Heir to a Prophecy

Heir to a Prophecy[Download] ➵ Heir to a Prophecy By Mercedes Rochelle – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Shakespeare's Witches tell Banuo Thou Shalt Get Kings Though Thou Be None Though Banuo is murdered his son Fleance gets away What happened to Fleance As Shakespeare's audience apparently knew Banuo wa Shakespeare's Witches tell Banuo Thou Shalt Get Kings Though Thou Be None Though Banuo is murdered his son Fleance gets away What happened to Fleance As Shakespeare's audience apparently knew Banuo was the ancestor of the royal Stewart line But the road to kingship had a most inauspicious beginning and we follow Fleance into exile and death bestowing the Witches prophecy on his illegitimate son Walter Born Heir to MOBI :¿ in Wales and raised in disgrace Walter's efforts to understand Banuo's murder and honor his lineage take him on a long and treacherous journey through England and France before facing his destiny in Scotland. Mercedes Rochelle picks up on one of the conundrums in Macbeth For the modern reader audience it’s a bit of an oddity that Macbeth is told he will be King while his friend Banuo is told he will have heirs who are kings It means nothing to usStarting from this prophecy the author takes us into the history known and mythologized of the Stuart line The line of Kings that led to James the 1st the intended audience for the play Many of the characters from Macbeth are visible in this tale We find out what happened to Macolm Seward MacDuff and others Shakespeare took actions that lasted than a decade and condensed them down into five acts Mercedes puts the time scales back in following the journey of Fleance and then his son Walter to unravel the threads of fate that do indeed seem to make Banuo an ancestor of kings It is a fascinating tale blending fiction fact and myth into a very convincing wholeWhile Macbeth murders his way to the top one Harold Godwineson is wangling for position as the aging King Edward fails to produces a Saxon heir and on the continent William of Normandy looks hungrily to the north What follows is of course epic and will change the face of England foreverReaders of historical fiction will love this book If you tend towards fantasy then the mix of supernatural influence castle building backstabbing politics and epic battles could easily tempt you out of your usual genre Find this and other reviews at Rochelle's Heir to a Prophecy was an interesting choice for me The fact that it is historic fiction and relates to the royal Stewarts were major selling points but I personally feel Shakespeare overrated and wasn't at all convinced the book would work The realist in me screamed proceed with caution but I hoped for the best am happy to report the risk proved worthwhile Historically speaking the novel touches a lot of wonderful material and I actually like how it acts as a sort of bookend to the play on which it is based There are a few graphic scenes but I felt the content necessary and entirely appropriate to the subject matter I liked the balance Rochelle managed to create between fact and fiction and was pleasantly surprised at how she was able to manipulate the Shakespearean elements of the story without allowing them to overwhelm her own vision and voice Ideally I have liked fewer protagonists and character development but I'm not at all disappointed with the time I spent with this pieceA highly creative read Heir to a Prophecy was both fun and original A solid selection for fans of both historic fiction and light fantasy Heir to a Prophecy by Mercedes Rochelle is an absorbing tale dealing with the prophecy told by Shakespeare's witches to Banuo the ancestor of the royal Stewart line Thou ShaltGet Kings Though Thou Be NoneThe prophecy and the witches steer the fate of the books main character Walter son of Fleance who is the son of Banuo Rochelle takes the reader along for the ride of Walter's remarkable life and the people and events that happen to him Walter is very well written and we understand his character and his motives for his decisions and why he does what he does Supporting characters such as King Malcolm Can are eually well written The author knows the period in which she writes extremely well and puts the reader into the 11th century mind set uite easily I am very passionate about the medieval time period and really enjoy reading books that take place in that scope of history I especially enjoyed reading a book with such a uniue plot line and being able to learn something of the Stewart ancestryA fantastic author that I hope publishes many books that I will happily read Those familiar with Shakespeare’s Macbeth will recognize from this story the characters of Banuo Fleance and the Three Weird Sisters While they set the stage the protagonist throughout most of the narrative is Walter Stewart—beginning with his early life as a Welsh outcast to his glory days as the King of Scots’ confidante Malcom III’s defeat over Macbeth William the Conueror’s Battle of Hastings and the subseuent uprisings in Northern England are among the action filled pagesThis story is a perfect introduction to 11th century Scotland England and Wales and even a bit of Brittany with minute descriptions of the kingdoms and their people and ways of life I tend to read and review books with a female protagonist but had no trouble emphasizing with Walter and his plight Anyone interested in the events of the 1066 Norman invasion of England will find a detailed account with particular elouence regarding battle scenes that even those not inclined to war novels will appreciate There is a bit of romance never overly described and a host of admirable characters Walter’s transition is the most remarkable facet of the novel and I would liken him to Elizabeth Chadwick’s William Marshal from The Greatest Knight and The Scarlet Lion I was also intrigued to meet several characters mentioned in Jean Plaidy’s Norman trilogy Actual Rating 35CharactersThis book mostly follows Walter but it doesn't start there It starts with Fleance Walter is an interesting character to follow However there are lots and lots of characters that you'll meet This story isn't told from their point of view but rather in a narrative voicemost of the time Sometimes the story line dips into third person making the POVs fluid This actually gibes the novel a visceral feel PlotThis story is not so much about characters It is a story of lives Lives lived and lost  Set in the 1000s It has a historical novel feel with a overlay of a fictional backdrop Prophecy and an established story results in many of the plot points being predictableright up to the end This story starts almost as abruptly as it ends—which was a bit of a bump in the road for me It takes you on a journey though an interesting and unexpected journey OverallThe writing has a historical feel and is long winded Takes on a telling style rather than showing because of the narrative like writing That being said there are some very powerful lines However the past and future story telling can be very jarring at times Like someone reading a book and paraphrasing as they read Which means it sort of meanders and then just ends Very abruptly The journey until you get there is interesting Rating35 rounded upReaders of historical novels and those who like Shakespeare will enjoy this book It takes you on a winding taleWhere did I get a copy?Author sent me a copy This is a voluntary review More reviews at creatingworldswithwordswordpresscom A sweeping chronicle of the time period from the late 10th C through the 11th C on the British Isles The author took on the monumental task of putting life into the snippets of historical record and the lore that represents that time Truly this book would make an incredible 3 hour feature movie done in the style of a Lord of the Rings I can honestly say if you are a fan of Lord of the Rings you will enjoy this book Fans of early English Welsh and Scottish history will also want to read this book As a historian I did find the technical work crafted by the author to be impressive and extensive If I had any issue with this book it was the seeming lack of direction exhibited in the last 25% to 30% of this work It really seemed that in the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Hastings the book could have been brought to a nice conclusionI had first thought this was a book that was led by the prophetic sayings of the three witches it seemed to be up to that point Another one of my issues is that after their last appearance they just seemed to disappear from the story Overall a great read that sheds new light on an era usually left in darkness A very well done piece of scholarly fiction My Rating 45 starsReviewed by Mr NThis review first appeared A well crafted story on the makings of the royal Stewart line Rochelle masterfully combines history fiction and myth creating a fascinating and riveting read No worries if you haven't read Macbeth you'll understand fully where Shakespeare's Macbeth ends and this story beginsBanuo is murdered his son escapes however the story continues with focus on Banuo's grandson Walter The prophecy is through Walter with just the right of amount of supernatural element via the weird sisters to add interest and entertainment Walter is a solid character he comes of age finally he masters control of his anger and pursues predictionsRochelle proves originality and executes balance enough Shakespeare married with fiction eual in weight Doses of myth suiting the narrativeHistorical fiction enthusiasts with all certainty will enjoy this book Fans of fantasy with supernatural peppering political strife and fierce battles will appreciate Mercedes Rochelle's creative and imaginative page turning tale I've come to help avenge Banuo's deathMalcolm smiled sadly Then you shall not leave my side until it is doneWalter knew nothing of his ancestry only that he was illegitimate and his grandfather Gruffydd ap Llewelyn had cast out his daughter Walter's mother Nesta and murdered Fleance Walter's father Walter knew nothing of his father's past until he was visited by three mysterious old women who spoke of prophecy and destinies and other such dangerous thingsWalter has two choices He could ignore the old hags and live the life he wanted Or he could take heed of their warning and follow the path they laid out before him and become The First Stuart of ScotlandFrom a desperate escape from assassins to the crowning of the rightful King of Scotland Heir to a Prophecy by Mercedes Rochelle is the utterly compelling story of how Banuo's grandson paved the way for a generation of kingsThose who have read Shakespeare's infamous Scottish play will be familiar with brave and valiant Banuo who like Macbeth failed to understand the cost of the weird women's prophecy nor was he prepared for the ugly realisation that if he were indeed the father of kings then Macbeth his dearest friend would become a dagger hidden in the shadows of the night Fly good Fleance fly fly fly Banuo cried if you recall for the instruments of darkness so often tell the truth and thus Banuo dies Rochelle has picked up the story from that remarkable play and has taken her readers with good Fleance as he flees for his life But how did Banuo's son go on to father the Stuart dynasty? In this remarkable work of Historical Fiction Rochelle has presented her readers with a plausible answer but without losing the essence the superstition and the mythical element that is so prevalent in Shakespeare's Macbeth Rochelle has stuck with tradition and allowed the Three Witches to control the narrative and of course toy with the protagonists By doing this Rochelle has not only captured the very essence of Shakespeare's play but she has given us a story that is rich and vibrant and utterly compelling from start to finish Heir to a Prophecy is the type of book that one will forego sleep to finish and it is also one that would be next to impossible to forget Although Heir to a Prophecy opens with Banuo's death and Fleance's subseuent flight to Wales it is Fleance's son Walter whose story this really is Born a bastard Walter is on first encounter seemingly inconseuential He comes from nothing He is nobody His mother Princess Nesta daughter of Gruffydd ap Llewelyn had been thrown unceremoniously from Court and has been disowned by her family because of her love affair with Fleance With a tremendous strength of spirit and a dogged determined to battle on Nesta makes the best of a bad situation I adored Nesta She has such capacity for love and is yet used so cruelly by her father His disappointment his anger leaves no room for reason Lost and alone without her lover Nesta is determined to bring up her child the best way she can How can you not admire such a character for that?Walter is a troubled youth He knows nothing of his father's heritage until the night he encounters the same three women who had visited his grandfather and King Macbeth in a heath near Forres Unlike Macbeth Walter does not want to hear the weird women's prophecy nor does he want to heed it although he has sense enough to fear it We lucky readers witness Walter's struggle with who he is and what he has seen We watch him become a temperamental youth to a knight of honour We follow him in battle and love We watch him become the man he was destined to be I thought Rochelle really nailed Walter's characterisation He isn't this elevated man of goodness who his grandfather is portrayed as being Walter makes terrible mistakes and conscientious decisions which have conseuences — conseuences that he is willing to answer Walter is an incredibly complex character who has many layers which makes him endlessly fascinating He is a fantastic protagonist who drives this story forward It was an absolute pleasure nay privilege to read his storyAs one would expect from this time there are along with Walter a host of historical characters From Malcolm III Can King of Scotland to the bastard Norman William the Conueror All of these historical characters bring something uniue to the narrative Malcolm was a character who I liked very much whereas William — he certainly knew how to plan a battle Rochelle pens historical figures such as Harold Godwinson with an elegant sweep of her uill Rochelle has breathed life into this vast cast of historical figures and she has portrayed them in a remarkably realistic way — paying close attention of course to the historical sources from this time I thought the portrayal of all the characters I encountered in this novel was brilliantly executed The historical scope of this book is vast This was a time of warriors and kings where the fate of a nation was decided upon a battlefield as was petty grievances Heir to a Prophecy is at times incredibly violent as war plays out between the pages When it comes to battle scenes they can either make or break a book — Rochelle has captured the desperation the fear the sights the smells the abject terror and the anticlimactic relief when it was all over The battle scenes are brilliantly portrayed in this novel Rochelle has painted a very vivid picture of war and what it was like during the 11th Century Kudos Ms Rochelle Kudos indeedWith a nod to Shakespeare and with a keen sense of the era and the people that dominated it Rochelle has presented her readers with a book that is immensely readable and thoroughly entertaining Reading Heir to a Prophecy is like taking a spontaneous trip through time to a dark and dangerous past where heroes were born and legends were madeIf you are looking for your next great Historical Fiction read then look no further than Heir to a Prophecy by Mercedes Rochelle for within the pages of this book you will witness exiled friends fight for the right to return home And you will stand shoulder to shoulder and you will finally cry Hail King of ScotlandI Highly RecommendReview by Mary Anne YardeThe Coffee Pot Book Club ShakespeareWilliam — Macbeth Act 3 Scene 3 Wordsworth Limited Edition 1996 Shakespare William — Macbeth Act 5 Scene 8 Wordsworth Limited Edition 1996 Any one fascinated by Shakespeare's Macbeth will love the uestion behind Mercedes Rochelle's debut book How do the sons of Banuo come to rule Scotland? The three weird sisters tell Macbeth's companion that Thou shalt get kings though thou be none a promise that sets in motion the deadly events of the famous playHeir To A Prophecy Hampshire Top Hat Books 2014 follows a fragmented trail through Scottish history tracing the line from Banuo's son Fleance to King James Ist of England with a similar mix of fact fiction and supernatural interference as found in the original tale We know that Banuo is murdered on Macbeth's orders but that his son Fleance escapes In Rochelle's version he goes into exile in Wales at the court of Gruffydd ap Llewelyn where he woos and impregnates the king's daughter NestaNesta bears an illegitimate son called Walter who enlists in Harold Goodwineson's service and ends up fighting at Dunsinane and Hastings Along the way he befriends Prince Malcolm King Duncan's heir to the Scottish throne Years later Walter settles in Malcolm's court and is rewarded for his services becoming the first Steward of Scotland This legitimizes his position and prepares the way for future descendants of the royal house of StuartRochelle's portrayal of the three witches is particularly interesting They appear at various points in her story to advance their original prophecy but rather than being the weird old hags of Shakespeare's era they are associated with the Norns of Scandinavian mythology fates who control mankind's destiny But aside from this nod to the bard Rochell wisely does not attempt to imitate one of the great literary masterpieces with a sophisticated high brow response Instead she writes a plain rollicking tale that should have broad appeal for those readers who like a fast paced romp through historyThis novel is nicely edited and presented The setting however is too broad a time period to examine and explore the various situations in any great depth Heirs To A Prophecy could well have been a whole series with each book focusing on one central character Fleance Walter and so on Book ReviewHEIR TO A PROPHECYBy Mercedes RochelleAt first I was not sure what to expect but the further I got into the story the I enjoyed this tale from Wales to England to Scotland to Normandy back to England and finally back to ScotlandThe time period around the last days of the Anglo Saxon Kingdom of England to the days of the Norman Conuest and the formation of the Kingdom of Scotland was never one that I had studied or read much about But from reading Mercedes’ book I not have a greater appreciation for the periodIt takes you on a trip through history that spans decades A trip so pleasurable that it was very hard to set down because you wanted to keep reading to find out how it was to endMy book review notes tell me that I should record my impressions and note effective passages for uoting But where would I begin? The book as a whole was in my opinion a romp There are too many passages that would reuire eual billing to uoteBecause of this book I have begun to study the period not just the Norman Conuest but the later days of Anglo Saxons the constant troubles with both the Scots and the Welsh Things I had not realized before or if I did it was on the perpetualThe book was well written; it followed the trials and tribulations of Walter the bastard son of a Scottish prince and a Welsh princess We follow him as he flees a cruel and desperate life as a bastard’s son to a retainer of Harold who was to become king From there he becomes the close friend and confident of Malcom who would become the Scottish king to Normandy and then to Hastings where he fights beside William the Conueror We follow him to Scotland and the wars that were fought between England and Scotland for supremacy on the Isles And then to his death beside his friend and king In the end we find that his family become the kings predicted by fate under the name StuartThere is much that I cannot describe You must read the book yourself For myself I enjoyed it so much that I intend to read it a second time just because I canReviewed By Dennis BurkholderI give it Five Stars