The Cherry Harvest

The Cherry Harvest[Ebook] ➨ The Cherry Harvest By Lucy Sanna – A memorable coming of age story and love story laced with suspense which explores a hidden side of the home front during World War II when German POWs were put to work in a Wisconsin farm community wi A memorable coming of age story and love story laced with suspense which explores a hidden side of the home front during World War II when German POWs were put to work in The Cherry PDF/EPUB ² a Wisconsin farm community with dark and unexpected conseuences The war has taken a toll on the Christiansen family With food rationed and money scarce Charlotte struggles to keep her family well fed Her teenage daughter Kate raises rabbits to earn money for college and dreams of becoming a writer Her husband Thomas struggles to keep the farm going while their son and most of the other local men are fighting in EuropeWhen their upcoming cherry harvest is threatened strong willed Charlotte helps persuade local authorities to allow German war prisoners from a nearby camp to pick the fruitBut when Thomas befriends one of the prisoners a teacher named Karl and invites him to tutor Kate the implications of Charlotte’s decision become apparent—especially when she finds herself unexpectedly drawn to Karl So busy are they with the prisoners that Charlotte and Thomas fail to see that Kate is becoming a young woman with dreams and temptations of her own—including a secret romance with the son of a wealthy war profiteering senator And when their beloved Ben returns home bitter and injured bearing an intense hatred of Germans Charlotte’s secrets threaten to explode their world. Completely divided on this book for a number of reasons I liked the fact Charlotte was the adulterer although I never liked her at all Thomas was a solid character I wish was revealed and developed he kept my attention when I wanted to close the cover and call it a day Charlotte didn't gain any points in my book didn't like her or warm to her She came across as cold aloof I felt a disconnect with her throughout the story I never understood the attraction or draw between her and Karl it was never expanded upon all of a sudden it appears out of nowhere Katie was far too immature and naive for her years Her relationship with Clay was a complete waste of time filler than anything PTSD and Ben's difficulties acclimating to home could have been detailed along with sharing a stronger focus The ending was completely predictable The narrative was far too busy for my taste way to much going on with little explanation The framework is there for a promising narrative as is I felt cheated I would definitely read from Sanna she possesses creativity with a need to declutter sticking to a minimal of story lines and subplots character development with all certitude her next project will be great For this and reviews visit I won a copy from GoodReads First ReadsSo who knew there were Nazi POWs in Wisconsin during the Second World War? If I learned that anywhere I had forgotten And Northern Lights The atmosphere and sense of place were what I enjoyed about this pretty little book especially with the locale being a Door County farm community It's cherry picking time but all the workers are off to war The previous year that meant no harvest and no income So Charlotte and Thomas the farmers suggest bringing in POWs to help Hard times make people do things they wouldn't ordinarily do so I hope that explains some of the selfish ways displayed by Charlotte; but really there was to it than that And she appreciated neither the books that Thomas and their daughter Kate shared nor the fact that Thomas lovingly recited poetry to her It annoyed her for goodness sake So she annoyed me and it was hard to empathize She has some experiences with some of the POWs to say the least The epilogue explains her and her actions a little betterThomas and Kate were likeable and the war wounded son Ben but I really don't feel like I know any of them very well In short Thomas is a good man Kate a teenager waiting for her freedom and Ben is very troubled 35 stars Rarely do I have the delicious opportunity and luxury to read almost non stop as I did with Lucy Sanna's novel The Cherry Harvest It's the best way to read and allowed me to follow her memorable and conflicted characters without missing a beat through a well told and crafted storyWhile war raged in Europe on the Christiansen's Wisconsin cherry farm without workers Charlotte and Thomas worry that they will lose their harvest Emotions are high ripe for the sort of conflict that arises when German POWs are brought to work the land and pick the cherries Everything that follows moves the story forward in a highly emotional and unpredictable way It is in Charlotte's emotionally conflicted struggles that the book is most powerful and in the intimate and beautifully written lovemaking scenes that it is most lyrical There is a secondary story about teenage daughter Kate Christiansen somewhat less satisfying to this reader who meets the son of a senator in a somewhat F Scott Fitzgerald setting and struggles somewhat predictably with her sexual awakeningsBoth the family and this reader are once again brought back into Sanna's riveting story telling when son and brother Ben returns from the battlefield In a powerful and unexpected confrontation we are witness to how war wounds usThe Christiansen family and The Cherry Harvest stay with me in their emotional and disturbing story of struggle and survival during a dark time in history Sanna has created a very readable book for readers of all ages which would easily lend itself to the Big Screen You may also find yourself yearning for cherry piePS I was given an Advanced Reader's copy Original review can be found at received an advanced readers copy from William Morrow via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review Thank youI love historical fiction particularly when the story takes place during either of the World Wars This book takes on an angle that I have not read about before which says uite a bit because I have read war stories than I can count It takes place on American soil where German war prisoners were used to help with the farming community in WisconsinThe synopsis is fairly detailed so I won't get into re telling the story instead I will discuss my thoughts starting with the plotThere were many things going on in The Cherry Harvest There were the POW's brought in to do the farming difficult times with rationing coming of age young love sex infidelity and PTSD to name just a few As interesting as each topic was I found myself wishing for It was almost like there were so many threads that each one was glossed over a little in order to fit them all in The impact of each individual topic was lost or drowning a little because of everything else that was going on You would also think that with so much going on the story would move uickly This was the case with the second half of the book but I found it sluggish and slow in the beginning The second half was far better than the first to the point I had to stay up to finish it I also have to comment on the amazing job of the author in describing farm life during that periodI struggled slightly with the characters For the life of me I could not warm up to Charlotte She was the one who so strongly spoke in favour of having the POW's help with the farming but was resentful unpleasant and scared once they were there She was whiny and immature in my opinion I also thought that Kate came across much younger than she actually was Although I didn't dislike her as much as her mother I found her terribly naive for someone of her age However I really liked Thomas which made the storyline involving Karl a little hard to swallow The storyline involving Karl and Charlotte was grossly underdeveloped so I never really felt the attraction or became invested in how it would play outWithout giving anything away I do have to comment on the ending Surprisingly I was very satisfied with how it ended and I think I would have felt a little let down if it had ended any other way I did not see it ending the way it did but was uite pleased with itIn the end I enjoyed reading The Cherry Harvest and thought that the bones were good and that there were a few golden moments within it I look forward to reading from Sanna ”One day this will be over But until then we do what we must” A slow burn but compulsively readable tale of love family loyalty war and the secrets we keep Every book has good and bad so I'll start with speaking of the good The author does a fantastic job of capturing in the first chapter of the book the basic makeup of her characters She will add shades as the tale goes on but the basic elements of who they are is incredibly encapsulated in the opening pages Charlotte is butchering a rabbit at the start of the story We know it is her daughter's rabbit we know she had options But she is determined to put a full meal on the table and that rabbit is how she can do it in a way that best suits her The scene is a bit macabre and gruesome and that fits Charlotte so perfectly We can tell from the start of the story that Charlotte is a selfish person who feels she knows whats best in whatever situation she finds herself in We know from that first chapter that she is perfectly happy to bulldoze over everyone else to get what she wants The author balances the scenario behind this scene so well the killing the mental justification for it and then the truth that comes out that selfish selfish Charlotte doesn't stand behind the reason her daughter is saving the rabbits and the wonderful moment when the meal goes uneaten We follow Charlotte to a meeting she is not meant to attend where she puts into motion the wheel that will eventually crush her The author managing to show us the end in the beginning the way she painted her characters in a few swift strokes just perfectly done But the fact that she had us spend most of our book with not an interesting evil character or a deep horrible character but someone petty and selfish made this tale a chore to read I was rooting for Charlotte's world to fall apart almost from page one there was a certain satisfaction to seeing it happen but not enough to justify the page time spent with her In the end a book is than the technical skill that the author exhibits It's about capturing the reader and engaging them in your story its about creating a character that stays with us long after we have closed the last page Here the plot is predictable the character annoying You are grateful to close the book and hope like heck you can forget it Read this book IFYou are 14 18 years oldYou have not read very many novelsYou enjoy grade B Lifetime moviesThe serious reader will have this one figured out from the beginning It should be classified under Romance not general fiction Plodding story line and tedious characters This book has received many varied stars which I am puzzled about as I found this a powerful and compelling story about a family during World War II I loved the setting the characters and the fact that I was unable to do anything else until I had finished the book Charlotte is a cherry farmer’s wife Thomas her husband Kate the daughter at home helping where she can but aiming for University and Ben the son off at war and to keep everything going the local farmers bring in Nazi POW’s to get the crops in The emotion of having your son at war and bringing German’s onto the farm was intense and I felt deep down the conflicting sidesthis book for me was a fantastic read 15This was actually pretty boring If she was trying to capture how mundane life on a Wisconsin farm was during the second world war she definitely nailed it While visiting Door County Wisconsin I went into a small bookstore on Washington Island I was looking for something about the island; the store owner suggested that I read THE CHERRY HARVEST instead She recommended it for its complexity and good writing I am glad I listened to her This is a novel that has stayed with me for several weeksThe book is set in Door County during WWII when German POWs arrive to work the cherry harvest in place of the migrants who have gone to war The presence of the enemy threatens the residents and their feelings of security and hatred for the enemy The cherry growers are facing extinction and the use of the POWs is a last chance to keep the economic base of the county The book centers around a family of cherry growers who accept the service of the Germans They must face a new morality and make decisions that aren't easy and that have long lasting conseuences And after they make these choices nothing will be the same againThis is a haunting book I put it down wondering what choices I would have made A good novel

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