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Words That Bind❰EPUB❯ ✵ Words That Bind Author Ash Krafton – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Social worker Tam Kerish can’t keep her cool professionalism when steamy client Mr Burns kindles a desire for than a client therapist relationship—so she drops him However they discover she’s th Social worker Tam Kerish can’t keep her cool professionalism when steamy client Mr Burns kindles a desire for than a client therapist relationship—so she drops him However they discover she’s the talisman to which Burns an Words That Kindle - immortal djinn has been bound since the days of King Solomonand that makes it difficult Ethical guidelines are uneuivocal when it comes to personal relationships with clients However the djinn has a thawing effect on the usually non emotive Tam who begins to feel true emotion whenever he is near Tam has to make a difficult choice to stay on the outside forever looking inor to turn her back on her entire world just for the chance to finally experience what it means to fall in love. 45 StarsTamarinda Tam Kerish is a clinical social worker in Philadelphia who enjoys working with challenging clients And while she experiences a low level of emotions in her own life she can sense what others are feeling allowing her to assist clients in resolving their issues So when she accepts a new client Mr Burns she expects to crack the code of the handsome new stranger in her office Instead the extent to which her professional skills are tested sets the course for unfamiliar thoughts dreams and feelings that turn her life upside downTam searched his face scanning it against her memories coming up blank Where had she seen him before?As she assesses Mr Burns she struggles to maintain her composure she has never been so derailed by anyone But she works diligently to stay on course and to keep her thoughts and feelings at bay But she can't help wondering what these new sensations mean And it is clear that she is stirring up something in Mr BurnsHer dark eyes met his a split second connection that felt like the bite of an electric current His heart tripped on a beatAs an immortal wish granting djinn Mr Burns begins to share the personal history of his life and travels through ancient times And while Tam finds him both fascinating and delusional he has to get close enough to her to find what he needs he knows she has the amulet But when things heat up Tam terminates their contract But this is only the beginning of a relationship that has spanned distance and time and is vital to both of them I really enjoyed this magical tale with uniue characters and an intriguing plot Tam is swept away into a colorfully illustrated dreamlike realm with enchanting depth that kept me turning the pages She struggles to justify her feelings toward Mr Burns which led to some lengthy therapeutic discussions and internal dialogue Still this is an engaging and well written story I hope to see of this uniue world the author has created in future installments Note This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review I think what I enjoyed most about this particular book by Ash Krafton was the uniueness of the story itself I have never read a romance story featuring a genie before The fact that this books male main character is a bit different made the story appealing to me as apposed to the typical werewolf or vampire paranormal romance This simple change in paranormal species is a welcome breath of fresh air to the sub genre but that is not the reason I kept reading the bookFrom the first page the author pens a tale of mystery speckled with witty humor and intense although initially denied attraction between the two main characters Tamiranda is a no nonsense psychologist who does not give in to her emotional side She relies heavily on intellect and logic to face the world around her and this makes her characters profession an excellent choice As a psychologist Tam keeps a level head and an appropriate level of professional distance between herself and her patients It is obvious that Ms Krafton has done thorough first hand research into the world of psychology and the hours of hard work paid of in creating a believable character in Tam Kerish which for this particular story was absolutely vital to the overall plotWhen Tam meets a new client who only goes by the name Burns an extremely handsome man claiming to be a genie she is intrigued enough to go along with his delusion because for the first time in her life he has made her feel a real emotional response that she can’t controlThe genie named Burns has been searching desperately for a magical item that has escaped his grasp for hundreds of years He has search city after city hoping to felt he connection to the item that is so important to him and discovers Tam Kerish is in possession of the artifact While he arranges to see her for “honest conversation” she is drawn into his world and begins to realize he isn’t as crazy as she first surmised As the story continues the attraction between them grows and Tam must choose between her cool professionalism and giving into her the desires Burns invokes in her I really enjoyed the ongoing development of the characters throughout the story which seems to be a lost art in storytelling these daysThis book is definitely worth a read if you are looking for something a little uniue in the paranormal romance genre and you won’t be disappointed in Ash Krafton’s seemingly effortless ability to hold your attention and keep you wanting to know This Review was first published on my blog Lecture toute une Aventure Note until the 23January 2015 this book is only 99ct on most digital retailer take advantage of it while it lastsMy opinion Last year I’ve been learning of the existence of a few book including djinns and I got to read some but not that many 2 only so when I learned of this one with a Djinn as main character I really wanted to read it especially since I do hope strongly to read the other series of this author on my wishlist for too longI’m really not disappointed This story is well written I smiled I laughed I even cried at some moments as it was a whirlwind of emotions and I was captivated by the originality of the conceptBut let’s see in details First the female main character Tamshe is psychologist working with emotions is for a her a way to study themshe can understand her patients on a calm logical level because herself can’t feel the emotions She is that way since her childhood so she learned to act like she has them but deep down she is not feeling and it’s something she regret When I discovered her problem it made me think about Shaw from the “Persons of Interest” show she has the same problem but because of something that happened to her later so in comparison she knows emotions she just lost the way to connect to them In a sense it helped me to imagine Tam’s life easilyand I really could connect with herTam is a kind person apparently cold because of her “problem” she is still attentive and she is loyal trust is really important to her She also has the powers to see things other can’tWe do learn about Tam situation right at the beginning which I think was a intelligent manoeuvre to help us to understand the impact Burns has on her better and uickerBurns is a Djinn precisely it’s a fire elemental he was bound to Salomon’s ring and now longs to be free by reclaiming his talisman His uest lasted millennia but he finally found Tam and he is sure she has his talisman so he decides to contact her since she is bound by confidentiality He never expected to find a human woman able to resist him and able to surprise him The fact Tam is so logical even with dealing with him despites everything he shows her has him entrancedBut Burn is its element like fire he can be unpredictable calm one moment in frenzy the nexthe has tantrums^^ and anger easilythat made me smile as much as want to strangle him sometimesWhile trying to make Tam give up his Talisman; Burns help her discover magic and a totally new worldhe also opens to him like never in the past and as strange as it is for Tamhe makes her feel before him the only time she experienced briefly emotion was in her dreams with him it’s surprise after surprise and they slowly fall for each otherThe uest for the Talisman has some really good twists and i was happily surprised It’s not complicated but we are lead on false tracks or we learn news elements that makes us doubt our first opinion so I really liked how it was done to keep us captivated by the story as well as the romanceNow I loved it but there are still little details that make me not to give a 5 Perhaps it’s due to the fact I’ve read this while I was just recovering and perhaps my heads was not at his place all the time but for example I’m curious about to who the “other” door was or why Burns say Lily can see him Did they meet? Did Lily met his enemies first?perhaps it was said I missed it but who took the decision to make the special ceremony? Was it something planned by Solomon to those he entrusted or something done against what he would have wished? Honestly it’s because I’m really into detail that I have those uestions and I will reread the book happily to see if I missed something but it’s why I give only a 45 and believe me if you forget those you will be immersed in the series and not think about it at all I do recommend “Words that Binds” if you want a good paranormal romance with a good dose of originality romance some humour and emotions you keep you on edge until the last pageScore 455 2 Words That Bind Stars Words That Bind is a story filled with magic mystery and a little mayhem Not much on the romance side of things This story had an interesting concept I liked the idea then the execution We have Tam who is a social worker and then our djinn Burns I enjoyed learning about both characters but I never connected to them so I never believed that either one fell in love with the other It felt like the author was into Tam’s practice and ethics then into developing the actual romance The romance it’s self was a very slow burn and when it came to the sex scene I am not sure how to describe it It was very wordy and not at all in a hot and bothered kind of way More mentally feeling the connection then the actual act of it Another thing I noticed that got to me was somethings in the story where never finished An example is the doorway that Tam discovers Nothing ever comes of it so it felt odd that there was emphasis on it There where a few things like this that the author emphases but never developed it so why do that?Last the ending was weird and felt unfinished in a way to me I did like the spin on the genies and the mystery surrounding them I also enjoyed how uniue and different Tam is You learn so much about why she draws Burns to her and why she can never break her word It was uniue Words That Bind left me feeling very undecided by the finish of the novel It was not the book for me If the blurb intrigues you I urge you to give it a shot Just because it did not work for me does not mean it won’t for you  Well Well Wellthis is a first for me A djinni Genie Paranormal that took me on an adventure that mixed ancient and mortal worlds Ok I’ll admit that some of the ancient world references were a little hard for me to follow but it all worked itself out in the end Tamarinda Tam is a social worker therapist who takes on a new “client” if you can call him that Burns walks into Tam’s life with no pretense of who he is; it’s what he wants that’s the burning uestion From the beginning I was pulled in Since I hadn’t yet read about genies I was completely fascinated with the description of “who” Burns was and how he came to be Tam took a little getting used to but once her character was developed I totally understood her and her actions The Author did a wonderful job mixing the Magic with the history of the Biblical era The use of Solomon really allowed me to relate to a “time” One of the things I took from this read was the underlining “ethical” symbolismWords That Bind Nicely done AshI swearI was given a copy of this book as a gift from Stephanie's Book Reports inexchange for an honest review Words that Bind is a sensational hot and steamy romance unlike any other Ask Krafton has crafted a blinding hot romance between a social worker and a djinn Tam Kerish is struggling to keep her desires within but with her client Mr Burns it is getting harder each time he is near her This story will heat up a readers night any day A story of a woman's longing to feel what it is like to be loved and her inner struggle to defy her inner most desires A man who brings her desires to a firery level is hard to ignore So will Tam let go of her struggles and give into Mr Burns? Or will she let her struggles consume her until she can take no ? I recommend this novel to readers all over Words that Bind will bind readers deeply into the heart of the novel Overall I rate this beautifully written novel a five out of five stars 4550This is such an unusual telling of the djinn wrapping Biblical settings human guardians magic other worlds and the choice of being evil or good permanently that the reader’s mind will be excitedly running from one mythology to the next trying to pull in all the juiciness that each brings to this new world of magic Read full review in the 2015 March issue of InD’tale Magazine Book Info Kindle Edition 243 pagesExpected publication October 10th 2014 by The Wild Rose Press Inc October 10 2014ISBN13 B00NU7GLMedition language English URL literary awardsShow Me The Spark 2013 Zebulon 2014 Houston Writers Guild Fall 2009 2009 Abilene Writers Guild 2009 San Gabriel Writers Leagueother editions 1Source Digital copy from author in exchange for honest review Book Buy Links BN BOOK SYNOPSIS Social worker Tam Kerish can’t keep her cool professionalism when steamy client Mr Burns kindles a desire for than a client therapist relationship—so she drops him However they discover she’s the talisman to which Burns an immortal djinn has been bound since the days of King Solomon and that makes it difficult to stay away from himEthical guidelines are uneuivocal when it comes to personal relationships with clients However the djinn has a thawing effect on the usually non emotive Tam who begins to feel true emotion whenever he is near Tam has to make a difficult choice to stay on the outside forever looking in or to turn her back on her entire world just for the chance to finally experience what it means to fall in love My Thoughts Ever since she was a child Tamarinda Kerish has longed to understand why other people feel joy sorrow cry get angry hate and most of all love as she feels none of these emotions From an early age Tam approached everything from a detached observatory standpoint this kept her from ever feeling like she belonged or fit in even with her own familyNow an adult whose profession means dealing with a wide range of people that Tam works with on emotional health issues she still has not experienced emotions for herself that is until the day new client Mr Burns manages to pierce the professional shell that she has always been so proud ofAt first they only dance around the attraction the pair feel for each other next Tam feels comfortable letting loose her desires in what she thinks is only a dream Finding out that she has actually compromised her ethics Tam finds herself letting go of the only thing in her life that has given her life purpose she shuts down her therapy practice and tries to prepares mentally for a life without either her work or the being that she realizes she is in love withIn the world of paranormal romance this does have a somewhat different feel to it although it is still familiar with the supernatural being with magical abilities who falls in love with the one human who has the power to either be his savior or his doom I found myself fascinated with the wondrous atmosphere created with words by an author whose imaginative descriptions of her locations and characters made them realistic to the reader as well as fantastical at the same timeWhat really cinched my enjoyment however was that we were allowed to see how much each main character grew in touch with what mattered most to bring them true happiness as the story played out especially TamUpon finishing my heart was beating overly fast with the joy of a happy ending this was a true treat for lovers of one of a kind paranormal romances Digital copy from author in exchange for honest review 5 StarsI was given this book for my honest reviewBoiling water has a fascination about it Pouring the water into the pot and setting the pot on the stove watching as the water gets heated up little bubbles begin to form at the bottom of the pot But as the bubbles begin to come to the top it could seem like a little bit of life coming from the unknown As the bubble burst with fascination we see that their hotness within the water can be anything we such desire if only in our imaginationTam pretty smartBurns hunky smoking hotTam is a woman that is troubled she is just a normal woman looking for a relationship that can take her to new heights but at the same time she is a chosen one Troubled between two known worlds she tries to find solidarity between the two at the same time trying to find love Not understanding what is right between this other world she feels troubled A man comes along to show her the path so she thinks Could this be the man that is meant to help her find her forever also?Burns is a man on a mission that has come from the ashes to find the chosen one that will help between the two worlds so he hopes What Burns has not counted on is feelings that develop between this one Not only is his heart beginning to burn for her but also himself Showing fire is nothing new to him turning up the temperature and lightening up the fires is a calming effect but also a must effect on him to protect his own world and familyBurns and Tam’s relationship is not of the normal world or even another world entirely but of a mirror world at times Tam can see within the mirror but what she sees she keeps hidden As this couple begins to come to their own many factors and people come into play can these two make the right decisions within themselves or will they falter and be apart for all eternity Can promises made be kept by Burns and will Tam go along with what Burns decides? Will she let her love soar and be ignited by this one man or will she walk away with regrets that follow her to eternity? Will Burns keep the fires burning and love this woman? This is their journeyTo the author This was one amazing read that took me on a whirlwind of emotions Screaming towel is not optional you definitely need it for this amazing read As I read this read I did begin to think can there be such people that walk among us? You have brought so much realism to this read it felt like I was there among the characters Kudos To the readers Sit back and enjoy this fun adventureHappy Reading I received this book from the author and from Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock This was a very enjoyable book and unusual to have a Genie in a paranormal romance i guess im so use to werewolves and vampires now but it was a very pleasant changeThe story is centered around Tam who by profession is a clinical social worker therapist One of her new Smoking hot patients is a Djinn Genie Tam can’t keep her cool professionalism when she finds out that Mr Burns kindles a desire for much than a client therapist relationshipso she has no other choice but to drops him However this djinn has a thawing effect on herTam who begins to feel true emotion whenever he The smoking hot client is near Tam has a choice to make a very difficult one does she stay on the outside forever or to turn her back on her entire world just for the chance to finally experience loveThis Djinn just happens to be a fire elemental Mr Burns is a man one that is on a mission he has come from the ashes to find the chosen one one that will help between the two worlds But Mr Burns has not counted on is feelings that he has never felt before these ones that develop between them Not only is his heart beginning to burn for Tam but also strangely himself But then they discover that Tam is the talisman to which Burns an immortal djinn has been bound since the days of King Solomonand that makes it just a little difficultFrom the very beginning of this story I was pulled in I was so fascinated with the way Ash Krafton description of Burns is and was and how he come to be where say Tam takes a little getting used to but once she aka the character was developed I totally got her and her actions I do so love the way Ash the Author mixed Magic with the history of the Biblical eras And Usage of Solomon it did so allow me to relate well to a time that was all so different than it is know I really was so drawn to Burns and his uest and how he overcome so many factorsThe only thing i disliked well not really disliked but it took me a while to get use to is that some of the ancient world references were a a tad hard for me to follow it worked itself out in the end This well written book is for Adults only because of the Steamy effect ; ; and anyone who loves paranormal romances as much as i do should give this book a go4 out of 5 Fangs

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