Letters From The Front

Letters From The Front[Download] ✤ Letters From The Front By Bob Rector – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Often called an emotional roller coaster this play weaves actual war letters written from the battle front and home front dating back as far as Valley Forge into a story set during the waning days of Often called an emotional roller coaster this play weaves actual war letters written from the battle front and home front dating back as far as Valley Forge into a story set during the waning days of WWII The personal themes in the letters are honestly reflected as is the commitment of everyday Americans to preserve freedom Popular essayist Katharine Hartgrove whose son is fighting in Northern Italy has been commissioned to write a play based on these letters She enlists boyfriend Johnny Chastain America's favorite radio wise guy to assist her He provides an unseen twist to the Letters From PDF/EPUB ² story along with plenty of comic relief When the laughter and tears subside Johnny is the most unlikely of heroes and Katharine is healed from emotional scars that have haunted her for years. Coming from a prolific letter writing family––the single spaced two sided Underwood typewriter kind––I was interested in seeing just how Bob Rector’s “LETTERS FROM THE FRONT” would play out Was it going to be simply a litany of touching soldiers’ letters recited by and staged for various actorsAs it turned out the play provided much It was a multi layered theater piece that had me chuckling gasping ‘Oh no” and than once producing a tear or two Basically it’s about a well respected journalist paired with a street smart promoter who together are trying to writeproduce a play that will tell the stories of American soldiers to audiences by using excerpts from letters dating from the Revolutionary War up to present day The width and breadth of the letters were wonderful and showed such things as a longing for communication courage under fire a couple of sexual references loyalty to their families and their country and my favorite from a nurse during the Vietnam war who was holding her patient while writing his mother about her dying sonIt was very interesting to see how Rector intertwined the various acts with action dialogue and the letters themselves In addition the back and forth bantering of the two lead characters was great fun as they pursued their brainstorming process and much like the showbiz of today creative integrity was pitted against a sell sell sell attitude This uniue look at veterans from the various periods of US history is well worth your time It is a reminder of sacrifice loyalty devotion and something else To me it was about the power of letter writing and how emailing and texting will never be its euivalent With good clear stage directions it is and apparently already has been ideal for stage production Very recommended Stirring heartrendingly poignant and at times even funny Bob Rector's play LETTERS FROM THE FRONT is a gripping read It's easy to imagine how effectively the stage production would take audiences to the edges of their seats their emotions on their sleevesMuch of the action takes place in 1945 as a writer named Katharine who has lost a husband to war and now has a son fighting in Italy struggles to form a collection of letters into a stage production that will express patriotism and pride in our Armed Forces but also show the heartbreaking cost paid by the men and women who so courageously defend our freedomThe letters span many years and many wars from the Revolutionary War through the VietNam War A portion of the play takes place in 1965 They have a fierce hold on Katharine's emotions – and on the reader's – but less so on those of Katharine's cynical make 'em laugh boyfriend Johnny a popular radio comedian Johnny believes it doesn't pay to be serious – he got his big break by turning a Hamlet solilouy into a comic routine – but Katharine knows instinctively that his ideas for a loud gaudy fireworks and Statue of Liberty production are not right for her stage play Still she doesn't know how to present the letters effectively to an audienceLuckily for us Bob Rector does And if this very moving piece sends you in search of ways to support and thank our troops and veterans so much the better Letters From The Front The Play by Bob Rector tells the stories of several American soldiers from various theatres of war by using excerpts from their real letters showing the broad spectrum of experiences and viewpoints during war They range from funny and inspiring to sentimental emotional and moving in their nature The letters are surrounded by the personal stories of essayist Katharine Hartgrove and Johnny Chastain the two main characters on the ‘real’ stage This was a most rewarding reading experience for me on many levels mainly for its huge dramatic and emotional impact the stories had but also because it’s been a while since I read any script for a play Rector’s stage directions and annotations reflect his background as professional in the business and reminded me how powerful stage plays can beThe production of a play as theme for a play is a great premise and offers a multitude of perspectives on entertainment ethics while bringing home some truths about human heroism loss and sacrifice

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