Dark Winter Crescent Moon Dark Winter #2

Dark Winter Crescent Moon Dark Winter #2[PDF / Epub] ★ Dark Winter Crescent Moon Dark Winter #2 Author John Hennessy – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Romilly protected the Mirror of Souls and won a decisive victory over the demons of Gorswood She believes her job is done and prepares to leave her hometown The demon within her however stays – and Romilly protected the Mirror of Souls and won Crescent Moon PDF Æ a decisive victory over the demons of Gorswood She believes her job is done and prepares to leave her hometown The demon within her however stays – and leaves Romilly no chance to find happiness peace and love A humiliated Toril is unable to move on The young witch wants vengeance no matter what the cost Toril raises the stakes in a cat and mouse game with the enemy where only one can emerge victorious Beth faces Dark Winter PDF \ an internal struggle to stay true to her faith whilst needing to do what is right When an old adversary resurfaces to challenge her maybe even having God on her side will not be enough With the nightmares becoming all too real Romilly Toril and Beth can no longer tell friend from foe When the terrors of the night become the terrors of the day who will be left standing for the final showdown Dark Winter Crescent Moon is the second installment of the Dark Winter Winter Crescent Moon ePUB ☆ TrilogyAUTHOR NOTES Not suitable for young readers Story has elements of sex strong fantasy horror and psychological horror scenes of violence throughout and infreuent but strong swearing. “Fear doesn't shut you down; it wakes you up” Veronica Roth DivergentJohn Hennessy an English YA novelist has chosen horrorfear genre above all other genre to pen his incredibly spooky trilogy Dark Winter In his second book Dark Winter Crescent Moon John has depicted Darwin's theory of evolution survival of the fittest and strongest In The Wicca Circle we are introduced with Romilly the protagonist and her inner demons but are left with millions of uestions and in this new book we get all the answers that we were looking for Warning Be aware This book is not meant for those with a weakfaint heart Synopsis Romilly has saved the people of Gorswood from the demons called Zeryths by protecting the Mirror of Souls but her inner demons are reluctant to leave her alone and with each passing day they are growing stronger and making her hard to live in peaceToril has faced a strong humiliation over the loss of her best friend Jacinta and her boyfriend Troy is making her grow stronger every day because her mind is now clouded with the word called 'vengeance' with the strongest evil character making Gorswood a living hell with its tantrumsBethany has bickering faith in her heart and as her nature always puts her friends before her she is dead worried about Toril and Romilly and is scared that they might die while fighting with her own demons at the same timeLooks like every pen is fighting their own war and in such a moment of crisis and haze of doubt no one can certainly tell a friend from a foe But the fear of evil is clawing at them and it's just a moment of time to see who will stand victorious among all of them After reading while reading and when I started reading this book I muttered to myself Why John Why? Yes why does John has to choose horrorfear to depict a nice beautiful story and turn it into something terrifying and gothic? Each and every page sent a chill down to my bone and the whole story scared the st out of me Literally Sorry for using foul words I mean this man knows how he can get inside the heads of his readers and mess with them First of all I'd like to hats off for his strong narration and keeping it short simple and seriously scary From the first page he made his characters raw evil and gothic which have only one attribute fear His characters are also very live and strikingly portrayed since most of the times while reading; I had to look beyond my shoulder Honestly I never read any book where the fear cut deeper than the swords His flawless and articulate writing style is what makes the plot groovier and thoroughly compelling And also he knows how to twist his plot with a little bit of edginess Each and every twist shocked me to hell I couldn't even anticipate correctly what was waiting for me in the very next chapter And the last chapter is the treasure of the whole book although I was getting a hint that something like that would happen but I never expected Toril and Beth in such demeanor And there John spun me completely out of control although he did left us with a huge massive cliffhanger that I can't wait to find out in his next bookThe book's so scary that now I'll have to wait for few days before rubbing off my mind with those terrorizing and horrifying images of Gorswood and Don Curie that John flawlessly created in his book Although the book was scary still I found myself vouching for and I completely stuck like glue to the whole story Only disappointment the girl whom I loved the most is now almost dying in an old cabin and for that I hate you John Verdict A must read trilogy and please guys read this whole series in broad daylight Courtesy Thank you John for the book and for writing such a paralyzing novel that no one can fail to fall in love with And I'll always remain indebted to you for your never ending love support and kind and grateful words JOHN HENNESSY once again has proved himself a Master of the Horror genre on this book This seriesDark Winteris the most absorbing novel of this author because it is truly wonderfully subtle paranormalhorror that would force you to go on turning the pagesI admire how the author incorporated his martial arts skills in this storyputting his talent on Romillynthe main character here who used her kung fu knowledge to beat the demons around her Yes dear readers JOHN HENNESSY is not only a talented writerbut also a great Martial Arts teacher Check his THE ESSENCE OF MARTIAL ARTS bookAnyway I love all the characters and their stories but still am looking forward to the third book of this series because I felt like there's to each of their provocative and chilling stories To my great friend Johnwho is an eminently skilled novelist I don't have much to add to the excellent reviews already detailing the merits of this book so I'll just say that this is simply the best collection horror series I've ever read so farand I thank you so much for your kindness for letting me read your exuisite books^^ I may never be able to look at a mirror ever againOnce again thanks to the author for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to read his works and even being supportive and a true sport to all the reviews i have posted about his booksSo thanks to Dark winter i may not be able to look at another mirror without fearing for ghosts coming at me that would be a pleasant experience worth for the future ; As i told before in the first book the series has a very dark spooky and spine chilling plot that has got only interesting and gripping with its seuel Its just not the plot that has gone high but the narration techniue as wellThe book interestingly starts with the background stories to our major characters including Don CurieSo if you were confused or blurred about certain characters in the first book you will be able to have a better understanding and knowledge of them in this one It will enable you to smooth yourself into the story with better efficiency The flow of the story is really good this time as there is no fluctuating narration or too much of past and present transportation Its stays focused with what is happening at the present The language had always been good so just like as in the first book it still creates magic in the seuel as wellYes there is a tremendous amount of change in the second book but there are still things that are bothering mei would like to say that it was an element of the whole story or it was part of the plot development or a way to know the characters intensely but the fact is that around the middle things get too chaotic and meddling that you have a hard time touching upon whether the things mentioned are really happening or is it a dream seuence or hallucinations of the characters The clear definition was lacking and kind of felt like watching the movie inception all over again i still have no clue what happened where and when in that movie and my head still spins thinking about it Now another thing i noticed is a very distinctive narration techniue applied to the book The whole narrator of the story is our main protagonist but things really gets tricky when the narrator is telling us incidents that she is not even part ofI thought this kind of narration was brilliant and in my personal experience i have never come across something like that I guess it has been perfected in the second book as it was completely missed by me in the first book But honestly it still needs a bit of sharpening but otherwise it is a wicked narration techniue and with proper execution will be a killer trend too I am definitely sticking for the third book because there are so many things that is left unanswered which i believe is going to wrap up effectively in its finaleDark winter Crescent Moon carries forward what it started in its first book much effectively and elegantly and interestingly it has polished and transitioned itself to cover up all the missing elements from the first book The series returns with an explosive turn of events with a better and intriguing narration and language it is whole spookier and addictive than its preuel Definitely a must have for all horror fans or somebody with a liking to a twisted and intriguing story lineHow was it? John Hennessy has done it again Another great read that pulls you in from beginning to end This is the fourth book I have read from this author and I can’t complain about any of them His story lines and plots seem to improve with each book he pens John Hennessy in my opinion tells a spooky story with believable characters and a fantastic plot Dark Winter Crescent Moon is the second book in this series it has been written in such a way for example recalling back drop of book one and re introducing characters that it can be read as a standalone BUT please read Dark Winter The Wicca Circle first because it will make you really appreciate the characters in full and it will show the character development and style of Hennessy’s writingThe story in Dark Winter Crescent Mood is spine schilling from the very few pages and we see Curie up to his old tricks Although he is not a nice guy you can’t help but like him in some way The characters are all older by a few years and Hennessy has the character growth spot on We are told what they have been doing since the last book We get to know them a little I have some characters that I found endearing some annoying and some you love to hate This wouldn’t be possible but for the fact of great story telling and writing It is a spine chilling story but also incorporates a vast array of emotions and you are compelled to read to the end Crescent Moon is the second installment of the Dark Winter trilogy and cannot be read as a stand aloneA bit different from The Wicca Circle DW #1 this one is heavier on psychological terror and relationships It is very hard to review this book without revealing giving away spoilers not only because it's a terror thriller but also it has twists and turns galoreThe Wicca Circle tells us how Romilly our teenage heroine gets the mysterious and evil? Mirror of Souls that modifies completely her life and her friends' and that malevolent human beings demonic spirits and diabolical ghosts abound in Gorswood forestCrescent Moon brings Romilly her friends and her enemies back to usWith additions to the ones presented in the 1st installment Crescent Moon has a whole casting which leaves nothing to desire to Hollywood's and it covers a greater span of time with hints and tricks scattered masterfully on the plot that keep the reader on the edge of the seat John Hennessy is an accomplish author and leaves the readers guessing what who when why and whereIn The Wicca Circle many have died many have disappeared and the few have survived have been profoundly affected by the facts that occurredIn Crescent Moon the relentless evil that has been awakened is stronger The former girlfriends Toril Beth and Romilly don't know in whom they can believe and trust any and they carry heavy burdens and many secretsThey are afraid of humans Zeryths demons and apparitions; Their own faiths and families don't offer comfort or protection any Their own nightmares are their lives and their shadowsIn comparison Dana Don the Zeryths and Diabhal are ready to pounce and destroy the whole city of GorswoodDon Donald Currie opens this installment in a shocking scene that grabbed me and I kept flipping the pages as I was dying to see how Michael Dean would accomplish to kill Beth one of Rom's friendsI highly recommend this thriller for older YA and adults who like the style and I'm looking forward to reading riveting exciting tales from this talented authorPS Ah GAWD He left me cliffhanging Again In a good way I want the next book right now Another great one in this series The interesting thing about the way this book was written is that I think it could survive as a standalone It's better as a seuel but you'd still be able to understand what is going on And there is soooo much going on in this book Each of our favorite characters gets their own story line to kid of figure things out and do their part to once again take on the evil Don Curie and Dana Romilly is still our omni narrator but we get to learn much about each of the girls Toril wants to be a powerful witch She is searching for the power to bring someone back from what they call the void But in order to do this she needs a wand and power that she thinks only the circle can give her What she doesn't know is that this circle of witches is not what they seem and they have a prophecy about the very girl that seeks them out She will go through hell only to be forced to make horrible choices about the ones she loves Beth finds an ally in Toril's mother as they go off to the woods to take on Dana themselves I think she grew the most from book one Beth became less the timid church girl and of a bad ass demon hunter I had the most mixed feelings about Romilly's story She's still got a demon inside of her but does she have one by her side as well Someone from her past shows up with seemingly good intentions towards her but she can't trust that when Dana is still out there and her friends are in danger Get to the mirror that's what she needs to do But what will it take from her to get past the protections Toril has put in place especially when she's not the only one going after it? This story was gripping and fast paced Once again you never know if someone is going to stay dead and that adds to the suspense None of the characters really trust each other and I was constantly waiting to see who would betray everyone else I did sort of guess right because it was someone I never really liked I've got to say though Romilly seemed weak at times but I really loved her I was rooting for her but nothing seems to go her way She's been through so much and she's still fighting I'm looking forward to seeing the end of her story in the next book I'm hoping she gets a little bit of happiness Although this is not the genre I usually read I was fascinated and impressed by Dark Winter and the writing skills of the talented author John Hennessy who weaved a tale of horror with genuine style The story line was so imaginative and interesting that it compelled me to read the second installment of the trilogy Dark Winter Crescent MoonThe author doesn't disappoint and the seuel is even terrifying than the first novel I would not recommended it to the faint at heart but it's a great treat for fans of the genre You will be taken on a rollercoaster ride of horror and will experience a combination of thrills and fear which I believe it's the very reasons you went on the ride in the first placeThe Heroine Romilly who has been possessed by the demons of Gorswood without her knowledge will continue valiantly to protect the Mirror of Souls as she ventures forward despite their evil presence within her Their satanic power will attempt to destroy her serenity and any possibilities of joy in her life The strength of the story is the unsettling emotions and fear of the occult that dominates your mind You wonder who can Romilly Toryl and Beth trust The deadly struggle they are engaged is relentless and the possibilities of defeat unacceptable with terrifying conseuences The nightmare scenario is much too real in the elouent words of the author who weaved a riveting tale of terror and vengeance combined with the endless struggle for good and evil The suffering endured by Romilly to find salvation is inspiring and instills a true sense of hope in this riveting tale that perhaps will dampen your brow with cold sweat You might be overwhelmed by the terrifying imagery but entertained at the same time Dark Winter Crescent Moon is very compelling since I had difficulty putting the book down until the very end I believe it to be a true find to the devotee of the paranormal Horror genre and I highly recommend it The whole idea of a second story in the Dark Winter universe is very intriguing to me The first book seems to ask a lot of uestions and answers them to This second book is satisfying tale as it remains a linear story whilst at the same time keeping readers with the first person narrativeI have finished reading the book today and writing the review whilst the story is clear in the mind I am of the view that this book stands head and shoulders above the first book The Wicca CircleDark Winter Crescent Moon has plenty of shocks gore horror but it is in the psychological approach to this segment of the series where it comes into its ownWe are told the story by seeing things through Romilly's eyes and if you don't know who Romilly is by now you should read the first book as this book won't make sense without it The book isn't without it's humour and yet as it gets to its third segment the first book was split like this too all the threads that have been laid carefully from the first story begin to tie up making for a thrilling climax that was hinted at but when it happensno I was not prepared for itDark Winter is going to be a trilogy I believe this series is a great mix of witchcraft belief horror paranormal and a carefully laid romance element that makes you ache for Romilly and her plight In this threesome it's her the apple of her eye and the demon within That's pretty unusual and uniue amongst all the YA young adult novels outA light story this is not it's got the best of young adult themes with some really hard hitting horror bits Is it scary? You know I read the first book and it affected me afterwards I think this will have a lasting feeling and its a difficult one take sometimes I want the dark forces in this book defeated but Crescent Moon ends at a point wherewell I can't tell you o'course This is shaping up to be one hell of a trilogy I read the first story called Wicca Circle but this second in the series is a total mind f from beginning to end I can't even review this properly Can I just say that Crescent Moon was totally terrifying from start to finish This is like our girl just as it's kicking offMy heart bled for Romilly and the others And yes the story is about hope but just how much will we sacrifice to win and be true to ourselves Part paranormal part horror all thriller I just can't believe how much better this is than book one it's like the author knows the characters much better probably the same for all books later in a seriesYou would think this is one of the demons from the book More like one of the characters Romilly suffers so bad in this one I'm hoping she will beat the demons I really do girl SIf you like horror young adult paranormal thriller do not look further Stephen King watch out new kid on the block Crescent Moon save my soul Save my mind like If I can recover from the intensity this story hammers you with I'll be around for book 3 I recently finished John Hennessey’s second book in the Dark Winter series “Dark Winter Crescent Moon” In it we find our three heroines Beth Romilly and Toril trying to defend themselves form the unearthly forces they met in the first book The reality is that all the three are trying to do is find some semblance of normal They find this task elusive as they can no longer tell their friends from their enemies It is also difficult because what they want often seems to be at odds to one anotherJohn handles the second book in the series masterfully An interesting read from start to finish he does a good job of knowing when it is time to keep the action moving or when it is time to let the story slow down a tad and develop before the next issue erupts to plague their livesNot necessarily focusing exclusively on one particular character you get a sense that every one of the three has their own demons to battle The three in the end begin to recognize that they are stronger together than they are apart We meet Toril’s mother in the story which is a nice touch to the story line I thought That part of the story line was particularly intriguing I won’t spoil the ending but it definitely leaves you with a sense that you want to just download the next book in the series “Last Rites” and read it because you need to find out what happened All in all great work by John Hennessy It was a very enjoyable read