Countdown[Reading] ➸ Countdown Author Rashad Freeman – The Doomsday Playbook IntroductionsIncludes Betrayed Lenny's Story The preuel to The Doomsday Playbook IntroductionsIncludes Betrayed Lenny's Story The preuel to. Where have all papa's heroes gone? This starts out with Lenny the hero of this book as a soldier fighting in Afghanistan Lenny is kind of a jerk about women He makes several remarks that are chauvinistic and belittling towards women He isn't intentionally mean or rude but he doesn't speak highly of women eitherLenny's back in the States now working to get his forty acre compound fully stocked and ready for whatever disaster may come It's very well stocked and fitted out for almost any problem I wondered how he had the money to pay for his very expensive prepper compound but his father left him millions He meets Rebecca who is working as a sales clerk in a feed store but it turns out she's also a mechanical engineer Why is she working as a clerk?They hit it off so when a major disaster strikes he goes to get herThis book ends in a cliffhanger setting up for the next installmentThe characters were not really fleshed out except for Lenny and the book is your basic prepperend of world scenario Results I disliked it probably because I disliked Lenny But the story was formulaic and the characters tedious WOW What an intense gripping novel I couldn't put it down Vivid scenes real honest genuine and flawed characters and just enough uncertainty to keep reeling you in never knowing what is lurking around the corner or on the next page MINOR SPOILER ALERT THIS PARAGRAPHThere were a couple of things that felt a bit forced such as a brilliant mechanical engineer masuerading as a stock clerk but honestly it did not detract from the story as hellfire rained down onto the main characters from all sidesEND SPOILER ALERTModern era military novels aren't exactly my favorite genre but this one breaks the mold An exciting read from start to finish Eagerly awaiting the next installment Enjoyable post apocalypse book Full disclosure; I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a review This book is your standard post apocalyptic thriller with a twist Since it is a series of books rather than one single book the reader has to read all of the books to find out what happens Some may find this off putting and I do generally prefer a book that doesn't force me to read five or six separate books to complete a story With that being said don't let that stop you from considering buying and reading this series This review covers only parts 1 and 2 The main character is Lenny he is a survivalist who has prepared for the end of the Earth at least he thinks he has When the end comes he finds himself with a beautiful woman and they begin their adventure In the beginning the reader gets the idea that an invasion has happened possibly Iran Ira or some other enemy of the US As the story progresses the reader is led to believe that the invader may be the US Government or maybe Aliens will Lenny survive? Will the World survive? You will have to read to find out The author has a style that is simplistic yet enjoyable His characters are believable and well rounded The relationships they develop throughout the story are well thought out and develop naturally Based on the price point this book is recommended it is a uick read that will leave you ready for the next in the series Good storyline and strong charactersThis author has written a strong action thriller that is very readable and enjoyable I had a little trouble with the fact that he doesn't spend much time on character development but rather stays right with the action all the way through the book I appreciated that his main man Lenny Was an ex marine and took everything as serious as he did otherwise the doomsday scenario wouldn't have worked too wellI do recommend this book for all actionadventure fansGaston Sanders Author Overall a fun and exciting read Full of non stop action It appears this story is going to be yet another post apocalyptic zombie story but it's not Something uite different A bit mysterious Countdown is a short introduction to The Wasteland Chronicles series I'm typically not a fan of series but this one reels you in wanting and The biggest disappointment for me was that the characters all seemed a bit shallow And everyone is rude to one another Other than that this is a fantastic read This book is so bad I don't even know where to begin The plot is disjointed the writing is uite terrible and the characters leave much to be desired And if that wasn't enough to contend with it seems that this book has never met an editor at any point spell check would have been helpfulAs a confirmed lifelong bookworm I know books And this is a truly terrible book even the dog dies Break neck action and crazy details This was a fast paced opener for what is certain to be one of my favorite series This action was intense but what I appreciated was the level of detail in the writing It wasn't over done but enough to make me feel like I was watching a movie or even right there when it happened Awesome read From the first sentence to the last I loved the story Others here have already written the synopsis of the book so I won't add to that Really loved the characters and their development I can't wait to continue with the series Countdown reviewCountdown is the preuel and the first two parts in the Doomsday Playbook by author Rashad Freeman I definitely will rest of the series It's a post apocalyptic story Good story so far I liked it enough to buy the second bok in the series Yep I'd recommend this book and author I'm looking forward to