The Velveteen Rabbit

The Velveteen Rabbit➷ [Reading] ➹ The Velveteen Rabbit By Margery Williams Bianco ➬ – In this extraordinary new edition Donna Greens' beautiful and evocative paintings bring poignant meaning to a classic tale that remains as compelling today as when it was first published in 1922Marger In this extraordinary new edition Donna Greens' beautiful and evocative paintings bring poignant meaning to a classic tale that remains as compelling today as when it was first published in Margery Williams' famous story tells of a young boy and his treasured favorite toy a splendid fat and bunchy rabbit whose ears are lined with a pink sateenFor this new edition Green has created superb The Velveteen eBook Ê oil on canvas works that are fresh and innocent painted with a soft tender touch that is utterly her own. Beautiful and deeply touching At Meredith's wedding last year her brother and sister read a passage from this book including the below an inspired choiceReal isn't how you are made said the Skin Horse It's a thing that happens to you When a child loves you for a long long time not just to play with but REALLY loves you then you become RealDoes it hurt? asked the RabbitSometimes said the Skin Horse for he was always truthful When you are Real you don't mind being hurt Does it happen all at once like being wound up he asked or bit by bit? It doesn't happen all at once said the Skin Horse You become It takes a long time That's why it doesn't happen often to people who break easily or have sharp edges or who have to be carefully kept Generally by the time you are Real most of your hair has been loved off and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby But these things don't matter at all because once you are Real you can't be ugly except to people who don't understand A terrific book even as an adult but it gave me uite a scare as a little kid See I actually managed to get scarlet fever in the first grade and because of The Velveteen Rabbit I was terrified that someone was going to come in and force me to burn all of my toys like the kid in the book had to when he was sick Thankfully though medicine advanced beyond toy burning in between the publishing of this book and 1982 so my GI Joes were safe What a delightful book 🐰 5★ Or How Toys Become RealThere was once a velveteen rabbit and in the beginning he was really splendid He was fat and bunchy as a rabbit should be; his coat was spotted brown and white he had real thread whiskers and his ears were lined with pink sateenHe was the perfect Christmas gift for a little boy who actually had a china dog he used to take to bed every night The Rabbit was overlooked in the toy cupboard snubbed by the other toys except for a threadbare old skin horseThe Velveteen Rabbit in the toy cupboard with the Skin HorseThe Skin Horse explains that that love can make toys real Not a spoiler it's the subtitle One night Nana can't find the china dog but she spots the little Rabbit The boy clutches him happily as he goes to sleep and from then on they are inseparable The boy plays with the little Rabbit everywhere and digs pretend rabbit burrows in the garden for him to hide in One day the little Rabbit discovers REAL rabbits The Velveteen Rabbit meets two real rabbitsThey poke terrible fun at him because he isn't real 'Can you hop on your hind legs?' asked the furry rabbitThat was a dreadful uestion for the Velveteen Rabbit had no hind legs at all The back of him was made all in one piece like a pincushionHe sat still in the bracken and hoped that the other rabbits wouldn't notice 'I don't want to' he said again But the wild rabbits have very sharp eyes And this one stretched out his neck and looked 'He hasn't got any hind legs' he called out 'Fancy a rabbit without any hind legs ' And he began to laughPoor little chap But his boy declares that Bunny is real so that should mean something But then horror of horrors his boy becomes so ill with scarlet fever that when he's well again all of his toys and bedding must be burned including gulp the little Rabbit who is looking decidedly grotty and worse for wear The boy is so excited about a promised trip to the seaside for the fresh air that he doesn't noticeBut wait This story hasn't been a firm favourite since 1922 for no reason Just before the gardener is going to set fire to the sack the little Rabbit wriggles out of the top and thinksHe thought of the Skin Horse so wise and gentle and all that he had told him Of what use was it to be loved and lose one's beauty and become Real if it all ended like this? And a tear a real tear trickled down his little shabby velvet nose and fell to the groundAnd then a strange thing happened For where the tear had fallen a flower grew out of the ground a mysterious flower not at all like any that grew in the gardenThe little Rabbit and the Fairy Flower 'I am the nursery magic Fairy' she said 'I take care of all the playthings that the children have loved When they are old and worn out and the children don't need them any then I come and take them away with me and turn them into Real''Wasn't I Real before? ' asked the little Rabbit 'You were Real to the Boy' the Fairy said 'because he loved you Now you shall be Real to every one'I don't care that this may owe something to Pinocchio which was written in 1883 or that Toy Story probably owes a lot to both I'm just delighted to have enjoyed it again because I was reminded of it recently and saw it wasn't on my Goodreads shelvesI found a copy of the 1922 publication from which I've copied illustrations just to show where it started but there are countless newer editions with modern artwork that would probably appeal to today's children and parents and grandparents But I thought I'd share the old art hereIt's as heart warming as ever and I love thinking that the old family toys might be frolicking around somewhere in another dimension not this one they'd be too old by now 45 stars When I found out that the classic children's story The Velveteen Rabbit was old enough to be free online at Gutenbergorg complete with the original illustrations AND that it has a Christmas connection the story begins with the rabbit tucked into the boy's Christmas stocking I couldn't resist It's a heartfelt story about unselfish love and how that makes us real Perhaps a little sentimental okay it's definitely sentimental but it touched meHere's a link It only takes about 20 minutes or so to read December buddy read with the Retro Reads group I'm sure I wrote a review about this book on this site at one time or anotherThe review may be lost my memories of this book never areI own itIts a children's favorite Thanks Duane for re visiting of memories from when you recently read it Some children's books should be read by adults This is one of them It examines the transforming power of love At what age does a child learn what is real? How long does the blurring between fantasy and reality persist for a young child? And when harsh reality kicks in with a vengeance isn’t a little bit of magic lost forever?The loss of childhood innocence is always poignant Adults sometimes continue to live in our imaginations and dreams through stories so we may manage to hang on to a little bit of this magic through our adulthoodThe Velveteen Rabbit or How Toys Become Real is a much loved classic book from 1922 The story speaks to children especially the shy introverts or dreamers who love the magic of it all For adults it may lift us back into the dreamy world of childhood when anything is possible and nothing is set in stone It deals both with what is “real” and also explores the world of the imagination and possibilities beyond the literal truth In some ways it encourages the child to think about the bigger uestions of life and the universe And as with all good fantasy it poses the uestion “What if?”The author Margery Williams Bianco drew from her own experience to write The Velveteen Rabbit She had been born in London but her father died when she was seven years old and the family went to America to live just two years later She actually became a professional writer at 19 but she only started writing for children much later when her own children had grown upAfter her early emigration to the United States Margery lived in a rural Pennsylvania farming community At nineteen she returned to London to try to sell some of her work Some of it was published but none was very successful While visiting her publisher Margery Williams met Francesco Bianco an Italian living in London who was employed as the manager of one of the book departments The two were married and had two childrenMargery Williams Bianco had strong memories of her own early childhood and of her father a deeply loving and caring parent who had encouraged both her and her older sister to read and use their imaginations She recalled the way her father described characters from various books to capture her imagination and tempt her with their amazing worlds within Her strong desire to read soon developed into a need to write for herself and she now realised these were both instilled in her at an early age by her fatherMargery Williams Bianco found that all the memories of the toys which had been such an important part of her life surged to the fore At the age of 41 she wrote her first children’s novel The Velveteen Rabbit realising that children’s lives are enriched by toys whose personalities they have created while playing with themThe story tells of a stuffed rabbit splendidly sewn from velveteen A small boy finds him in his Christmas stocking and is enchanted with his new present playing with nothing else for about two hours But then the velveteen rabbit is forgotten and put away to live in the toy cupboard or abandoned on the nursery floor The velveteen rabbit is uite shy though and doesn’t really mindBut because the rabbit is made of velveteen some of the other toys snub him They are modern and mechanical and they think a toy rabbit made of velveteen is very old fashioned Even Timothy a jointed wooden lion looks down on him However there is a wise old toy in the nursery a Skin Horse who is kind to him The velveteen rabbit is curious about what it means to be real and whether these expensive toys are real than him But the Skin Horse insists “Real isn’t how you are made When a child loves you for a long long time not just to play with but REALLY loves you then you become Real”The velveteen rabbit is very much in awe of this idea He wants to know if it would hurt or take very long to happen but doubts whether it would happen to him for a long time “When you are real you don’t mind being hurt” said the wise Skin HorseOne night when Nana is bustling around tidying the nursery she cannot find the boy’s favourite toy a china dog for him to take to bed with him So she gives him the velveteen rabbit to sleep with instead The velveteen rabbit loves this time when he can snuggle down with the little boy and grows to feel special The little boy tells him about the tunnels that the real rabbits live in and makes tunnels for him under the bedclothesThe velveteen rabbit is very happy He has become the little boy’s favourite toy “Spring came and wherever the boy went the rabbit went too” He did not notice that his coat was getting shabby and worn away in places Then the big moment came Nana was sent out to look for the rabbit who had accidentally been left outside after a picnic and she was cross at all the fuss being made for a toy But the little boy insisted the velveteen rabbit was not just a toy “He’s REAL”When the rabbit heard this he was so proud and felt so much love himself for the little boy that he felt his heart would burstTime passed In the summer he came across some wild rabbits He was fascinated by them but realised that they could do much than he could They could run and jump and hop and even dance The velveteen rabbit tried to cover up the fact that he had no hind legs but eventually the wild rabbits realised that he could not hop as they did and he didn’t smell right at all They decided that he was not a real rabbit and ran away The velveteen rabbit was so very sad After all he knew he was realThe velveteen rabbit becomes older and even shabbier but he is happy because the boy still loves him That is until one day the boy view spoiler becomes ill with scarlet fever and the doctor says that the boy should be taken to the seaside to recover But what of the velveteen rabbit? The doctor says he would be a mass of germs and instructs Nana to put him outside and left out in the garden for the gardener to burnOvernight the velveteen rabbit sadly reflects on his life What is the use of being real if it all ends like this? He cries a real tear falling from his velvet nose onto the ground Then there is magic A beautiful flower appears where the tear fell and a fairy steps out of the flower to comfort the velveteen rabbit She explains that she is the Nursery Magic Fairy who takes care of all the playthings that the boy has loved and turns them into “Real” And then she says another marvellous thingBecause the velveteen rabbit has become Real to the boy who truly loves him she will make him become Real to everyoneThe fairy takes the rabbit to the forest where the wild rabbits live and gives the velveteen rabbit a kiss Instantly he is changed into a real rabbit although it takes a long time for him to realise this “He actually had hind legs He gave one leap and the joy of using those hind legs was so great that he went springing about the turfHe was a Real Rabbit at last“The next spring when he is playing in the forest the boy spots the rabbits and especially notices one who looked exactly like the velveteen rabbit who had got lost when he had scarlet fever But he was not to know that this really was his own toy rabbit whom he had helped to become Real hide spoiler How Toys Become Real The Velveteen Rabbit Margery Williams Bianco Donna Green IllustratorThe Velveteen Rabbit is a British children's book written by Margery Williams and illustrated by William Nicholson The book was first published in 1922 It chronicles the story of a stuffed rabbit's desire to become real through the love of his owner A stuffed rabbit sewn from velveteen is given as a Christmas present to a small boy The boy plays with his other new presents and forgets the velveteen rabbit for a time These presents are modern and mechanical and they snub the old fashioned velveteen rabbit The wisest and oldest toy in the nursery the Skin Horse who was owned by the boy's uncle tells the rabbit about toys magically becoming real due to love from children The rabbit is awed by this idea; however his chances of achieving this wish are slight تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز یازدهم ماه سپتامبر سال 2016 میلادیعنوان خرگوش مخملی؛ نویسنده مارجری ویلیامز؛ تصویرگر ویلیام نیکلسون؛ مترجم رضی هیرمندی؛ تهران انتشارات چکه، هندونه، ‏‫1394؛ در 48 ص، مصور؛ رنگی؛ شابک 9786003770126؛ برای گروه سنی ب، ج؛ موضع داستان حیوانات، خرگوشها برای کودکان از نویسندگان بریتانیایی 20 ماین کتاب را آلا پاک عقیده نیز ترجمه کرده استفهرست مطالب فصل اول صبح کریسمس؛ فصل دوم فصل بهار؛ فصل سوم تابستان؛ فصل چهارم پسرکوچولو مریض میشود؛ فصل پنجم زمان پر استرس؛ فصل ششم پری کوچولویک خرگوش مخملی، به عنوان هدیه ی کریسمس به یک پسر کوچک اهدا میشود پسر با هدایای دیگر خود بازی میکند و خرگوش مخملی را برای مدتی فراموش میکند این هدیه ها مکانیکی هستند و خرگوش مخملی قدیمی را خراب میکنند خردمندترین و قدیمیترین اسباب بازی در مهد کودک، اسکین که متعلق به دایی پسر بوده، به خرگوش میگوید اسباب بازیهای جادویی به دلیل عشق به بچه ها واقعی میشوند خرگوش با این ایده منتظر است با این حال، شانس او برای رسیدن به این آرزو اندک است نقل از متن «روزی روزگاری یک خرگوش مخملی بود که آن اول‌ها واقعاً معرکه بود چاق و تپل بود، همان‌طور که هر خرگوشی باید باشد کتش خال‌های سفید و قهوه‌ ای داشت، سبیل‌هایش از نخ طبیعی بود و گوش‌هایش با ساتن صورتی آستر شده بود او صبح روز کریسمس با شاخه‌ ی کوچکی از درخت راج میان پنجه‌ هایش، توی جوراب ساق بلند پسر فرورفته بود چه منظره‌ ی دل‌انگیزی بود توی جوراب چیزهای دیگری هم بود؛ آجیل، پرتقال و یک موتور اسباب‌بازی و همین‌ طور بادام شکلاتی و یک موش کوکی، اما این وسط خرگوش از همه بهتر بود» پایان نقل ا شربیانی Shame on you Toy Story you knocked off The Velveteen Rabbit' and didn't even say thank you Of course this was published in 1922 seventy three years before Toy Story so most of today's children haven't read this which is a shame because it's a sweet story soft and gentle like the little rabbit

The Velveteen Rabbit Epub ↠ The Velveteen  eBook
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