Comes the Night (Out of Darkness, #2)

Comes the Night (Out of Darkness, #2)❮Reading❯ ➺ Comes the Night (Out of Darkness, #2) ➲ Author Cathy Marlowe – The truest loves can't be forgotten What should have been a romantic evening uickly turns into a nightmare for Lizzie Weston when her husband Zach and their infant son disappear Convinced that her hu The truest loves can't be forgotten What should have been a romantic evening uickly turns into a nightmare for Lizzie Weston when her husband Zach and their infant son disappear Convinced that her husband would never desert Comes the PDF or her or her daughter Lizzie is certain they've been abducted But with with million missing from their security firm and a note from her husband the police aren't so sure Heartbroken and terrified Lizzie is determined to move heaven and earth to find her husband and son and bring them home But it's only when Lizzie follows up on an anonymous tip that she finds herself thrown into a chaotic plot filled with subterfuge and manipulationand the madness of one man Now she'll have to fight not just to find her family but to keep them alive And in order to save her family Lizzie must rely on a love that's stronger than memory. First let me say do not be put off by the coverIts NOT a sexy romance I think the cover deflects from what its aboutWe have a couple here with Lizzie and Zack and they're little baby sonOn the day that Zack is preparing a romantic evening with his wife he gets kidnapped and his baby son along with himThe entire plot and twists are done is a believable fashion that only a reader can followGasp out loud in many placesReally loved this just wish I had read book 1 I received this from Entangled Publishing LLC via Net Galley in exchange for my honest review This novel was a totally unexpected treat to be sure Having read the first one in this series it was suspenseful to say the least So I enter in this one thinking ok what is going to happen now bam It starts off with Zach waiting on Lizzie for their romantic evening but someone else has sinister plans Out of the evil darkness surfaces intruders sent their to retrieve him using their infant son to weave the deception that he has taken Daniel and they have fled But deep in her heart after the terror becomes real Lizzie knows that can not have been the case Thanks to a clues and a telegram she begins her search By now though you also know of what has occurred and where Zach is also with the evil genius plans to bring him to heel and mold him to the way he wants him wiping away his present implanting other memories through foul means This author sure knows suspense and how to take you there and keep you riveted The race is on and Lizzie is taken to him with her now seeming to have entered the twilight zone if I was in her shoes The drama keeps rolling the story going with a roll that you are glued to the pages because of the insanity that is going on I will also say that the bizzareness of this madman was part of the reason that I kept reading with this intrigue being out of the ordinary Even though this falls into the romance genre I find this novel contains danger and intrigue but thanks to love that resides deep within will be how these two will come out of this on top This would for sure be a nightmare but there will be a awakening with Zach and Lizzie fighting all the way There is also a surprise twist that is revealed but will explain alot Their ending will not come without danger but love does triumph thank goodness Received a arc for a honest review I really like these Entangled books Freuently they go on sale and 9 out of 10 times they are really great stories This one was definitely a great book and worth than the sale price of 099I would classify this as a suspense book with romantic elements From the first page you're kept on the edge of your seat and it doesn't let up until you get close to the end As soon as I thought I had it figured out the author throws you for an unexpected loop As hopping as this book was it did seem to slow waaay down in the last few chapters There were still so many pages to go I thought I was in for another twist view spoiler All that to say I did appreciate it wasn't all tied up with a neat bow and he got his memory back That would have been the easy way out but somehow this felt a little authentic no matter how I wanted it to be all rainbows and ponies for him Also what a twist about Grant? Not sure if he's a strong enough character to have his own story? hide spoiler What a brilliant book If you like mysteries and thrillers this is a must read book It is well crafted with lots of twists and turns from the very first chapter onwards Don't be put off by the cover this is no sexy romanceThe story concerns a happily married couple Lizzie and Zack Weston and opens when Zack is preparing for a romantic evening with his wife only for him to be kidnapped together with their baby son Daniel Lizzie doesn't believe the insinuations that Zack has run off with 1 million from the security firm he owns Lizzie is determined and desperate to find her husband and son actually putting herself into great danger in the process The plot has a strong male character who epitomises evil intent determined to manipulate others using force drugs or whatever is necessary to achieve his goals It is against this man and the results of his actions that Lizzie and Zach will have to work if their love is survive and their family have a future together but that's enough spoilers for nowThe storyline is brilliantly constructed the characters portrayed in believable ways that take the reader with them on this desperate adventure At times you think Phew it'll be okay now and then watch out the next calamity or dilemma has you worrying again I really enjoyed this book and will certainly be looking out for other books by this author Many thanks to the author and publishers for enabling me to read an ARC of this book in exchange for this my honest review I really enjoyed this book One of my favorite aspects was how the main characters Zach and Lizzie were married and had children This isn't something I see a lot in the romances I read and the way their relationship changed and developed throughout the book was both unexpected and very rewarding The romance is not the main focus but I would say it gets close to if not eual attentionThe author did an excellent job keeping the suspense going throughout the book She also did a great job keeping the tension between Zach and Lizzie and there were several times were I yelled at the book because I couldn't believe what had just happened It's been a long time since I've been surprised so much by one book and the emotional roller coaster with Zach and Lizzie's relationship made the ending that much sweeterAs mentioned by other reviewers this is actually a seuel but it works well as a standalone novel I will definitely be keeping an eye out for future Cathy Marlowe novelsI received an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review From beginning to end the suspense kept me reading till I finished the book With all the challenges the characters encounter their strength and bonds keeps them strong When Zachary and Daniel are kidnapped Lizzie refuses to believe they just left as a note indicates She tracks them down but finds herself in a predicament As the story unfolds not everything is as it seems and trust is a key component to survival A sweet romance with no steamy sex I enjoyed the story and wonder if the author didn't set us up tor another book This is one of those books that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page And just when you think you have it all figured out there's a twist to shake things up Zach and their baby have been taken with only a note left behind so Lizzie begins the hunt to bring them home Only problemZach doesn't remember her or their life together This book was filled with suspense and I couldn't wait to find out how it ended Nopenot gonna tell you I give Comes the Night 4 hearts Cathy Marlowe has pulled out all the stops She takes the reader on the most intense emotional journey yet Comes the night balances action and psychological suspense wrapped up with the driving uestion In the face of total amnesia will love triumph?The cover photo is misleading It does not reflect the storyline but I review for the books content and not the cover art 35 starsWhat a fast paced story This book is full of mystery and twists and it pulled me right in from the startWe don’t find out the truth until the very end just little bits here and there It was very interesting and it had me coming up with different theories as to what was really happeningLoved Lizzy She handled things as best as she could and showed she was a really strong woman who would do anything for her family view spoilerHaving to be away from her daughter and then pretend that she didn’t know her husband and child it was awful and cruel of Alistair I hated him and as the story progressed But I loved Lizzy and for not taking his crap hide spoiler I read this book when it first came out and for some reason never reviewed itscratches head?Zach and his baby son are kidnapped and let me tell you the cover leads you down a whole different train of thought It's not a cutesy romance and really full of plot twists turns gasping out loud like did that really freaking happen and well let me tell you it's a mystery that a reader has to read

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