt for IVF? I don't buy that she can't be that clueless about modern medical advancement This is also the second book in a week whereby the heroine who was supposed to be barren got pregnant all of a sudden hide spoiler CALVIN CHARLOTTE 4 STARS FOR UNMASKING CHARLOTTEThis book is the second in the Taboo Love series It's probably not necessary to have read the first Hey There Delilah but I think that it would be worthwhile to read it because Nick and Delilah play such a big role in this bookand because it's really funny and cute Like the first book this is written in 1st person narrative from both MC's points of viewCalvin and Charlotte have a lot in common Besides having the same group of friends they both come from strong loving supportive close knit families Love and Loyalty come before anything else and they are both smart funny and wickedly attracted to each otherBut Charlotte is holding back and not giving into the impulse to see where this attraction could take them Calvin starts to think that it's the race issue that's Charlotte's problem And he's partly right Charlotte has some demons that she's trying very hard to keep buried in the past where they belong and she figures starting up with Calvin could open a messy can of worms that would just make them upset and strain their friendshipBut the attraction prevails and these two embark on a steamy and sweet love affairDespite the somewhat dark and uncomfortable subject matter that the story addresses this is for a good portion a very funny and cute sometimes ridiculous eg Calvin's unsexy irrational cat phobia taleI don't want to give too much away but I want to mention that I appreciated that this wasn't just laugh a minute fluffy stuff I really liked the conflict and conclusion But I will say that I did feel that Calvin's reaction to Charlotte's secret seemed a bit of an out of character overreaction There was also a bit of the book when weeks and weeks are passing and we're told not shown that Calvin and Charlotte are getting deep I know the authors can't put every interaction in there but I felt a little on the outside like I wasn't really feeling this love of theirs This is trivial and didn't really effect my enjoyment of the book but there were a couple of trite eye rolling plot devices used view spoiler For instance The miracle baby Doctor says you can't have a baby? Duh he's wrong And the I've been wounded badly but I still need to fuck you in my hospital bed thing I've said it before I'll say it again I won't bust stitches for nookie any day I don't care how hot you are or how hard up I am Uh Uh No way hide spoiler This was a really good book and a uick read Like the first book in the series it was straightforward and cute The characters were likable and fun loving I enjoyed book 1 but I think this book was even better Charlie was a spitfire but we didn't learn much about her in book 1 This book tells the story of her and Calvin but Delilah and Nick make a few appearances and that helped to smooth the transition between books 1 and 2 It is nice to have some familiarity sometimesThis book was emotional than the first but not in a depressing you want to slit your wrists sort of way It just dealt with heavier topics than the first book In fact I'm pretty impressed that the author was able to tackle such a topic without having it overshadow the fun and light hearted love story When Calvin unexpectedly finds out the secret that Charlie hasn't shared with him all he'll breaks loose I've gotta say that I didn't see it coming For such a nice boyfriend he certainly became a grade A asswipe If I could've reached through my iPad and punched him I would haveI also thought that the boys playing superheroes complete with trips between apartments while Delilah and Charlie are being held hostage by some psycho was pretty stupid I didn't get that panicked vibe from the guys that you'd expect in such a situation It felt like Honey I've got to pick up the dry cleaning and some groceries but on the way home I'll see if I have time to swing by and rescue you Whatever happened to 911? Oh well I guess that's why it's fiction Luckily Calvin does eventually pull his head out of his ass and the story gets back on track The story has a HEA and an ending which is harder and harder to come by these days If you want a stand alone book that you can read uickly this is a great choice I purchased hey there Delilah and was so impressed with these two authors that I could not wait until the second book in the series was published I was so happy to wake up and see unmasking Charlotte on sale I already finished reading it and can definitely say I was so glad I did The story is fantastic there are some hot scenes and there were no editing errors like in some other books I've bought from other authors Definitely recommend it for anyone who loves a great romantic story Girls please finish Parker's book ASAP Cannot wait to read his story Taboo Love????What the fuck is so TABOO about interracial relationships? This may be a great story but to use the word taboo in regards to interracial relationships is just backwardsMoreover it's a Black manWhite woman romance which sets off my alarm bells because too many of these books are chock full of race fail Black man as racist sex fantasy aka the icky White husband who wants his White wife fucked by Black neighbor or several This one probably doesn't fall into that category but taboo doesn't help much Another great book in the A Taboo Love series This book featured Charlotte and Calvin Delilah's and Nick's bffs they were both first introduced in book one and the attraction was instantaneous from the first moment they set eyes each other Calvin has been attempting to ask her out but Charlotte has kept him at arms length because of a pretty awful thing that happened to her in her past The chemistry between these two was explosive and HOT I haven't read too many interracial romances but i have truly truly enjoyed the ones that i have and this one was no exception I've loved the two books out so far in this seriesthey're sweet and very sexy and there are uite a few laugh out loud moments I was very shocked with the epilogue and what is possibly in store for Parker and what appears to be his love interest I did not see that one coming but i'm def looking forward to it I really liked this book I'm glad that Charlie and C dog got their own book Love is Love and I love all the nicknames that these characters give each other they're cute I am going to need Parkers story ASAP because after that epilogue I am very curious 4 Cranky Stars Charlotte is a girl who knows how to make a big impression with her sass humor and determination to overcome past tragedies Calvin has had his sights set on Charlotte from the get go and trying to get her attention has been difficult for the self proclaimed ladies man Charlotte knows the trauma of pain and heartache all too well keeping Calvin at bay just for that reason She soon realizes that the heart wants what the heart wants and it’s become a struggle to keep that sexy man waiting in the wingsTheir story is a true testament to overcoming life’s struggles and learning to love yourself and realizing you’re worth it With the push and shove of their awesome friends how can they go wrong? When you find the one who completes you it’s an explosive and amazing thing 45 Pinky Stars ARC received for an honest reviewReview on behalf of Give Me BooksWow I always say I’m up for all kinds of romances I’ve tried everything except interracial relationships and not because I’m against it or anything but because I don’t think I’ve come across any good one or any at all And since I started with MD Saperstein and Andria Large’s first book in their A Taboo Love series I got excited in reading Lo and behold after the boss secretary affair comes in an interracial romance I enjoyed every second of Charlotte “Charlie” Fisher and Calvin King III’s story They are both smart funny loyal and loving characters and it’s very easy to like them This is a bit heavier on the drama compared to Hey There Delilah and although that book was lots of fun to read and I rated it the same Charlie and Calvin’s taboo story is a 45 on a different level There is a good mix of drama a rather surprising and painful history funny conversations and re appearances of previous favorite characters Nick and Delilah who I both adoreI think MD Saperstein and Andria Large did a great job with telling us the story of Charlie and Calvin’s past and how both histories are relevant to how they are in the present I didn’t know what I expect but there was some ”holy sht really?” moments in there and I liked how the authors managed to surprise me like that Maybe it was predictable or expected but how they intertwined Charlie and Calvin’s story was impressive I also appreciate the side characters their friends and families part in the book It’s good to read loving and supportive sets of parents for a change Right?Charlie and Calvin’s love story didn’t start off easily there was some holding back from Charlie and persuasion from Calvin but once Charlie finally admitted her attraction to Calvin things started to blast off As much laugh I’ve had reading their verbal sparring their horizontal workout is really really hot and heavy Unmasking Charlotte has a little bit of each ingredients added to it making it a savory readStars 4 starsRecommended to Taboo romances lovers interracial romances and a nicely done twist and surprise in the storyPOV First person Dual POVSeries Yes But standaloneCliffhanger No not really But if you count a preview on the next book a cliffyExtra Comment I’m now intrigued what Parker’s story will be? Is he going through with ”it”?MD Saperstein Andria Large Unmasking Charlotteby MD Saperstein Andria LargeFive StarsThis is another wonderful addition to the series We were introduced to CharlotteCharlie in Hey There Delilah She is the feisty sexy smartass tell it like it is best friend of Delilah We had only scratched the surface of her character and her life she had so much to tell That is why she ultimately needed her own book She as the title leads us to believe has been hiding her true self and protecting the real her She has become a product of the tragedies in her past that were beyond her control It unfortunately has made her skeptical unwilling to trust and unable to submit to love We now reintroduce Calvin we had a brief encounter with him from book one He is the best friend of Nick and the owner of the club where they all met He is the epitome of what every woman wants He is successful smart funny handsome oh and lets not forget honest and sincere The women want him and the men want to be him Charlotte has been fighting an inner battle since she laid eyes on him and I think it may be too much for her to deny Due to her past experiences he should not be what she wants Calvin has always had a soft spot or shall we say HARD one for Charlotte He can't seem to get this sassy fair haired beauty out of his mind She always appears to be a worthy adversary when they are together with in their circle of friends He struggles with the mixed signals she sends and how she tends to keep him at a distance romantically That all changes one evening and feelings secrets and the past come barreling at them full forceI must say that the foreplay and the build up were uite saucy Nicely done Charlotte and Calvin are extremely explosive when together The banter between the characters and their close knit group of friends is extremely funny and refreshing The dialogue had me laughing out loud The groups crazy escapades were very entertaining The unexpected mystery and drama that were added to the story was a welcome addition that I was not expectingBe aware that you will not be left hanging and you also get the added bonus of a sneak peak into the characters from book one I am so looking forward to Parker's story and another glimpse into this wonderful group of friendsI was given this book as an ARC for an honest reviewMichele McMullen