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uest for Kriya[PDF] ✅ uest for Kriya By Rahul Deokar – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Haunted by tragic loss in the 1993 India earthuake a broken Shakti with a tenuous hold on life is sheltered by her soul sister Kriya But when Kriya vanishes without a trace Shakti is unwittingly swept Haunted by tragic loss in the India earthuake a broken Shakti with a tenuous hold on life is sheltered by her soul sister Kriya But when Kriya vanishes without a trace Shakti is unwittingly swept into a cataclysmic vortex of greed lust and betrayal Shakti meets Shiva a struggling Silicon Valley entrepreneur and discovers that love is an enigmatic cosmic force Shakti and Shiva are thrust on a frantic race against time through the dark Mumbai underbelly forbidden Thailand islands and treacherous cliffs in uest for Epub / the Andaman Sea where danger lurks in every shadow As they get closer to the truth they realize that millions of innocent lives are at stake uest for Kriya is an epic saga of love friendship and sacrifice The journey is incredible The emotions are real The transformation is eternal. Intoxicating to the thrill loving reading taste buds uest for Kriya marks an engrossing tale of mystery love and sacrifices And my star rating says that I relished reading itStory starts with the tragic scene of 1993 earthuake in Latur Shakti's life is shattered Her family is dead She has only one relative to support her They take her to their place Soon Shakti finds out that she is about to be sold by her relatives She runs away from there and reaches to Kriya who helps her At the same time Shiva a product manager in Silicon Valley leaves his job to built his own companyThey meet by accident and since then their life is never the same Meanwhile One day after 10 years Kriya is missing from Bombay Nobody has a clue of what has happened It is up to Shakti and Shiva to not only rescue Kriya from catastrophic events but also all the lives that are at the stake This is a story of romance friendship and to that mystery Danger is lurking everywhere Shakti and Shiva have never really confronted with such situations before but now they are left with no choicesThese stories are told in an alternative fashion Reading this book it doesn't seem as a debut novel The story smoothly engages you until the end The switch between the two paralleled stories is rip roaring Bit by bit the story unfolds itself in a steady manner Character development is one of the great thing to watch for in it A lot of creativity could be seen in the language It was fast paced and yet detailed The build up was pretty good The action scene would leave you astonished The breath taking cover pays it all off All in all I enjoyed reading uest for Kriya Life for Shakti and Shiva living on two ends of the earth and the two main protagonists in uest for Kriya begins with an earthuake shattering both lives Shakti picks up her life in Mumbai with the help of Kriya Fast forward ten years Kriya is missing and Shakti through powerful visions that give her the strength to go on makes finding Kriya the uest of her being put on this earth She’s a flight attendant and meets Shiva who’s late for his flightShiva himself on cross roads can never forget this chance encounter with ‘a slender woman with lustrous skin and dark brown hair A rainbow colored halo shone all around her’ In her search for Kriya Shakti is thrown into the dark world of violence and drugs that begins in Mumbai and ends in ThailandShiva has started a new start up that is financed by a man who insists that Shiva Harry and Hong base their start up in Mumbai Shakti follows Kriya’s trail to Thailand and with Shiva manages to burn down a cocaine production just before a tsunami hits the Thai coastuest for Kriya starts slow in two corners of the world both physically and socially Midway it explodes into a fast paced thrillerIn a sudden sweep of destiny Shakti is left homeless and alone Kriya the one person she knows in Mumbai takes her inOn the other side of the world in San Francisco Shiva their last names are never revealed wakes up to face an earthuake of his own We meet sexy Glee who disappears soon after from the narrative and Harry also without a last name for a long time Only the third part of this trio’s Hong last name is mentioned LeeThe trio’s pitch to a VC has flopped and they’re desperate to get new financing to get their product off the groundc Shiva is in Mumbai once again visiting his parents and getting a business ready While trying to find the missing Kriya Shakti gets a taste of the Mumbai world of organized crime There are a few surprises along the way which set the stage for a fast paced thrillerThe juxtaposition of great prose like ‘Smoke meandered and discoed its way’ and ‘face fungus’ is off set by the few unfortunate ones ‘held a scowl on his slanted mouth’ and ‘I become a hostage who follows his whims’ There are abrupt flashbacks and awkward transitions These are overcome by the fabulous settings in Pukhet Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leeuest for Kriya shows the shocking reality of the Bombay I grew up in Even then a ride on the bus was a traumatic experience for a young girl Sad thing is four decades later that situation has not changed This book was a journey down memory lane for me Nariman Point Malabar Hill Hanging Gardens Towers of Silence are all places I was once familiar withDeokar’s portrayal of Rocky and Vicky is on the money It made me want to kick Rocky in the groin His absolute disregard for women is another frightening aspect of life in Mumbai It made me tear at my hair at the numerous times Shiva abandoned a presentation all for a good reason of course There is a delicate touch of humor now and then The trio shows up in red kurta pajamas to an important presentation because they have no clean clothesShiva and Shakti personify lovers who are meant to be together and overcome enormous odds to finally do so The ending stumped me I thought it was too abrupt Then it made me want Are they ever going to be together again?Reviewed by Nalini at wwwwhisperingstoriescom Combining the warm emotions of family and friendship with the cold high tech corporate setting of Silicon Valley uest for Kriya pulls its readers into a compelling vivid and intense mystery and gives the story of two sisters Both were traumatized by an earthuake in India during the early Nineties Shakti is trying desperately to track down her beloved sister Kriya before she loses her forever and with the help of her best friend Shiva she'll be going on a worldwide journey to locate the truth uest for Kriya is amazing and I highly recommend it I got a free copy for an honest review I'm not a romance reader and I agreed to read this book in my every day frenzy I thought it was a fantasy adventure and I missed the rom part So it's not my genre This book is a big eventful adventure with a lot of dramaThe story rolls well on with the characters that are well builtThere's a part happening in Silicon Valleythis is a second Silicon Valley romance book written by a guy Is the life of computers so cold one needs to warm it up? I smile and some technicalbusiness babble and one part in India But for my taste there's a bit too much clichés and over the top culminations and expressions Also writers please don't list a lot of song titles and bands who played them describe rather a music Screenplays are differentThis book is like a Bollywood film mixing genres and entertaining I really enjoyed “uest for Kriya” by Rahul Deokar In my mind this book sort of falls into the category of an action packed epic that everyone can enjoy sort of like the Indiana Jones stories “uest for Kriya” has incredible action gut wrenching suspense heartfelt romance and interesting characters that I was rooting for at the end I want to describe the book for you but I hesitate to give you too much detailed information as not to spoil the “Ah Ha” moments Mr Deokar has created a cast of believable characters like Shakti who experienced tragic events as a child in India and has started a new life thanks to her family friend Kriya You’ll get to see what happens to Kriya as the story goes on Shiva lives in America and has stepped out on his own to create a new hi tech business with a couple of his buddies The two stories run parallel for a while and then intertwine Once the storylines come together it really kicks into high gear with a lot of action and energy with much of it due to the evil deeds unleashed by the diabolical character named Rocky I really enjoyed the Rocky character as he is a slimy dangerous drug dealer who has ties to organized crime throughout the country And the ending let me tell you It’s a doozy Mr Deokar blends tragic real world events into the ending that gives it a huge bang Get it Read it You won’t be disappointed This starts off following a tragic earthuake in India in 1993 Shakti loses everything she knows and her world has crumbled She leaves to visit and old family friend Kriya Shakti is emotionally and physically distraught Kriya does her best to care for her and help her However it all changes when Kriya disappears Shakti then meets Shiva a businessman in San Francisco Danger lurks around every corner as they discover the mysteries that could endanger millions of lives I had a lot of trouble getting into this book because I feel like there are a lot of unnecessary details I am one of those readers who does not love all the details However the details are beautifully described and it's the type of thing my husband would love The imagery of it is amazing as everything is described However I have trouble getting into books that are written like this but I think that's just a reader's opinion This author is very skilled in writing and the cover is gorgeous I recommend this book especially if you enjoy beautifully written details I must say it is absolutely fantastic for a first time author This book has all the elements of a block buster bollywood moviethis is a story of a girlguy next doorof their dreamsof love at first sightof hardshipof successof failureand Apart from the entertaining factor there is an underlying message message of the eternal truth truth of triumph of good over evilLord Krishna says in Bhagvad Gita Dharma sampsthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge makes me wonder if that meant that the God within a common man awakens to fight the unrighteousness This is a story of one such young girl a survivor a fighter a winner who overcomes many challenges fights with extraordinary courage not just to protect her own people but to protect the people of her city A very well told story that takes a reader through ups and down uest for Kriya is a fantastic thriller which kept me at the edge of my seat throughout the book The author has done a nice job at narration which mixes fiction with real time events I liked the way the story is told as you can relate with some of the incidents that happened in history and how that would play on the minds of those affected in such events The main characters Shakti and Shiva are well developed throughout the story with a deep soul and intriguing past complete with their feelings and lessons There is diversity and depth with all the characters in the book which in fact reflects the reality of the people we encounter in our livesOverall I felt the author did a great job and left some intriguing unanswered uestions which would make you to want I was drawn to The uest for Kriya by the names of some of the protagonists—Shiva Shakti and so on I had imagined that it would explore deep issues and make interesting mythological or religious connections The preview passage that you get to see on and elsewhere tends to support this idea The opening chapter set around one person's terrible experiences of the 1993 Latur earthuake in India was very successful at drawing me in and built up a lot of promiseBut we then jump to what might vaguely be called an earthuake like change in another character's life in the United States The parallel was loose seeing as how the person concerned only lost their job and was therefore motivated to start something new Compared to losing one's home family friends and neighbours suffering betrayal and having to relocate to Mumbai this seemed kind of lightweight but I think the purpose was to set up friendships and enmities which would persist through the rest of the bookFrom here on though the story suddenly diverted into a long complex plot all about crime syndicates and drug dealers in India and nearby countries Our two protagonists manage to break all this up almost without meaning to by successfully threading their way through a series of amazing coincidences Their rather bumbling approach to the whole affair mysteriously carries the day aided by timely intervention from friends and well wishersThe plot is suspended between two cataclysms—the above mentioned Latur earthuake and the 2004 Asian tsunami—and this basic device worked very well But I got a bit lost in the intervening drug dealer story and didn't find the rather gooey romance between the male and female leads very believable They seemed never able to get beyond a kind of adolescent idealisation of each other into a credible and adult relationship Insofar as the characters developed at all they basically learned to conform to a set of behaviours and expectations set up by others This is not a story of individuation or self actualisation but rather it is one of submission to external norms As a result everyone's emotional responses are very muted as they increasingly take on board the philosophical position that nothing should disturb one's euanimity and in the long run over many lifetimes everything will pan out for the bestOn the plus side the book has been extremely well and carefully prepared and for all of its heavy reliance on coincidence the plot does keep moving along I couldn't say if it accurately reflects police practice in the various countries but to a casual reader it seems credible And the basic structural device of hanging the story between two Asian natural disasters was a really compelling featureI guess my main difficulty was the mismatch of expectations If there are parallels with any of the original tales of Shiva and Shakti they are extremely well veiled You will find little of the lively and authentic passion of the Khumarasambhavam for example The protagonists' potential for spirituality or real emotional engagement seems to be increasingly marginalised through the story rather than liberated I felt let down by the ways in which these two protagonists conducted themselves given that their names hold so much mythological weightSo if you go in expecting a pacy crime plot set mostly in Asia you will probably enjoy uest for Kriya If like me you were looking for something with cosmic depths and resonances it is best to revise your expectations and just go with the flow of what's thereThis review was originally written for the New Podler Review of Books First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book and giving me an opportunity to get acuainted with his work uest for kriya is a thriller ride at the core of it but to be honest it takes a lot of build up time to reach that point where you are right in the middle of the action and you know exactly what is happening The basic tone of the book is a bit monochromatic which means the pace follows one path You won’t find sudden turbulence or track change Yet with the way things unfold makes it smooth sail and delightful readTwo things that I noticed in the book are the book consumes a lot of space to give background details It flutters to flashbacks and in flashbacks there are kind of too many background information to grasp on So I would advise to not skim through the book as you might miss out on a lot of background details that could give you clues towards the book and it's charactersSecondly I noticed the language which can be a bit on the adorned side The author has used his creative aesthetics with his language and in my review language I call it a bit elaborate Those who love their language will be able to enjoy it while those of who like me who enjoy simpler language will take a while to get into the flow of narration but in either case it is a great support factor to the bookIn whole I loved the book because yes after the initial build ups and gradual preparations towards the main events the book does catch up brilliantly and makes for a fantastic read

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