Stage Lights (Hearts to Follow #3)

Stage Lights (Hearts to Follow #3)❴Reading❵ ➿ Stage Lights (Hearts to Follow #3) Author Dana Burkey – Tessa has always been confident Some even say too confident But that comes with knowing what you want and always getting it Show after show what she wanted was the lead role on the stage and that was Tessa has always been confident Some even say too confident But that comes with knowing what you want and always getting it Show after show what she wanted was the lead role on the stage and that was exactly what she got But as her senior year of high school approaches Tessa is looking for something bigger and better So when Tessa is cast in a college level theater production of Romeo and Juliet she knows just what she wants Anthony a college junior and the hottest guy Tessa has ever seen is cast as Romeo opposite Tessa’s Juliet The casting is perfect in Tessa’s eyes and she is certain her time on stage will only speed up things off stage Going after what she wants like always can Tessa land her leading man With her sights set firmly on Anthony can Tessa find true love under the stage lights. Stage Lights was another okay read but again i didn't like it as much as the firstTessa annoyed me at first but by the end i started to like her Anthony wasn't uite as bad as Nick but he still wasn't very likable This one was slightly better than the second but out of the series the first is my favorite The last of the 'Hearts To Follow' stories was a little different to the other two with of a surprise ending in a way Fans of the other two stories will probably rank this in second place but 'Just Pretending' still wins out in the end I received a copy of this novella in exchange for an honest reviewA cute uick little story Stage Lights follows the story of Tess who is friends with Summer the lead character from the second novella in the Hearts to Follow seriesTess a high school student is taking on the role of Juliet in a summer play at a college and wants her Romeo of the stage to be her Romeo in real life too Unfortunately in a true Shakespearean comedy of errors miscommunication reigns hearts are broken and new loves forgedAt times the romantic elements seemed a bit forced to me I don’t particularly care for love triangles and while this wasn’t a love triangle per se it was a convoluted love mess of sortsI found it somewhat frustrating to witness the back and forth between Tess and Anthony and Tess and Ian and I was a little disappointed by how uickly Ian seems to get over his feelings for Tess and fall head over heels for someone else at the end He’s supposed to be in college I thought? I realize there isn’t a huge difference between a seventeen year old and a freshman in college but I got the impression that Ian and his brother Anthony were upperclassmenSo this juvenile treatment of feelings seemed out of character for himMaybe this is just my view of the world but at some point people stop experiencing the trivial “love” affairs of high school and experience meaningful connections with other human beings So the ending just really didn’t work for me However I am uite a bit older than the characters in this story so there may just be a generational disconnect thereI still maintain that this series works well for high school aged people I think it may work particularly well for teenage girls between the ages of fourteen and sixteen or seventeen The characters of Tess and Tony are relatable and familiar and the way Tess over analyzes every moment with Tony will probably strike a chord with many young female readersI wanted to like this but as it is I am only able to give it three stars Just Pretending the first novella in this series is by far the best of the three stories I received a copy of this novella in exchange for an honest review Stage Lights is the third and final installment of the Hearts to Follow series and I'm a little disappointed to see it end I want Where do I get my hopeless romantic fill from now? That being said I didn't like Stage Lights as much as I liked the previous two books The story is the first of the series to be told in first person point of view which really threw me off in the beginning From there the story follows Tess in her uest for love with the leading man in her play Tess just struck me as kind of eh and I don't think that impression really changed She's a little rude for starters discounting what Summer says because of the way her romance played out and also getting annoyed and silencing her phone when her friends text her was just ouch The ending to this was really unexpected but I actually really liked the way that things ended up playing out and I found it satisfying overall Burkey's style is still really fun and easy to read and she's great at really bringing the story to life for her readers Aside from some small editing errors etc this series is a really solid read and I'm so glad that I had the chance to read it I will definitely be looking forward to of Burkey's work in the future I also posted this review on my blog was my least favorite Hearts to Follow novella because of the romance and the fact that I was confused for almost the whole novella My cofusion ties into the romance as well I was so confused as to how old Tessa was and she had a crush on a college boy I thought she was a high school soph When she kissed him I actually started to root against it Sophs and whatever year in college Anthony do not mix in my opinion I just didn't like Anthony as a love interest and Summer wasn't my favorite characterLove at last word? Yes but I didn't like the charactersBlog | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Thank you to the author for a copy of this audio in exchange for an honest reviewThis is really not my usual genre and I came across this completely by happy accident​This book was my favourite of the three in this series by far Tessa was my favourite character in the second book Changed? because she was so friendly and outgoing and she proved my instincts right in this book she learns that she can't always get what she wants but behaves graciously and takes the feelings of others into consideration ​even if it's sometimes a little late in the dayThe characters in this book are a little mature than those in the earlier stories which was a little easier for me to relate to All in all I really enjoyed this story and would highly recommend it for teenagers looking for a lesson in love Thank you to the author for a copy of this audio in exchange for an honest review Summer manages to become friends with Tessa in Changed Tessa has always had a passion for acting which has made her uite confident in her life Many readers will hate her for her confidence and her constant efforts to get the attention of the other MC Tony I didn't exactly love Tessa but I didn't hate her either Tessa came out to be someone who was uite inconsiderate at times She didn't think about whether Tony was actually into her or not but then again I don't blame her either Tony didn't seem that like able either The end was surprising but I liked itI will certainly read from Dana and I still like how cute her stories are Source Downloaded for free from coukThis was an okay story and I liked the way things worked outI liked Tessa most of the time and I felt uite sorry for her with the way things went She didn’t really understand what was going on and I couldn’t really blame her for itI thought Anthony was maybe a bit bad given the way he acted and the things that he should have told her but didn’t and I felt uite angry about thatI did like the ending and it was a pretty brave ending for the author to go with625 out of 10 This is my third YA novella and I am so excited to share it with everyone Thank you to my cover designer Bethany Walters for her amazing work designing for the whole series If you enjoyed the book please take a moment to post a review on both Goodreads as well as Thanks so much I will honestly admit that I did not see the ending coming in this one I won't spoil it for those who are planning to read it but it didn't end up the way that I thought it would and I found that intriguing This is the third of Burkey's works in this series I have read and I found this one much surprising than the first two that I have read I felt that the main character Tessa is well developed and the fact that the story is told from her perspective allows the reader to identify with her struggle as she attempts to determine whether or not the love interest reciprocates her feelings I also love how Burkey incorporates Romeo and Juliet into the story because as a high school actress that was certainly the one play I always wished to have the opportunity to perform I think a lot of young ladies reading this novel will concurI am looking forward to reading from Burkey She has a conversational tone that makes for a uick enjoyable readI have been given a free ecopy of this book in exchange for my honest review