Big Daddy Sinatra (The Sinatras of Jericho County #1)

Big Daddy Sinatra (The Sinatras of Jericho County #1)➭ [Ebook] ➨ Big Daddy Sinatra (The Sinatras of Jericho County #1) By Mallory Monroe ➹ – Gorgeous business mogul Charles “Big Daddy” Sinatra is the most hated and feared man in Jericho County But instead of despising it he embraces it Instead of correcting misconceptions he is a man w Gorgeous business mogul Charles “Big Daddy” Sinatra is the most hated and feared man in Jericho County But instead of despising it he embraces it Instead of correcting misconceptions he is a man who don’t give a damn Until he meets a gorgeous African American woman he can’t get out of his mind Jenay Franklin has had her share of setbacks in her life Now she is a thirty two year old woman just beginning her career in hotel management When she is given an offer she Big Daddy ePUB ô can’t refuse from the very attractive and very powerful Charles Sinatra she leaps at the chance to run one of his businesses and eventually his heart But in a town that does not accept change well and with a man who is as ruthless as he is loving Jenay realizes that love and happiness in Jericho will come at a price Charles too decides to give love another try with Jenay But at what cost to himself to his town and to his four grown sons all of whom have issues of their own. Hero and venture capitalist Charles Sinatra aka 'Big Daddy' was ruthless and heartless man living in Jericho County Maine but when he meets intern Jenay boy did something begin to beat in that ruthless heart of hisThis was book one to Big Daddy's series and wow was it a ride Four devoted sons many conniving women that BD dated in secret and memorable primary and secondary characters that were all flawed Loved the bluntness of 'Charlie'great story5 memorable stars Big Daddy Sinatra There Was a Ruthless Man is one of those novels likened to a bag of your favorite chips Caloric tasty addictive bursting with flavor and additives but fattening while leaving you hungry for I’ve read books that were skillfully written better edited and cunningly planned but Mallory Monroe has heart in her writing and it shows This author manages to convey a depth of feeling and connection to the reader where experienced writers have failedJenay Franklin is woman who has been through a rough time Her ex husband used her and moved on to better prospects and at the age of 32 she is starting over in her career dealing with her parents’ criticism and rejection and accepting as well as owning her past mistakes Then she meets Charles Sinatra aka Big Daddy Sinatra of Jericho Maine a wealthy venture capitalist with looks money sex appeal and a truckload of rotating women and haters As far as she can see they have nothing in common except an instant mutual attraction so there is no point in pursuing it Charles is an alpha who has raised four sons on his own built an empire and knows what he wants and how to get He wants Jenay and once he and she are forced to realize how much there is no turning back for either of them Their passion is explosive and the author builds the connection between them through various scenarios The sex scenes are uite erotic and the language is no holds barred not flowery or pretty very in your face If adult language and descriptions make you uncomfortable you may want to steer clear of this book or skim over the bedroom action involving Jenay and Charles CharlesBig Daddy was the reason why I started reading this book because he is actually the main character The I was pulled into the story I came to understand Charles as a man who is true to his word unshakeable in his belief of right and wrong and is an excellent judge of people He basacially summarized Jenay outside of the physical attraction of their initial meeting and was forced to work through his baggage to make it happen with her Jenay is a woman who is assertive and realistic not a shy about demanding respect from Charles or anyone Charles backs her and their developing relationship 300% once he has decided to commit to it And what made Charles Sinatra one of my favorite alpha males is he takes no prisoners when it comes to loving protecting and defending Jenay If I had to underline the wrinkles in these book I would say there a few and I mean very few grammatical and editing issues that could have been easily ironed out by a good experienced proof reader It didn’t deter my enjoyment of this book but I felt that with all the heart and work she put into this novel it deserves to be as pristine and professional level as possible I did go on to purchase the seuel and the third book which have some of these issues though not as many Overall I’ve been sucked into this series and plan to read about Charles’ younger brother Michello “Mick” Sinatra a big time mafia crime boss I read the preview and I was very impressed by how well For Once In My Life was written and edited Mallory Monroe is an author I would recommend to readers who enjoy bwwm IR romance with grit wit and intelligence but also loads of love fascinating characters and an edginess in the narrative that is smart and insightful without moralizing Save Your MoneyThis book was whack Nice tie in to the Gabrinis but this felt repetitive like her other work SPOILER ALERT They meet they have sex on the first date like all her other books Girl is hated by everyone because he's slept with all the women in town sound familiar? Guy is obsessed with munching the carpet ; Guy marries girl in the endpopular phrases as found in other books I don't know you from Adam his heart soared wonderfulness etc etcMonroe should be held liable for plagiarizing her own workJust give me Reno Gabrini and keep it moving Same thing different book Mallory Monroe is a phenomenal writer her Romancing The Mob Boss series is one of my favorite series After only reading MM romance books these past few weeks I needed a break from that genre to go back to one of my favorite genre and that is IR to one of my favorite IR author I haven't read any of her books recently because I am not a huge fan of Tommy and Sal from The Gabrini brothers series I have been skipping that series so I was so excited finding out she has a new series outI was looking forward to this book I really was but It fell short When they first metWhen Reno from The Mob Boss first met Trina they slept together the first dayWhen Regina from The President series first met Dutch they slept together the first dayNow when Jenay in this book first met''Big Daddy'' they slept together the first daySee the pattern Her other books are the same where the hero and heroine meet and sleep together the first day Why does she continue with this pattern? Almost all her books it is the same thing I don't think the is anything wrong sleeping with the guy the first day but why does her heroinehero continue with the same pattern over and over again JenayI wanted to like Jenay I really did The were times where I rolled my eyes at her Her husband left her to be with another woman she supported him and he left her when he saw a rich woman and she lost her 2 step kids whom she loved and she was devastated when that happened She picked herself up and went to college and got her degree Go Jenay I was rooting for her Then she meets ''Big Daddy'' not a lot of people like him His rich straight shooter and takes no nonsense What made me roll my eyes is she took a job from a man that told her straight forward if whatever they had on does not work out she will be fired Putting her in the same position of depending on a man She supposed to be this strong and independent woman that should have learned her lesson from her ex What does she do? She goes and depends on a man again Shouldn't she have learned the mistakes first time from her ex husband? Then she annoyed me when she meets Charles mistress and told her she was his girlfriend Her being cheated on why didn't she uestion Charles the minute he worked in instead of sleeping with him with no answers? I just didn't get her I didn't feel the connection that I felt with Trina from The Mob series I found her weak at times and was not the strong woman that she was supposed to be I found her a walking contradiction Charles aka Big DaddyA lessor version of Reno He is honest rich and doesn't take crap I found him unlikeable despite all of this He has 4 kids aged 18 22 He was a father of 3 when he was 19 He is a self made man He has a mistress that he had for 14 years I just didn't like him like Reno and I think Mallory was trying to make another Reno and that fell short Reno was charming Charles was arrogant and annoying Reno was funny and protective Charles I found controlling and thinks he knows it all He was a hard man to love and he made it hard for me to like him never mind love himI really wanted to love this book but I got bored I got bored with Jenay I got bored with how fearless Charles was supposed to be I felt I read this book before from the same author Like another reviewer said same old from Mallory Same old hero same old heroine This could had been better if she stopped making her MCs like her previous books They fell short because they had no fire or the charm that Trina and Reno had Charles “Big Daddy” Sinatra and Jenay Franklin story This is a new series by Mallory MonroeThis was a great read and a page turner What I loved about the story was the brutal honesty that Charles had regarding all areas of his life family and relationshipsI loved the fact that when Charles exes showed up in his life making their demands and telling their lies Charles took Jenay right to them and put them straight right in front of her I loved that about him He did not give Jenay any room to doubt him and he did not allow anyone including his own disrespectful son Donald to disrespect her in any wayCharles What kind of man do you say I am?Jenay You're a ruthless sonofabitch who treats me like his ueenI enjoyed this story very much and stayed up late to finish reading it I would highly recommend this story Loved itCharlie Big Daddy Sinatra is off the charts; I loved him He is unabashedly him all day every day He makes no excuse for his actions and he says what he means and DEFINITELY means what he says Jenay is a great compliment to his take no prisoners type of personality A great beginning to a new series I thought Charles was going to be a really over the top jerk on his high horse and so full of himself that he let his money go to his head Not so much he didn't fall for sob stories and he was first to let anyone know that he didn't give anything away and ran his businesses to make money not lose All the complaints seemed harsh but once the truth was broken down it made them all seem like fools for trying to take advantage of Charles like he wouldn't see through the bs I thought the old lady was funny though I really thought maybe she was going to be the one for him to change his ways but just like humans all around she showed what he already knew Janey I enjoyed her in this she wasn't some bobble head girl just looking to hook up with a rich man and live off his back When she flipped the script on him when he left town I thought that was a good change up for them She didn't fall for the nonsense the way many of them thought she would and that was really good as well Not sure what's going on with Donald but he really needs to get himself together because Charles already told him what the deal was but of course he didn't listen I thought he learned his lesson and moved on but I guess time will tell what will happen with him in the long run I have a feeling the ladies of the story we haven't heard the last of them especially Abby she seems to not have learned anything at all Hopefully she'll show up and give us a bit drama in the next one Love this author The first installment in the new series The Sinatras of Jericho County was the bomb She really brought her A game I loved both the Hh Nothing but adult real talk throughout Loved how both characters were open and honest with each other No secrets here Charles Big Daddy was hated by the town folks but he did not let that sway him for his convictions He really did stand his ground on many issues and never waivered even if it went against everyone else's grain Jenay's character was sensitive than Charles but Charles also knew that if she was going to survive life in Jericho she would have to toughen up too But will come as life continues to deal with them and an individual and their relationship I can hardly wait for the next installment I think this is going to be a really fun read as we may possibly visit some other favorite characters Keep 'em coming This will be my third series and I love them Great job Author Monroe Great story I loved this book Big Daddy was a hard man to everyone The love story between Big Daddy Jenay was fast and hot I really loved the interaction with his sons which had me laughing out loud a time or too and set the tone for future books in this series The Gabrini connect was subtle but noticeable and did add a bit of fun to the book for me Maybe we will get to see the Sinatras and the Gabrinis together again? I really hope so I know some would say that Ms Monroe just keep writing the same story with different character names but I say so what It’s a great story and I would read it again and again Can’t wait for the next book in the series full review and I freely chose to review this ARC and was intrigued with Big Daddy from the start The author portrayed Charles Sinatra as a heartless business mogul of Jericho County He owned almost everything in town and people were always taking advantage by not paying on their loans and they expected him to let it slide he didn't care that he was called names as he wasn't running a CHARITYJenay Franklin always picked the losers and marrying uince and raising his girls while he went to college and SHE put her dreams on hold After seven years uince wanted a divorce when he said it wasn't working for him and didn't allow her to say goodbye to the girls I loved that Jenay put her mistakes behind her and at thirty two decided to pursue her dreams