It Had to be Him

It Had to be Him✤ It Had to be Him Download ➸ Author Tamra Baumann – Even though Meg Anderson’s hell raising days are over coming home to Anderson Butte isn’t easy especially when her impossible to please dad is the mayor and her do gooder siblings run the place Bu Even though Meg Anderson’s hell raising days are to be PDF Ê over coming home to Anderson Butte isn’t easy especially when her impossible to please dad is the mayor and her It Had PDF or do gooder siblings run the place But with another job lost and the gorgeous father of her daughter trying to make contact after disappearing three years ago a break Had to be eBook ¸ is definitely in order Hopefully the little town filled with big juicy secrets can helpAfter being off the grid for years Josh Granger a man with his own secrets wants Meg and his daughter back But first he has to get past townspeople as protective as a pack of rottweilers He’s not the man Meg thinks he is but he can’t tell her whynot yetAs Meg slowly warms to Josh it’s clear the old spark is still there But when his secret is exposed—along with Meg’s own shocking revelation—will it tear their family apart again or bind them forever. 375 StarsThis book was about second chances for1 Love2 Trust3 Having a family 4 LifeMeg's family and town are not exactly fans of Meg Her sibling's may love her and wish her the best but her father certainly doesn't believe she can do anything worth while He doesn't think she can be responsible either Sure Meg gave the town heck with her attitude and pranks growing up but she deserves a second chance Right?Not everyone thinks she does Especially her father and The Three Amigos They all think she can't do any good and judge her harshly and give her a tongue lashing whenever they can So she's set out to prove to everyone that she's not the person they think she is It also helps that she has no where to hide out so she needs to stay in her childhood town the one she had hoped to never return to See her ex boyfriend who shattered her heart and trust as well as leaving her alone and pregnant is sniffing around and trying to find her He has some secrets he needs to let out of the bag but Meg doesn't know that as well as trying to win his family back Josh the ex will run into some issues as he tries to locate Meg in her home town The town rallies together and are mostly related to each other not to mention they are a very tight lip community Which they have to be as they have signed a contract pact as the town caters to celebrities Josh will have to jump hurdles with her tight lip family community and Meg's shot gun toting grandma who will definitely shoot you That's not a lie just ask Meg Meg has to come to terms with her trust issues with Josh and people in general if she's going to allow Haley into Josh's life and him into hers and her daughters Josh will need to come clean with his life and pray Meg can forgive him which his secrets were justifiable And they both will need to learn how to co parent as another special person enters their life unexpectedlyWhat I liked1 Josh2 The kids3 Aunt Gloria4 This book kept me glued the whole way through5 This book was exactly what I needed6 The whole aspect of the story7 The humor8 The playfulness between Josh and Meg9 Tara even though she played a small role I can't wait for her book Book 2 10 85% good pacing though I felt some things happened too fast and the end wrapped up too fast for me11 Meg though I didn't like how the author made her the best at everything she did Also I thought she was a hypocrite at times when it came to her thoughts about Josh and second chances or how everyone did the same thing Josh had to do and she let that go sooner than stuff with Josh that bothered me the most Ehh this type of story and writing just isn't my speed style nor taste It's a light fluffy ribbons and frills story set around a hefty dose of woe is me over mundane childish antics and the pulling of petals off the daisy 'He loves me he loves me not' Aside from being boring it reuires you to suspend logic examplesBatshit crazy town with way too much unbelievable about it Hey I've known you a couple weeks but I think I'll just give you my business Three year absence between MCs where his last words were for her to move on but he comes back to get her she's not only not moved on but hasn't even slept with anyone since him Hello Disney movieEveryone seems to have money that a Wall Street banker except the female MC But no worries she suddenly has 300k before the end of the book I hated the messages pulled from the story Examples Her family lied to her 'for her own good' He lied lied some and uses the line it was for your own good And she just accepts it all and berates herself for not being a better person and having trust in people THIS IS NOT an example of a strong self confident protagonist It's a message of it's okay to lie and make choices for others without their knowledge as long as it's in their best interest It's okay for a dad to be a complete asshole My Gawd Egging someone's car and setting up a pie in the face contest doesn't make for a troublemaker kid This book turned a girl's normal youthful antics into just cause to berate her as the rotten apple of the town while another adult character's actual cruel harmful antics were breezed over Bottom lineAnyhoo if you like marshmallow stories where innocent shit is villainized and actual wrongs are brushed under the rug then this book is perfect for ya As an avid romance reader who starts at 3 stars when a book is average it's saying something that this one rates a 4 for me The plot here is an interesting one At the outset we know that Meg is a single mom who's returned to her hometown She is a free spirit whose antics gained her the disdain of most of her small town which is essentially owned and run by her family Her guy Josh has left her as soon as he found out she was pregnant and she's running from him so she won't lose her daughter The idea here that she was going to fall in love again with him the guy who had hurt her so badly was something I wanted to see an author pull off I was pretty skepticalI was really surprised when she did it This speaks to the writing which has a strong emotional punch The plot is so so There are a lot of elements included that reuire suspending your disbelief Meg is a helicopter pilot? And so is Josh? Meg takes Josh back when he continues to lie to her? Their daughter immediately loves her daddy? Meg's old friend hates her so much that she publicly shames her? Despite those flaws Baumann gave us a small town to love Close knit a town that keeps secrets and defends their own fiercely even when the one they're defending is someone they don't hold highly It's full of cliches but not the standard cheesy ones A wise grandmother with a gun was just the right mix of gruff and protectively loving Meg's dad never changes too much to become unreliable; he stays true to his initial character And while Meg seems to trust far too uickly and for the wrong reasons it works because of her own insecurities and past All that said you really do have to suspend your disbelief and just be entertained If you're looking for a realistic story here you'll be disappointed But if you just want a uick fun read that introduces you to an interesting town full of great characters you'll be pleasantly surprisedKate Rudd is fantastic as usual as the narrator on audio She voices each character with the exact amount of emotion and mood Their personalities are distinct probably so because of the way she relates them This book is likely less believable in print; Kate Rudd brings a lightness to the story that is easy and fun without being silly It was a pleasure to go right along with things and not uestion them because of her narrationThis story introduced me to a town that I'm interested to know about Bring on the companion novels I'm in especially if Kate Rudd is narrating It has to be family Gosh I don't normally read books about adults tending to stick to NA and YA novels but I'm really glad I gave this one a try It was just so cute I picked it as one of my First Reads for this month and boy don't I love They got so many good books and for someone who travels a lot it's super convent Anyways back to the review The writing was good It wasn't amazing but I enjoyed the nice flow of it and the distinct voice of both Josh and Meg I was hooked from the very beginning finishing this story rather uickly I'm not an expert on adult novels but I thought this would definitely be something my mother could easily get into The plot was engaging too I loved the whole idea of this family owned town And the whole business side if the novel was super cool I would totally want to live in the town They may not all be related yet they are definitely all one big family The actual story was great It's a romance so don't expect some crazy action However there is definitely tons of emotional drama and secrets Familial issues romance drama petty blow ups and harsh judgements fill these pages Overall I think this novel had a captivating plot line Oh the characters They were all so cute I loved Meg and the struggle she went through to prove the town that she had changed She's so strong someone who would and will never give up Plus she's an incredible mother to her daughter Haley Then we have Josh He was not what I expected when we first heard about him I thought he was going to be some jerk trying to redeem himself He wasn't He was a man who had never really had anyone to love and loose till Meg Yet he had to let her and their unborn child go all in order to protect them Not very many people would be that selfless I was rooting for him the entire time Go Josh go The other characters were great too I loved Meg's family and how loyal they were to each other However I have to say her Grandma was the best She was just so funny All in all I recommend this story to those who are looking for a well developed romance and the binds of family This story centralized on familial relationships than anything else Enjoy D You know a book is gonna be great when you are introduced to a gun totting orthopedic shoe wielding Granny in the first chapter It Had to Be Him is a great mix of romance second chances comedy and a bit of suspense and intrigue thrown in I really enjoyed how the author set the stage from the beginning of the book with Meg's return to town Meg has some major obstacles to overcome with the town's and her family's perception of her due to her actions as a teen The reader is immediately introduced to the dynamic of the town and Meg's family and you find yourself rooting for her from the outset The author does a masterful job of setting up the reader with regards to Josh Meg's introduction of Josh made us fear and hate him before we ever met him boy were we wrong Josh endears himself to me as soon as I meet him just as he began to win the town over with his sincerity As soon as I got to know Josh I was really cheering for Meg and Josh to solve their problems and find their happily ever after Ah the innocence of youth Haley immediately loved her Daddy and I enjoyed seeing Josh grow as a father I liked Josh even once I saw where he grew up and he developed his relationship with Eric we all gained insights into Josh's background through getting to know Eric I think it's evident that I really like JoshAll in all the author does a wonderful job of introducing us to Anderson Butte and the town that protects and defends their own has an active gossip grapevine and sports the occasional celebrity hoping to relax in anonymity I look forward to visiting Anderson Butte again as other members of the town search for their happily ever after Loved itFirst read of this author and fell absolutely in love I like that the heroine isn't perfect and when trouble came around she would run away I liked that she grew up in this book Genre Contemporary RomanceStandaloneseries Stand alone though I wouldn't be surprised if some of the side charaacters get their own books I sensed a seuel with the introduction of the town dentistCliffhanger? view spoiler No hide spoiler What a pleasure this book was It's the story of Meg a young woman who raised hell in her youth and made some enemies with long memories in the Colorado resort town that was founded and is now run by her family She returns with her adorable toddler in tow because she's broke and has nowhere else to go Her powerful father pretty much bribes the entire town to make Meg pay for her past transgressions except for her siblings who mostly stand by her And yes I smell seuels with these brothers and sister and hooray for that Add to all this one handsome devil of an FBI agent Josh who loves Meg and is the father of her child but had to abandon them due to a long term undercover job He's THS CLOSE to being able to tell Meg the truth about why he had to leave but the case is not uite finished so he has to wait Meg and Josh have crazy chemistry and their relationship is believable and sexy Josh has to regain Meg's trust and Meg has to open her heart to him again despite their past Their daughter Haley is accurately portrayed as a true toddler and the scenes with her and Josh are a delight In addition to Josh's FBI secret there are also some secrets in Meg's family and a townful of colorful characters; they all combine to keep the pace brisk Oh and grandma likes her shotgun Just sayin'All in all IT HAD TO BE HIM is witty fun well written smoldery and full of surprises Exactly what you want in a romance It Had to Be Him was a great fun and light read When small town gal Meg finds her way home it's for one reason Not to reconnect with a family she never felt she fit into and certainly not to rebuild her mess of a life No it's to hideout from the man who knocked her up and broke her heart However sometimes when hiding from all the things you once wantedyou find all the things you never knew you needed I immediately fell in love with the small town of Anderson Butte The fierce protective atmosphere was entertaining and uite humorous Even though Meg is a bit of the town's Black Sheep the way they embraced her as their own was endearing Even though you can't love all it's residences you can't help but love this small town Josh took it all in stride though and for that I loved him He knew getting Meg back would reuire the acceptance of not just her family but the town as a whole Baumann brought a smile to my face countless times with It Had too Be Him It's the perfect vacation read easy and endlessly entertaining I got this book for free with my Kindle First subscription Meg has a daughter with Josh but Josh left her a few years ago Now he is looking for her so she goes home to hide but Josh follows her there Unbeknownst to Meg Josh is willing to leave his life behind to make their family work or at least be a part of his daughters life I like Josh's characters seems like a very stand up guy He does have his sketchy parts but he has valid reasons for them I feel like Megs character grows a lot in this book and her family finally comes together after she finds out some horrible information But I like that Meg doesn't give into the evil and tries to go the extra mile to prove people can change Very good read The ending did feel a little rushed So did the relationship If you have children you need to do what is best for them boundaries are important It seemed like they went from talking and introducing father and daughter to living together rather uickly 35 stars